Skyrocket your Customer Support with Freshdesk HubSpot Integration

• August 25th, 2021

Skyrocket your Customer Support with Freshdesk HubSpot Integration

Proactive Customer Response, Improved Invoicing and Cash Flow are much-needed preferences for every Business. While popular CRM Solutions like HubSpot make your Marketing and Sales Activities easy, Freshdesk is a powerful add on to HubSpot which has the power to extend Customer Support Solutions, hence bringing the best value to your Business Activities.

Freshdesk HubSpot Integration enables your Teams to access HubSpot CRM Contacts, create new Customer Contacts or Tickets, and synchronise Unified Data for various Teams to see and collaborate on. Freshdesk’s Omni Channel functionality with Collaboration and SLA Management enables your Teams to view the whole Customer Journey from Email, Chat, Social Media, and other Channels, and detect bottlenecks to optimise them and provide the finest Customer Services worth remembering.

Proceed with this tutorial to give your Teams a boost in performance and better use of your HubSpot Dashboard.


To commence Freshdesk HubSpot Integration, you will require:

  • A HubSpot Subscription (Freshdesk HubSpot Integration works on all HubSpot Plans), with Contact and Timeline Event Permissions in the HubSpot Admin Dashboard.
  • A Freshdesk Subscription (Free, Growth, Pro or Enterprise Plans).

Users are required to enter their Freshdesk Domain and Freshdesk API Key in the HubSpot Data Sync process. The Freshdesk API Key is a sensitive piece of information as it allows you to access information housed within your Freshdesk Dashboard. Hence it’s advised to keep the Freshdesk API Key secure and safe. 

Note: To locate your Freshdesk API Key, sign in to your Freshdesk account and click on your profile image, and then select “Profile Settings”. Copy-Paste this API Key as in when required to authenticate with third-party solutions. For more information on Freshdesk API Key, visit Freshdesk’s Support Guide here.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Freshdesk

Freshdesk Logo: Freshdesk HubSpot Integration
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Freshdesk is an effortless Omnichannel Service for Customer Support and Engagement.

It was created by Freshworks and is part of the Freshworks suite of products, which also includes Freshservice, Freshteam, Freshchat, and Freshcaller for IT Management, HR Management, Customer Calling, Messaging and ChatBot Support. 

Bringing the most complete Customer Support Solution with the fastest time to value, Freshdesk is a popular choice for more than 50,000 Customers, including Vice Media, Bridgestone, Pearson, and Fiverr, and has been ranked as #10 in Forbes Cloud 100 2021 List. Freshworks presents itself as a top competitor to Zendesk, another popular Customer Service Software, but excels in providing better services at much affordable pricing plans.

Freshdesk Software is tailored to fit the needs of both Small and Large Business Organisations. Users can utilise Freshdesk to expand their Business Reach by launching Multi-Channel Customer Assistance, Automating Processes, boosting Team Productivity through Gamification, and reinforcing Customer Support efforts through Self-Service Portals. 

With Freshdesk, your Business can scale Customer Support across numerous Products, Languages, and Time Zones without any hassle. Multi-Product Support enables all your Customer Support Inquiries to flow into the same Helpdesk, where they can be classified and allocated to individual Agents or Teams, with ease. 

Freshdesk houses integration support with over 60+ productivity, eCommerce, CRM Solutions like HubSpot, Cloud Storage, and Collaboration Systems, Freshdesk Integrations can empower your Support Teams with increased functionality and rich information about your Business Customers. In cases, like Freshdesk HubSpot Integration, you are able to leverage HubSpot’s Analytics and All-in-One Content Updation, Integrated CRM Suite, and Consistent Communications altogether to bring out the best performance from your Business Teams.

Key Differentiators & Advantages of Freshdesk

Efficacious Omnichannel Service

Freshdesk extends support to include all leading Customer Support Channels like Email, Phone, Chat Forums and Social Media Channels with a ticketing Helpdesk. Freshdesk’s Ticketing system works for Team Collaboration and Agent Productivity that allows Ticket Prioritisation, Filtering and Ticket Assignment to specific Agents and Groups so there’s no confusion left behind.

AI Ticketing 

Freshdesk’s Freddy, tightly integrated with AI Ticketing lets you cut down on repetitive tasks by automatically suggesting Ticket Fields, categorising and prioritising Incoming Tickets, preventing reopening of Tickets when Customers respond with “thank you”, and recommending the best fitting solutions to Agents for a faster Customer Query Resolution.

Extended Functionality with Integrations

Feature-rich Freshdesk can extend its support capabilities with Integrations to popular applications such as Google Apps, CRM Solutions like HubSpot, Invoicing Tools, Productivity Apps, E-commerce Applications and more. These Integrations enable a host of new features, such as the ability to schedule Customer Calls, attach large files to Customer Tickets and store your Customer Data in the Cloud.

Reporting and Analytics 

Freshdesk provides some impressive Built-in Curated Reports on metrics like Ticket Volume Trends, Agent and Group Performance and Top Customer Analysis. Your Teams can also set up and create Custom Dashboards by selecting from a library of over 20 metrics for individual targets and continually monitor them. Freshdesk’s drag and drop interface allows you to save time while building Custom Dashboards, with proper Visualisations and Chart Styles.

Customer Self-Service

Companies may use Freshdesk to provide Customers with a Self-Service Portal, reducing the number of Support Tickets. Because of Automatic Suggestion Pop-ups and the option to assign individual people to develop and update the Knowledge Base, Freshdesk offers a quick and efficient Customer Service Experience. Users may upload relevant information to the Knowledge Base, such as Videos, Photos, or Essays, and then modify it in response to Customer comments. The Knowledge Base may be incorporated into a company’s Website, Mobile App, or Chat Tool and is available in up to 42 languages.

Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot Logo: Freshdesk HubSpot Integration
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HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing and Sales Software that allows companies to attract Customers, convert Leads and close Deals. Aimed for both small and large Businesses, HubSpot is an All-in-One Tool for Content Creation, Social Media Sharing, Lead Capture, Customer Relationship Management, Workflow Automation, Sales Pipeline Mapping and Performance Tracking. With a simple-to-learn User Interface and affordable pricing plans, thousands of companies prefer HubSpot products for their Business needs.

HubSpot offers five essential Software Tools to help you run your Business more efficiently, sell more, and provide outstanding Customer Services.

Marketing Hub: HubSpot’s Digital Marketing Solution for Email Marketing, Social Media Publishing, Lead Management & Analytics, and Marketing Automation.

Sales Hub: HubSpot’s Sales Hub contains powerful features like Revenue Tracking, Call Transcription, Task Queues, and Stripe Integration to help you get deeper insights into prospects, automate tasks, and close more deals faster.

Service Hub: HubSpot’s Service Hub helps growing Businesses build a Personalised Customer Experience by delivering organised Customer Service that gives efficient help and complete answers. Service Hub comes with tools like Ticketing & Live Chat and Conversational Bots to help achieve this.

CMS Hub: HubSpot’s CMS Hub simplifies Content Management across multiple languages. CMS Hub Professional includes SEO tools, Forms, Live Chat, and the HubSpot CRM, making it simple to create a great Customer Experience while managing numerous systems.

Operations Hub: HubSpot’s Operations Hub provides a Unified Toolkit through which users can easily consolidate Customer Data in a linked CRM Platform, automate a slew of time-consuming activities, and maintain a clean Database.

Key Differentiators & Advantages of HubSpot

Free CRM

Without investing a penny, small organisations may utilise HubSpot’s capabilities to improve and expand their Businesses. In addition to basic CRM functionalities, it includes Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support Tools. HubSpot supports Unlimited Users and can store up to a million Contact Records.

Multipurpose Software

HubSpot integrates Marketing and Sales Operations into one platform, making it easier to manage all elements of Customer Relationships seamlessly and easily from a single Dashboard.

Automated Workflows

HubSpot’s Workflow Automation tool automates your Marketing, Sales, and Service activities to increase the efficiency of your team. You can set enrollment criteria to enrol records and perform Actions on your Contacts, Companies, Deals, Quotations, and Tickets automatically.

Social Management Features

HubSpot connects with LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, allowing users to link many accounts across platforms and plan & schedule posts more easily.

Customer Segmentation

HubSpot allows its Business Users to segment their Customers into categories based on their Age groups, Profession, Interests, Demographics, or Preferences. With Customer Segmentation, you can deliver your Customers a tailored Web/Product experience as per their preferences.

Hevo’s Activate makes Freshdesk HubSpot  Integration Super Easy

This method utilises the HubSpot App Marketplace to sync Customer Records from Freshdesk or HubSpot in various configurations such as Two-way Sync or One-way Sync with Sync Filters. To properly establish Data Syncing, you must possess HubSpot App Marketplace Permissions and Freshdesk Domain & API key.

Hevo Activate comes with a hassle-free, No-code solution that allows you to easily set up HubSpot and Freshdesk integration in no time. Hevo Activate is fully controlled and automates the process of not only importing data from your preferred source such as Freshdesk but also enriching the data and putting it into an analysis-ready format. Hevo Activates’s pre-built connection with various sources such as Freshdesk (Free Source Connector with Hevo) Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery and CRMs like HubSpot (Data Source Available for Free in Hevo) and Salesforce will handle the data transfer procedure from Freshdesk to HubSpot, enabling you to focus on essential business operations.

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Methods to Achieve Freshdesk HubSpot Integration

Method 1: Freshdesk HubSpot Integration using HubSpot Data Sync

Integration Requirements

You must be a HubSpot Super Admin or have HubSpot App Marketplace Permissions in your HubSpot account. 

You must also input your Freshdesk API key when connecting the Freshdesk App to your HubSpot account. 

A) Connect Freshdesk to HubSpot

Step 1: Visit the “HubSpot App Marketplace” from your HubSpot Admin Dashboard in the main navigation bar of your HubSpot account.

HubSpot App Marketplace
Image Source: HubSpot

Step 2: Search for “Freshdesk App” in the HubSpot App Marketplace search bar.

HubSpot App Marketplace: Freshdesk App
Image Source: HubSpot

Step 3: After navigating and selecting Freshdesk App, click the “Install app” button.

HubSpot App Marketplace: Freshdesk App Installation
Image Source: HubSpot

Step 4: On a pop-up window, you would be asked to enter your Freshdesk Domain and Freshdesk API Key.

HubSpot App Marketplace: Freshdesk App Installation
Image Source: HubSpot

To locate your Freshdesk Domain and Freshdesk API Key, refer to this piece of information.

Step 5: Examine the Access Permissions requested, then click “Allow”. You will then return to the App page in your preferences.

B) Turn on the Sync

After connecting with the Freshdesk app, you’ll need to enable Data Sync. You have the option of configuring One-way or Two-way Data Sync for your Customer Records. 

Note: Please keep in mind that if you are already using PieSync to sync data with HubSpot, you must suspend the connection on the PieSync side before initiating the HubSpot sync.

To initiate Freshdesk HubSpot Integration using HubSpot Data Sync, do the following actions:

Step 1: Click on the “Marketplace button” in the main navigation bar in your HubSpot account. 

Step 2: Select “Connected applications” from the Manage menu.

Step 3: Click on the Freshdesk app.

Step 4: Set up your sync by clicking the “Set up your sync” button.

Step 5: Select Contacts on the “Choose an object to sync” screen. You can learn more about syncing contacts and leads to other apps here.

HubSpot Data Sync: Choosing an Object to Sync
Image Source: HubSpot Knowledge

Step 6: Click “Next” to proceed ahead to the One-way or Two-way sync page.

C) Choose Records to Sync

You can determine what occurs when a Customer Contact Record in Freshdesk or HubSpot is modified. There are four separate configurations that you can select:

  • Two-way Sync
  • One-way Sync from your HubSpot to your Freshdesk
  • One-way Sync from your Freshdesk to your HubSpot
  • Sync Filters

Two-way Sync

This setting will sync all the new and updated Customer Records from HubSpot to your Freshdesk App and vice versa. The attributes of Customer Records that already exist on both platforms will be combined.

To enable Two-way Sync, set the dropdown options to “All records” in the Freshdesk section and “All contacts” in the HubSpot section.

One-way Sync from your HubSpot to your Freshdesk

This configuration will sync all new and updated object data from HubSpot to your Freshdesk App. 

To set this up, set the Freshdesk dropdown menu to “No records” and the HubSpot dropdown menu to “All contacts”.

One-way Sync from your Freshdesk to your HubSpot

This configuration will sync all new and updated Customer Record data from the Freshdesk App to HubSpot.

To set this up, set the Freshdesk dropdown menu to “All records” and the HubSpot drop-down menu to “No contacts”.

Sync Filters

Sync Filters can be used to limit the scope of Data Sync. Each App has its own set of filters that appear in the dropdown menus. To use this function, select a Sync Filter from the dropdown menu.

HubSpot Data Sync: Contact Sync with Sync Filters
Image Source: HubSpot Ecosystem

You may use Default Field Mappings in HubSpot to combine and organise Customer Contact Records. Keep in mind, however, that each property may only be mapped once, and the data types of the chosen properties must be compatible with mapping. Properties with multiple values cannot be synced. Emails, Phone numbers, and Locations, when each item has a label to distinguish between “home,” “work,” and “other,” cannot be synchronised.

To build a Default Field Mapping:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Field Mappings” tab.

Step 2: HubSpot will automatically create some Customer Contact Mappings (Default Field Mapping) like matching the First Name, Title to Job Title and Email to Primary Email. Use the side Toggle Switch to Activate and Map your Customer Contact Records and perform Freshdesk HubSpot Integration.

HubSpot Data Sync: Default Customer Contact Mapping
Image Source: HubSpot Ecosystem

In cases you would like to add Custom Field Mappings, you are required to have Operations Hub Starter or Professional Plan Subscription on HubSpot. To add a new field mapping, click “Add new mapping” on the top right corner and specify the Field(s) you want to Map together from Freshdesk to HubSpot.

HubSpot Data Sync: Custom Customer Contact Mapping
Image Source: HubSpot Ecosystem

Step 3: When you’re done configuring the sync, click “Review” in the upper right corner.

HubSpot Data Sync: Recording Sync and Reviewing
Image Source: HubSpot Ecosystem

Step 4: After you’ve reviewed your sync, click “Save and sync“. Following that, your first sync will begin.

HubSpot Data Sync: Saving and Syncing
Image Source: HubSpot Ecosystem

D) Turn Off the Sync

Users may disable the Data Sync to prevent Freshdesk HubSpot Integration from synchronising App Records from Freshdesk with HubSpot and vice versa.

To turn off Data Sync, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the “Marketplace button” in the main navigation bar in your HubSpot account. 

Step 2: Select “Connected applications” from the Manage menu.

Step 3: Select the Freshdesk App.

Step 4: Turn off sync by selecting Actions > Turn off sync.

HubSpot Data Sync: Turn off Sync
Image Source: HubSpot Ecosystem

Step 5:Turn off sync” in the pop-up window.

After you’ve deactivated the sync, you may resume it by clicking “Edit sync settings,” or you can remove the sync by deleting it.

Method 2: Freshdesk HubSpot Integration using Hevo Activate

Hevo Activate helps you directly transfer data from Freshdesk (Free Source Connector with Hevo), Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, etc. and various other sources to CRMs such as HubSpot (Free Hevo Integration), Salesforce, etc., in a completely hassle-free & automated manner for free. Hevo Activate allows you to fully control and automate the process of not only importing data from your preferred source, but also enriching it and converting it to an analysis-ready format, all without writing a single line of code. Data is handled safely and consistently, with no data loss, thanks to its fault-tolerant design.

Hevo Activate covers all of your data preparation needs, enabling you to focus on critical business activities and get a far more powerful knowledge of how to generate more leads, retain customers, and propel your company to new heights of profitability. It provides a consistent approach for managing data in real-time and guaranteeing that analysis-ready data is always available at your desired location.

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Check out what makes Hevo Activate amazing:

  • Real-time Data Transfer: Hevo Activate, with its strong Integration with various sources, like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. allows you to transfer data quickly & efficiently. This ensures efficient utilization of bandwidth on both ends.
  • Data Transformation: It provides a simple interface to perfect, modify, and enrich the data you want to transfer. 
  • Secure: Hevo Activate has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures that the data is handled in a secure, consistent manner with zero data loss.
  • Massive Connector Availability: Hevo Activate includes a large number of connectors that allow you to bring data from various Data Warehouses, such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake, and load it into Marketing & SaaS applications, such as HubSpot, Zendesk, Intercom, and others, in an integrated and analysis-ready format.
  • Simplicity: Using Hevo Activate is easy and intuitive, ensuring that your data is exported in just a few clicks. 
  • Completely Managed Platform: Hevo Activate is fully managed. You need not invest time and effort to maintain or monitor the infrastructure involved in executing codes.
  • Live Support: The Hevo Activate team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through Chat, Email, and Support Calls.


This article intended to offer you simple and easy-to-follow procedures for initiating and completing Freshdesk HubSpot Integration. While HubSpot Solution is a simple Customer Contact Management and Reporting Tool, Freshdesk HubSpot Integration goes a step further by seamlessly aligning your Customer Support and Sales Teams so that all of your Inbound Marketing Efforts are synced to Sales and Support Systems. With Freshdesk HubSpot Integration, your teams can: 

  1. Quickly respond to Customer Queries with updates and notifications.
  2. Sync data Two-way or One-way, whatever seems most appropriate.
  3. Set up Mappings to Freshdesk HubSpot Integration for a more cohesive organisation.

While this is true, business growth comes with its own set of challenges. As your business expands, so does your Customers’ Data and Records. While manually creating Data Sync Integration between Freshdesk and HubSpot is a good solution, why not automate the whole process from a single dashboard, with Data Sync and Data Transformation Capability? Hevo Activate is such a wonderful automated platform that helps you directly transfer data from a source of your choice, such as Freshdesk (Free Source Connector with Hevo), Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery etc., to any SaaS application, CRMs like HubSpot (Free Hevo Integration), in a fully automated and secure manner, and the best part, for free

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You don’t have to write any code. Hevo Activate is designed to make your Tasks easier and make Data Migration hassle-free. It is user-friendly, reliable, and secure. 

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