Setting Up HubSpot WooCommerce Integration: 6 Easy Steps

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HubSpot WooCommerce Integration

HubSpot WooCommerce integration is a combination of 2 tools – HubSpot & WooCommerce that helps businesses to understand their customers better and make better business decisions. 

To understand the need for this integration, imagine an organization that uses a WooCommerce based site for selling its products and Hubspot for marketing its products. Such a business will need customer data to be synced in both applications to prevent duplication. It would also help them if products created in Hubspot are automatically reflected in WooCommerce, or if a customer who purchased through the website is automatically added as a customer in Hubspot as well. Such seamless data synchronization between the two applications makes the integration helpful for many organizations.

In this article, we will discuss the setting up of HubSpot WooCommerce integration.


  • WordPress account
  • WooCommerce Site
  • HubSpot free/paid account

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Introduction to WooCommerce & HubSpot

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress that can be used to easily set up an eCommerce store. Beyond the ability to list your products and services, WooCommerce supports all the typical features needed by an e-commerce store owner such as online payments, subscription-based payments, dynamic pricing, etc. It also provides useful reports like Sales reports, Revenue reports, etc.

In the rare case that a feature you need is not available in WooCommerce, it will almost always be available through a plugin or extension in the WooCommerce marketplace. Being a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce also inherits the excellent SEO capabilities of WordPress. This helps businesses to fare well in the search results without putting much additional effort. To learn more about WooCommerce’s features, please have a look at their Official Documentation.

HubSpot is a cloud-based suite of applications that enables businesses to manage all the activities related to customers. It provides three applications hubs, namely Marketing hub, Sales hub, and Service hub. For further details on the products & services that HubSpot offers, please have a look at the Official Documentation.

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Steps to set up HubSpot WooCommerce integration

The simplest way to integrate WooCommerce and Hubspot is using a WooCommerce plugin that is available free of cost from the WooCommerce website. Follow the below instructions to set up this integration.

  1. The first step is to ensure that your WordPress site is connected to a WooCommerce account. For this head to wp-admin and click on WooCommerce extensions. 
WordPress admin - WooCommerce extensions
  1. Click on ‘Connect’, enter your WooCommerce credentials and click Approve. 
authorise connection
  1. Now head to the WooCommerce marketplace and download the free Hubspot for the WooCommerce extension. You can find it here.
  2. Install the plugin using wp-admin. For this, go to wp-admin dashboard and click on the plugin section.
WordPress-admin dashboard - Plugins
  1. Click on ‘Upload’ and select the zip file that was downloaded from the WooCommerce account.
hubspot woocommerce integration - upload plugins
  1. Once the installation is complete, again head to the WooCommmerce section and You will see a HubSpot subsection. Head to the Hubspot section to enter your Hubspot credentials and authorize the connection.
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That completes the integration. Once the integration is complete, you will find that any new orders and customers that are created in your WooCommerce store will get synced to your Hubspot account as well. The plugin also allows historical data sync. This can be accessed using the Hubspot section.

Limitations of HubSpot WooCommerce integration

HubSpot WooCommerce integration is not without its caveats though. You can find a few of the typical problems below.

  1. The plugin only supports single directional data transfer. In other words, there is no way to sync your Hubspot data to WooCommerce.
  2. There is no scope for transformation during this transfer. In some cases, organizations may need to do simple changes according to business before creating the same objects in Hubspot.
  3. In case you have a lot of contacts in WooCommerce the plugin will slow down leading to a rough user experience.


These are what you’ve learnt in this article:

  • About WooCommerce & HubSpot
  • Steps to set up HubSpot WooCommerce integration
  • Limitations of HubSpot WooCommerce integration

There are few limitations of HubSpot WooCommerce integration with respect to data transformation & data syncing during data transfer. An alternate option that can solve all the above problems is to use a cloud-based ETL tool like Hevo.

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Hevo with its strong integration with 100+ sources & BI tools allows you to not only export data from sources & load data in the destinations, but also transforms & enriches your data, & make it analysis-ready so that you can focus only on your key business needs and perform insightful analysis using BI tools. It helps transfer data from HubSpot to a destination of your choice for free.

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