Lead Scoring Salesforce CRM: 3 Easy Steps

• July 5th, 2021

Lead Scoring Salesforce

Do you want to know about Salesforce, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and its key features including Lead Scoring? Do you want to know how to measure Lead Scoring accurately and how to set up Lead Scoring Salesforce? If yes, you have reached the right place!

On the complete walkthrough of this article, you will gain a holistic understanding of Lead Scoring Salesforce, its features, and metrics that you must take into consideration to build a robust Lead Scoring Model in Salesforce.

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Introduction to Salesforce

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Salesforce.com, Inc. is an American Cloud-Based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service and also provides a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on Customer Service, Marketing Automation, Analytics, and Application Development.

Key Features of Salesforce

Here are a few of the many features offered by Salesforce:

  • Feature-Packed: It is a full-featured Marketing, Sales, Service, Partner Management, and Community Management solution.
  • High Availability: Salesforce data is stored in the Cloud, allowing your team to access it from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Scalable: It is designed to meet the demands of small, medium, and large enterprise businesses.
  • Flexible Pricing: Salesforce is a pay-as-you-go service, so there are no upfront charges.

For further information on Salesforce, you can check the official website here.

Understanding Grading & Lead Scoring Salesforce

Lead Scoring and Lead Grading are two typical strategies for qualifying Leads — that is, determining whether or not a Lead is worth moving on to Sales from your Marketing Team.

1) Lead Scoring

Automatically assigning a numerical value to inbound Leads to indicate their level of interest in your product or service, is known as Lead Scoring. You can build a Score for your Leads by giving points to the actions you consider the most valuable, such as viewing the pricing page or requesting a trial. This will reflect how active they have been and how high their interest level is. For Lead Scoring Salesforce, you can leverage Salesforce Einstein to add a Lead Score field for your prospects.

2) Lead Grading

Automatically assigning a Letter Grade (A — F) to inbound Leads based on diverse set attributes and criteria. Grading Leads guarantees that the Leads sent from Marketing to Sales are the right fit for your firm. A Lead Grading System is built by taking numerous criteria into consideration, similar to a Lead Scoring procedure, such as a Lead’s location, Industry, Job Title, and Company Size.

Salesforce, including Pardot, a Marketing Automation tool, provides configurable and customizable Automated Lead Scoring and Grading solutions. For a simple and powerful user experience, Lead Scoring Salesforce is integrated into the CRM platform.

Key Features of Lead Scoring Salesforce

  • Zero Setup: There is no need for the implementation of separate tools or import/export to set up Lead Scoring in Salesforce. 
  • Custom Lead Score-Driven Workflows: You can assign tasks easily to the Sales Team based on predictive Lead Scores.
  • Smart Lead Lists: The best Leads are available quickly which are accurate to follow.   

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Understanding the Metrics for Lead Scoring Salesforce

The following are some of the key metrics that you’ll need to take into consideration while setting up Lead Scoring Salesforce:

1) Maximum Lead Scores

The number of Leads generated from a particular campaign can be easily seen in Salesforce. Similarly, you can also identify Leads with maximum Lead Scores and target them with personalized Sales initiatives. With the help of Lead Score, Sales representatives can see which fields have the most impact on Lead Scoring.

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2) Commonly Converted Leads

When someone (typically in Marketing or Sales) ‘converts‘ an existing Lead into an Account, Contact, or Opportunity, it is known as Lead Conversion. This usually occurs when a person achieves a certain Lead Score or Grade. The opportunity is picked up by the Sales Team and guided through the Sales process. Mostly, the Lead Field values are studied for Lead Conversion. 

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3) Commonly Unconverted Leads

The Lead Field values which are seen in Unconverted Leads must be studied. Commonly Unconverted Leads refer to the Lead Field values that don’t help much in the conversion. Thus, studying Commonly Unconverted Leads would help in determining and selecting the nature and type of Lead Field values.  

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4) Average Lead Score

Average Lead Score is a metric that measures/represent the overall quality of Leads generated over a period of time. The Average Lead Score also helps in determining the most relevant Lead Score which will help to pursue the best Leads and increase the probability of converting these Leads to clients.

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5) Conversion Rate by Lead Score

This metric can be used to figure out/identify how Lead Conversion Rates vary w.r.t the Lead Scores. The data here is organized into buckets. For example, Leads with Scores in the 80–100 range, may convert at a faster rate than Leads with Scores in the 20–30 range. This report is most useful once your organization has a significant amount of data on Lead Conversion.

Steps to Set up Lead Scoring Salesforce

Lead Scoring Salesforce refers to Einstein Lead Scoring in Salesforce. It can be set up by implementing the following steps:

Step 1: Remote Site Settings

Firstly you need to, navigate to the setup cog in the Find box and select Remote Site Settings. Now, you have to locate the URL and identify the instance of the server that your Salesforce organization lives on.

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You then need to verify your instance in the pre-approved Remote Websites. If your instance is listed then you are good to go to the next step else you will need to add your instance. To do that, you need to click on New Remote Site and add the Name and URL for your remote website. Finally, click Save

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Step 2: Assign Permission Sets

Once you’ve configured the setting for your Remote Website, you now need to navigate to the Permission Sets. To do so, go to the Find box and select Permission Sets. Now, click on the Sales Cloud Einstein Permissions Set option to Manage Assignments and assign relevant permissions to your users. Now, simply click on Add Assignments and select the checkbox next to the users you want to grant access to and then click Assign

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Once the permissions have been granted, a confirmation page will appear on your screen. Simply, click on the Done option.

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Step 3: Einstein Assistant Setup 

Now, navigate to the Find box, simply search and select Assisted Setup. If you have visited the setup page for the first time, click on Get Started and then Set up, next to Einstein Lead Scoring. Now, you can enable the Einstein Assistant features according to your needs.

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As soon as Einstein finishes configuring and verifying your settings, click on Score Leads.

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You have successfully completed the Lead Scoring Salesforce setup.

Key Benefits of Einstein Lead Scoring Salesforce

There are many benefits of using Salesforce for Lead Management. The two key benefits of Einstein Lead Scoring Salesforce are:

  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: Using all the metrics which you studied like Maximum Lead, Commonly Converted and Unconverted Leads, Average Lead Score, and Conversion Rate by Lead Score, chances of building connections and conversion rates increase a lot.
  • Acceleration: Salesforce provides an excellent Customer Relationship Management system. Lead Scoring Salesforce accelerates the process of identifying the best Leads and Lead Score factors by studying the historical data. The process of engagement with the best Leads accelerates a lot. 


This article teaches you how to set up Lead Scoring Salesforce. It provides in-depth knowledge about the concepts behind every step to help you understand and implement the same efficiently.

Building an effective data-driven Lead Scoring strategy requires you to integrate your Leads and customer data from a diverse set of platforms into your operational CRM systems. This often requires unifying data into Data Warehousing platforms and then loading it into your Marketing and Support tools. This can be challenging, especially for beginners, and this is where Hevo Activate saves the day! 

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