Delivering a Truly Personal Experience to your Customers by Integrating Intercom with Hevo Activate

• December 22nd, 2021

There’s no doubt that Intercom has fundamentally changed how online businesses build meaningful relationships with their customers, at scale. Intercom’s customer communications solutions have enabled Support, Sales, and Marketing teams to drive growth through better relationships.

Here’s how you can kick it up a notch and deliver a truly Personal Customer Experience while saving customer support bandwidth, a win-win for both teams!

Enriching Intercom with Data Housed in your Cloud Data Warehouse

After discussions with some of our customers, we realized that there’s so much more one can do with Intercom and deliver a hyper-personalized experience by enriching your Intercom Dashboard with data from your Product and Marketing tools.

All Customer Support teams undergo a similar process to manage their Intercom inbox. In this process, a good chunk of time is spent on assigning conversations to Support Representatives or teams based on some logic and sorting conversations by priority. They may choose to do it on a first come first serve basis or they might have a slightly more complex way of assigning priority to each conversation.

For example, in Product-based Companies, users facing critical errors or users at a higher pricing plan may take priority over other users. Similarly, for an eCommerce company, customers with a higher LTV may take priority over others.

Also, you might want to assign a specific Support Representative based on the type of error the user is facing or where they are in the buying process. This is to ensure that the most well-equipped team or person is assigned to each conversation.

Automating the process of assigning Support Teams/Representatives and prioritizing conversations, requires you to define a conditional logic based on data points from your Product or Website and other data sources. There are endless scenarios where your Customer Care Team might benefit from having access to relevant data from product and other business verticals right on their Intercom Dashboard and eliminate the need to sort through emails, reports, or spreadsheets.

Here is where the Problem Lies: How do you get data from your Product or Website enriched with Data from Other Sources to your Intercom Dashboard?

Introducing Intercom as a Target

Data Warehouse -> Hevo -> Intercom

Using Hevo, you can load data from 100+ Databases and SaaS sources to your preferred Data Warehouse, join this data to create a Single Source of Truth and finally load it to your Intercom account.

Now, your Customer Care Representatives have better access to useful data from all your Data Sources helping them deliver a seamless, more personalized Customer Experience. All while maximizing their productivity and reducing the dependency on their Data Team to provide required data points on a frequent, ad-hoc basis.


By using custom data attributes, you can solve Intercom use cases like:

  • Prioritize conversations based on their LTV, Account type, Error Severity.
  • Deliver hyper-personalized experiences based on CRM and Product Data.
  • Simplify Error Resolution by providing Support Teams with relevant Product Data like usage and error codes.
  • Assign relevant Customer Care Representatives based on error type, buying stage, signup date, etc.

The list can go on, as I said, the possibilities are endless. Are you unsure if you can solve your Reverse ETL use case with Hevo Activate? Get in touch with our Product Expert.

How Does it Work?

I will explain with an example – A Product-based company wants to use Hevo Activate to prioritize Intercom conversations based on the customer’s pricing plan, that is, customers on a business plan will take priority over customers on a starter plan. Further, they want to assign Customer Support Representatives based on their customer’s geographical location.

Here is how you can achieve this using Hevo Activate:

Step 1: Log in to your Hevo account. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial if you aren’t a customer yet and want to test this integration.

Step 2: From the main dashboard, head over to ACTIVATE > CREATE ACTIVATION.

Create Activation

Step 3: Select an existing Warehouse or add a new one, for this tutorial, I’ll use a demo AWS Redshift Data Warehouse.

Select Warehouse

Step 4: Choose Intercom under the “Select a Target Type” screen. To configure Intercom as a Target, you can refer to our documentation and learn how.

Select target

Step 5: Select the fields you want to import from your Data Warehouse to your Intercom account by writing a SQL Query. For this example, I’ll import information about the customer’s pricing plan and their team location.

Write query

Step 6: Now, pick “Company” under the “Select a Target Object” Prompt. The data we selected in the step before will be mapped to existing custom data attributes in your Intercom Company Data table. Here is how you can create custom data attributes in Intercom. Now just give your Activation a unique name and click on CREATE ACTIVATION.

field mapping

Step 7: Sit back and relax as Hevo automatically updates Intercom with the latest data from your Product. Once the Pipeline completes its first load, the pricing plan and location data will be mapped to the custom data attributes you selected in Step 6. Head over to your Intercom Dashboard for the following steps.

Step 8: Go to Inbox > Automation > Rules.

Create new rule

Step 9: To assign conversations to a specific team based on the customer’s location, click on New Rule and set the conditions as illustrated below.

To assign priority to a conversation based on their pricing plan:

Now, all your Intercom conversations will be assigned to the right teams with the right priority, it’s that simple.

Using the same process you can load and modify desired custom data attributes about your users and leads from your Data Warehouse. Here is an article by the Intercom team that showcases some more use cases you can solve using custom data attributes.

Get Started with Hevo Activate

Ready to connect Intercom to your Data Warehouse to extend the utility of your Data Assets and deliver a best-in-class Customer Experience using Intercom? (and save your customer care team from a lot of headaches, of course). Sign up for a 14-day trial or request a demo!

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