ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring: 3 Comprehensive Aspects

• July 7th, 2021

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Companies all over the world are looking for insightful ways to prioritize their most valuable potential customers, but the enormous number of incoming Leads makes this process extremely challenging. As a result, companies are regularly squandering their resources and chasing all their Leads which may or may not result in a Sale. To avoid this scenario, more and more companies are readily incorporating the Lead Scoring technique, to allow their Sales and Marketing teams to stay focused on their most insightful and valuable Leads. It is a simple yet efficient way of assigning value to Leads based on their characteristics and engagement with your company.

Using a point-based system to assign ranks to your Leads can surely simplify your task, however, an ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system provides you a way to go one step further and automate the Lead Scoring process seamlessly. By doing so you will be able to customize the whole scoring process according to your requirements and also predict any future Sales.

This article will provide you a detailed overview of the ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system. It will take you through the benefits of this software and also the errors that should be avoided when you are setting it up. Furthermore, the article will also explain how you can implement this tool using 8 easy steps. Read along to find out more about this increasingly popular software tool.

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Introduction to ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring

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Lead Scoring is a technique that identifies valuable and insightful Leads using a point-based ranking system. A higher rank indicates a Lead’s growing interest in your product and acts as a signal for your Sales team to spring into action. Since the potential customers are ranked, you now have an option to prioritize your Leads and approach them with a customized plan. This way you can increase your odds of the Lead purchasing your product.

Now, every company has certain predefined Behavioral and Demographic criteria based on which points are assigned or deducted from a Lead’s score. Activities like Visiting your Web Page, Clicking on your Advertisements, Social Media Engagement with your company can be some of the Behavioral parameters that indicate a Lead’s inclination towards your product. Demographic traits on the other hand consist of information related to a Lead’s Location, Gender, Job, etc.

The basic idea behind this ranking system is to improve the Lead Conversion Rate and minimize the amount of effort required.ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system is a software tool that automates the manual and overwhelming task of researching and prioritizing your Leads according to their purchasing potential. It is a powerful tool that allows you to decide which Leads are worth following and safeguards your Sales team from chasing Leads that may result in a dead-end.

To know more about the basics of ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring click here.

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Benefits of ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring

Due to its data-driven approach, many companies are adopting the idea of Lead Scoring. In the current competitive landscape, tools like ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring can provide you with the following advantages:

1) Minimizing your Cost and Efforts

The ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring tool eliminates the rigorous process of going through large volumes of Leads manually to find the most valuable ones. Instead, it provides a simplified process in which everything is automated. All you have to do is set up rules for assigning points and inputting the required data.

Moreover, if you are already using ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing then there will be no additional costs for using its Lead Scoring services.

2) Improving your Market-Related Predictions

Monitoring your customer’s behavior pattern and the factors that led to purchasing can improve the rules that you use to allot points. With time you can refine your ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring performance and this will, in turn, allow you to forecast your future profits more accurately. Ultimately you can have more optimized Sales and Marketing strategies for your upcoming products.

3) Standardizing the Lead Evaluation Process

ActiveCampaign Leads Scoring system will provide a common benchmark for your Marketing and Sales teams to judge any Lead. The Marketing team will have a numerical figure associated with each Lead using which it can reform its strategies to target specific factors and gain better results.

Also, the two teams will work closely with each other when formulating the rules. This will naturally align the Marketing and Sales team that will improve the efficiency of the Lead conversion process.

4) Identifying Leads that Require Nurturing

Leads with a low ranking may require some additional efforts from your side to increase their engagement with your company. The ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system provides you with the option to segregate your low-ranking Leads into nurturing campaigns that you can design specially for them.

This way you can use a two-fold strategy that will handle the highly valuable Leads and at the same time send the low-ranking Leads into the nurturing stage.

5) Upgrading your Marketing Strategies

You might have multiple Marketing channels that bring in new Leads, but only a few of those will be converted successfully. By analyzing the Lead conversion patterns and corresponding Lead Scores, you can identify which channels are yielding the most productive results. Thus ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring will enable you to concentrate your budget and campaigns more systematically.

Errors to Be Avoided While Setting Up your ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring

New users, while forming scoring rules, often commit the following errors which must be avoided while setting up the ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring tool:

  • The Demographic characteristics(Fits) which are related to the customer’s Job, Location, Gender, etc., and Behavioral aspects(Interests) that are linked to the customer’s engagement with the company, must be given equal weightage while deciding the rules to allot points. Often, users tend to consider one of these features more important than the other, and thus the results that follow are not optimal.
activecampaign lead scoring - Image showing equal importance of Fit and Engagement.
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  • New users often give more importance to certain rules than others based on their limited experience. This creates an unbalanced system in which Leads that have lesser potential but check the right rules get a higher rank. A better approach is to have a sophisticated plan using which these scoring rules must be formed in the ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system. One such plan is discussed in the next section.

To know about more practices that one should follow while implementing ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring visit this link.

Steps to Implement ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring

This section will provide you an 8 step guide that can help bring out the most optimal results from the ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring tool. By following these steps you can create a balanced scoring system that provides equal importance to both Behavioral and Demographic traits and allow only the most valuable Leads to attain a higher ranking. The 8 steps are as follows:

Step 1: Establish the Minimum Criteria

A “Minimum Criteria” is a collection of characteristics that a Lead must possess to be able to compete in the scoring process. Each company can have its minimum criteria depending upon its services and products. For example, a company that provides services in Delhi only will have minimum criteria that any Leads located outside of Delhi must be rejected. This example is depicted in the figure below.

activecampaign lead scoring - Image showing option to set minimum criteria in ActiveCampaign.
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Step 2: Identify your Target Market

A company has its own set of customers who share some common characteristics. Now, before you implement ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring on your potential customers, you first need to identify the common traits present among your existing customers. The idea is to spot those Leads whose characteristic features match your existing loyal customers. If a match is found the Lead is highly likely to be converted. Therefore you must identify such common traits. Due to their extensive research, the Marketing team would be well equipped for this work.

Step 3: Decide the Demographic Traits of your Perfect Customer

The above two steps will ensure that you receive only those Leads which are suitable for your company. Now, you need to decide the Demographic traits which should ideally be present in your perfect Lead. For example, The position of authority, Budget above a certain amount, Urgent requirement of purchase, and Suitable region are some traits that can act as inputs while formulating the rules for the ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system.

Step 4: Decide the Behavioral Traits of your Perfect Customer

The behavior of a customer when he is engaging with your company is the predicament of his level of interest in your product. An enthusiastic Lead will have a better chance of purchasing your product in a smaller period. Now, all Behavioral aspects are not equally important, so you should assign points to each trait according to your Sales team’s experience. Following behaviors are generally ideal for scoring purposes:

  • Email replies
  • Email Subscriptions
  • Email Clicks
  • Website Visits
  • Product Demo Requests
  • Contact Requests

Tools like Google Analytics can be of great help to get this type of Behavioral data.

Step 5: Finalize a Scaling System

activecampaign lead scoring - Image showing point system in Lead Scoring.
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A scale is essential before the actual scoring begins. Now, depending on the type of customers your company has, you can design your scaling system. For example, if you deal with individual customers then a simple 1-100 scale will work but if you deal with different kinds of customers that include B2B companies, Individual customers, etc., you may use extra digits to represent the type of customer.

Also, you can provide certain points to the traits falling under the “Minimum Criteria” that was discussed in the above steps. This will ensure that Leads who don’t fit your conditions are rejected automatically.

Step 6: Assign Points to Leads

You need to create a balanced system and so the points you assign must be based on some logic and experience. An efficient way of distributing points is to divide traits into categories and assign equal points to those categories. After this, the individual traits in these categories should be given points according to their weightage.

For example: First, assign 50 points each to Behavioral and Demographical categories. After that, these 50 points should be divided into each category depending on the traits that they possess as shown in the below image.

activecampaign lead scoring - Image showing option to assign points in ActiveCampaign.
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Step 7: Triggers and Follow-Ups

If a Lead can score points above a certain threshold, then a “Trigger” will send you a timely notification that your Lead is ready, so that your Sales team can contact the Lead. ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system allows you to create triggers depending on your threshold and the type of notification you would like to receive. This system also allows you to have a Sales E-Mail that will be sent to the Lead as soon as its score will cross the threshold as shown below.

activecampaign lead scoring - Image showing option to set Trigger in ActiveCampaign.
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activecampaign lead scoring - Image showing option to set notification in ActiveCampaign.
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Step 8: Redefine and Improve

Making adjustments to your ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring system will improve its efficiency and keep it reliable. A good practice is to set a certain period say 30 days for revaluating the metrics used in your system.

In this evaluation, you should spot Leads that were given a low ranking but still got converted. Similarly, identify those Leads that had a high ranking but resulted in a dead-end. Then, based on your observations, adjust the scores accordingly.

activecampaign lead scoring - Image showing procedure to set time in ActiveCampaign.
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This article provided you with an overview of ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring and elaborated the steps that you should follow for optimizing your results. It also mentioned the errors one must avoid when setting up the system. This scoring system offers ample benefits and can streamline your Lead conversion process efficiently.

ActiveCampaign Lead Scoring is a very convenient way for you to extract valuable and actionable customers from the heavy traffic of Leads supplied by your Marketing Channels. The important aspect to keep in mind is that you must always create a balanced system for assigning points. It may take some effort from your side while laying out rules and setting up the scaling system, but afterward, it will deliver results continuously.

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