Deliver a Context-Driven Support Experience by Enriching Customer Data on Zendesk

on Activate, Product • January 18th, 2022

Data Warehouse to Zendesk

Zendesk is the champion of great service everywhere for everyone, and powers billions of conversations, connecting more than 200,000 brands. It enables businesses across all industries to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Zendesk can help your customer support team deliver a significantly better experience to your customers. Agents can work with tickets from any source – emails, text/chat, social media from a single application.

After talking with some of our customers and prospects, we realized that customer support teams can extract a lot more value from Zendesk if agents have more visibility and insights into your customer’s touchpoints with the organization.

What is the current situation?

Your agents need more insights into your customer’s interactions with your organization. Customers often ask questions that require more context to be answered satisfactorily. For example,

“Why is my order late?”

Simple question right? But this seemingly simple question will require your customer support agent to gather information from your website, delivery partner, and payment provider to figure out what’s wrong.

As a consequence, this will lead to slower resolution times and frustrated customers (and agents). Imagine how efficient this process would be customer care agents had access to this information right on their Zendesk dashboards

There are many more similar scenarios across Zendesk users in all industries where customer support agents end up wasting a lot of time manually looking at multiple applications to understand the context. This in turn results in a disappointing experience for your customers.

Empowering your support teams with relevant information about the customer, right on their Zendesk dashboard will enable them to provide a satisfactory solution to customer problems and make their daily workflows more efficient. Here is how you can go about it.

Introducing Zendesk as a Target

Using Hevo Pipeline, you can load data from 100+ databases and SaaS sources to your preferred data warehouse. For instance, you can load product data from your internal database or tools like Mixpanel, CRM tool – Salesforce or Hubspot, payments provider – Stripe, and many other tools.

After cleaning and unifying your data, you can use Hevo Activate (Reverse ETL) to load all the customer data from your Data Warehouse to Zendesk. Now, your Zendesk data is enriched with post analytics insights and additional customer data.

Provide agents access to 360° view of your customers

Now, your customer care agents will be able to access a 360° view of your customers right from their Zendesk Dashboards.

Having access to relevant data points from your product, website or any other business application will help them better understand the customer’s problem.

Consequently, enabling them to deliver a satisfactory, quick, and context-driven customer experience.

What you can achieve with Hevo Activate <> Zendesk

You can use Hevo Activate <> Zendesk to automate regular tasks like updating Zendesk objects – Organizations and Users with the latest data. You can also use Zendesk’s Custom Objects functionality to solve more advanced use cases and optimize your support team’s workflow.

Empower your support staff by:

  • Providing information about the customer using Zendesk Sunshine Profiles 
  • Providing information about customer’s interactions with their product using Zendesk Sunshine Event

You can take a look at this article by the Zendesk team to explore more possibilities. If you’re confused about whether Hevo Activate can help you solve your use case, you can get in touch with our product expert.

Get started with Hevo Activate

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