Building Future-ready B2B Sales Operations To Fast-track Product Growth

• July 7th, 2021

Building Future-ready B2B Sales Operations To Fast-tract Product Growth

Once in a conjugal relationship with the number-crunching customs, today’s B2B sales operations pros are picturesque decision-makers — a force multiplier for your product’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy. Today, deploying a robust sales operations strategy is necessary to increase operational productivity and reduce pressure points in customers’ buying journeys.

Strike a note: Think of your sales representatives as the robust warplanes’ pilots. And their warplanes, seamlessly powerful and well equipped with tactical armaments, altogether a man-at-arms. But, without the guidance of an experienced pilot lead (aka #SalesOps pro), suddenly, the ascendancy is lost.

The crux: Because of B2B sales operations, altogether encompassing tactical and strategic activities, enterprises now experience a need for a structured and expansionist mindset when procuring talents with an ability to see the big picture and at the same time with strong fundamentals/rudiments. Building on the foundation of diversity — specialties, interests, and backgrounds — enables companies to fast-track growth and make B2B sales operations future-ready seamlessly.

Table of Contents

  1. Do Not Confuse Sales Operations To Sales Enablement
  2. Propose Missions In Line With Your GTM Business Strategy
  3. Future-ready Sales Operations Resilient To Internal & External Change
  4. Conclusion

Do Not Confuse Sales Operations To Sales Enablement

If sales operations individual operates more on the tactical front, sales enablement individual deals more on the implementation front. The distinction is straightforward yet engaged to teams’ operational capacity and the ability to build, scale, and sell. Maybe that’s why they’re so quickly miscued in communications or hoodwinked into use interchangeably. To better distinguish sales operations from sales enablement, let’s categorize their differences in terms of strategy implementation and custom operations:

1. Strategy implementation

To implement a successful sales operations strategy requires individuals with strong analytical/design, creative, out-of-the-box problem-solving skills with top executives’ level like credibility. On the other hand, today’s sales enablement strategy implementation requires individuals who can drive growth downstream — drive more deals and revenue for your business. An effective sales enablement custom requires sales individuals to have tailored resources to help them onboard leads effectively.

2. Custom operations

Sales operations administered territory encompasses top-of-the-funnel decision-making capabilities. In short, sales operations require individuals with in-depth industry knowledge — a solid operational mindset is necessary indubitably, and of course, being passionate about quality control and efficiency is a prerequisite. And sales enablement process is the tenet of commercial exchanges. Sales enablement requires equipping sales individuals with resources that help the sales teams onboard new users. But, not paralyzing customers with the information they can’t or don’t want to comprehend — more information begets more questions.

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Propose Missions In Line With Your GTM Business Strategy

The big picture: A successful go-to-market (GTM) business strategy envisions a holistic approach to product placement in markets to cater to an organization’s business needs, which are generally product-centric. Now, to enable businesses to bridge the gap, defining an explain-link between the development and execution of a sales strategy and the GTM strategy is critical. This includes systematic improvements over the course of time or even strategic decision changes to improve sales efficiency, expansion methodology, strategic investments, sales efficacy, mode of communications, and much more.

Definitive and successful overlapping of your proposed missions — to drive growth — with your company’s GTM strategy is what everyone on the lookout for. To achieve markets’ validation, the incumbents need to access, develop, and enhance product understanding in buyers and at the same time increase in-house competencies to understand buyer personas better.

To achieve similar outcomes, focus on these two areas first:

1. Smarter & Faster Digital Operations

A lackluster selling approach derives submissive results, resulting in revenue loss. We should leverage modern, tech-savvy solutions to identify qualified leads. Hence, digital transformations hold a special place in today’s B2B selling space. Ever-shifting customer needs require operations involving artificial intelligence (AI) to understand evolving marketplaces better. It helps drive customer satisfaction and helps organizations remain competitive and relevant.

2. B2B Buyers Love A Personalized Approach

The one-time deal is a relic of the past. Now more than ever, B2B buying has more stakeholders involved from lengthening roster of roles, functions, and geographies — no matter the cost, as it results in constant evaluation of the product at multiple levels. Thus, a continuous assessment of the buyers’ persona is also very important. Sales enablement teams need to educate users about the options and also ask sophisticated questions about user needs. Gone are the days of customers themself reaching out; now it’s sales individuals’ job to navigate and educate buyers about the product. Those who understand the potential buyers’ challenges and opportunities can expect higher conversion rates, transaction size, and overall customer lifetime.

Future Ready B2B Sales Operations Resilient to Internal & External Change

Indeed, our goal is to become future-ready. Your business’s readiness to embrace future-ready customs requires a level playing field while procuring talent, data, and processes, but an upstream momentum while incorporating new technologies. To achieve operational excellence, we must transition at a steady pace, learning through the implementation journey — as most of the technologies are still under the developmental phase. Right now, only a selected few are able to achieve a level of efficiency that is required to establish your presence in future-ready space; hence only 7% are experiencing doubled or tripled profitability today.

Future-ready B2B Sales Operations
Future-ready B2B Sales Operations: Accenture Report


Today’s B2B sales operations strategy has many things in common with yesterday’s market sales and marketing strategies. Although a clear distinction of authority and function has been drawing results, both departments can no longer work in silos. Thanks to new technologies and automation processes, more than one solutions are present to solve the complex problems in B2B buying space. These approaches strengthen conjugative links between your marketing and sales efforts and help us achieve glitzy targets.

Now empower your sales operations team with Hevo Activate’s automated data transfer capabilities. With Hevo Activate‘s robust analytics engine that powers a seamless flow of analysis-ready data from data warehouses to third-party CRM software like HubSpot, Salesforce, and others, make compelling decisions to drive growth downstream. And at the same time, empower your sales enablement teams as well.

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Empowered B2B Sales Operations With Hevo Activate