Automate your Reports on Google Sheets with Hevo Activate

• April 18th, 2022

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Usually, your business users request you share the business reports in Spreadsheets. They are highly familiar with Sheets and prefer their reports on Sheets only. 

They assume delivering reports in XLS format is easy and quick. But, we understand the efforts and time required to export reports to Spreadsheets. 

Every time, you will have to run queries on your centralized data at the warehouse and then export results in XLS format. You may need to edit and update the Sheet regularly. You keep repeating the same task daily, weekly, or monthly based on your reporting frequency. 

We are excited to introduce you to Google Sheets as a target. You can sync your warehouse with Google Sheets and automate your business reports on Google Sheets. 

Automate your Reports on Google Sheets 

With Google Sheets as a target on Hevo Activate, Reverse ETL, you can continuously deliver up-to-date reports and dashboards to your business users in Google Sheets or XLS format. 

Google Sheets Reverse ETL - Reporting

Without writing any code, deliver data from CRM tools like Salesforce, advertising tools like Facebook Ads, and others in Google Sheets. 

All your spreadsheet reports are updated with the latest product or customer data. Your business users receive data and reports in their favorite tool. 

You will do away with all your lifeless manual work of exporting and updating reports in Spreadsheets. 

All you need to do is just Set up your Google Sheet to the warehouse once, and map all the fields.

Communicate in Data Across Organization 

Your business users want you to deliver reports on Google Sheets because of its Universal Power. It’s easy for them to access, analyze and collaborate on Google Sheets. There is no learning curve required. There is no need to buy a subscription.

Your business users can directly analyze data on Google Sheets and make data-driven decisions.

Anyone in the organization can access and analyze reports. Don’t be surprised if you end up receiving high-impact insights from unexpected folks. 

Google Sheets Reverse ETL - Collaborating

Multiple business users within and outside organizations can seamlessly communicate in data, They can easily analyze and visualize the same data.

Folks from different departments can easily collaborate on a report in Google Sheets. Your business teams can easily add and collaborate with external vendors on Google Sheets. Like, your marketing team can add members from their marketing agency and discuss reports or insights. 

Also, you can seamlessly integrate Google Sheets with other Google Apps like Google Docs or Google Slides, and automate business user’s PPTs or project documents from the warehouse.

Versatile Reporting on Google Sheets 

By syncing Google Sheets with your warehouse on top of unified data integration and transformation, you can automate multiple types of reports on Google Sheets. 

Marketing Campaign Reports 

Usually, you share a consolidated campaign report daily with the marketing team. You manually update these reports from various channels or run some queries on the warehouse and export them. Now, you can automate campaign reports on Google Sheets. 

Weekly Sales Reports 

Your sales head and business head require sales numbers weekly on Google Sheets. They want to understand the complete sales funnel to evaluate weekly business growth and performance. 

Instead of sending and exporting a Google Sheet every week, you can automate this on Google Sheet. Deliver continuous access to sales numbers to your business head. 

Real-time Business Insights or Forecasts 

Your business users require access to business forecasts and insights. You deliver it by exporting the data to a sheet, building formulas on that sheet, and creating graphs. You have to repeat this process whenever there is a request. 

Automate the complete process by connecting that Google Sheet with your warehouse. And your business users always have access to fresh and accurate insights and forecasts.

Deliver Automated Reports on Google Sheets 

Sync your Warehouse with Google Sheets today  and deliver continuous access to updated reports to your business users. Explore Google Sheet as Target with our 14-day free trial.