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Customer bonding and brand recognition have greatly improved due to businesses and e-commerce platforms giving personalized messages to clients. Tools like Klaviyo assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the client and uncovering minute facts that may be used to segment customers and deliver the best results. You can engage and retain lost consumers with the assistance of its numerous email automation and customer database management tools. It is easy to use and perfect for agencies.

AWS Redshift is a data warehouse service offered by Amazon Web Services. It is frequently used for extensive database migrations and large-scale data analysis and storage.

This post demonstrates two distinct ways to set up Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo integration in a few simple steps. Additionally, it provides a quick overview of Klaviyo and Amazon Redshift.

Let’s now explore the procedures for integrating Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo.

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What is Amazon Redshift?

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The cloud-based Data Warehousing and Analytics solution Amazon Web Services provide is AWS Redshift. Users may upload and handle enormous amounts of data with AWS Redshift.

Amazon Redshift offers consumers and businesses a platform for data analysis and obtaining new insights into their operations by providing a nearly endless data storage option. The amount of storage required directly affects how much AWS Redshift costs. Because AWS Redshift is cloud-based and easily scaled, customers who need more capacity as their businesses expand can get it immediately.

Visit this page to learn more about Amazon Redshift.

Key Features of Amazon Redshift

  • Faster Query Speed: Large datasets up to exabytes in size can be handled with ease by Amazon Redshift. Redshift employs zone maps, data compression, and columnar storage to minimize the amount of I/O required to execute queries. 
  • Flexible Querying: Users can use their favorite SQL client tools, libraries, or business intelligence tools to connect to Amazon Redshift and run queries straight from the interface.
  • Fault-Tolerant: Several capabilities in Amazon Redshift make your Data Warehouse cluster more dependable. Redshift automatically duplicates data from failed discs and replaces nodes while evaluating the cluster’s fault tolerance.
  • Scalability: Amazon Redshift scales swiftly to meet your changing demands and is easy to use. With a few clicks in the console, you can rapidly modify the number or type of nodes in your Data Warehouse and scale up or down as your needs change.
  • Easy to Use: Redshift offers options that can assist you in changing your workflows for control. Transparent new capabilities reduce the requirement for planning and carrying out upgrades and fixes.
  • Easy to Set Up: Setting up and using Amazon Redshift is straightforward. Redshift will handle the infrastructure when you construct a new Data Warehouse with just a few clicks on the Amazon Web Services Management dashboard. Most administrative tasks, including replication and backups, are automated, allowing you to concentrate on your data rather than management.

What is Klaviyo?

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An eCommerce business owner can provide a more individualized experience for their clients using the powerful marketing tool Klaviyo. Building more profound, higher-value client relationships has never been simpler, which is why Klaviyo is drawing 67 new brands every day. In the past year alone, Klaviyo has helped brands worldwide generate more than $3.7 billion in revenue.

Klaviyo is a potent marketing tool that supports eCommerce store owners in giving their customers a better-tailored experience. With the help of robust automation, bulk SMS campaigns are sent using Klaviyo, and each message is personalized. It’s easy and automated to manage material. You can create multi-channel consumer experiences with Klaviyo and manage them from a single platform. 

Key Features of Klaviyo

  • Numerous Integrations: You may leverage historical and real-time data from multiple sources with Klaviyo’s 200+ pre-built integrations. Gaining access to crucial information is made simpler because many integrations are one-click solutions.
  • Real-time marketer-friendly segmentation: With Klaviyo, you can quickly add various information to your customer communication channels, including purchases, website browsing, order data, and more.
  • Real-time Customer Profiles: Your company may analyze data, keep an eye on client platforms, and get a complete picture of all customer activity.
  • Flexible Data Storage and Retention: With its NoSQL data platform, Klaviyo provides a one-stop-shop by offering data storage, retention, columns, fields, and other features.

Explore Methods to Sync Data Amazon Redshift to HubSpot

Method 1: Using CSV Files to sync data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo Manually

This method manually converts your Amazon Redshift data into CSV Files using specific SQL commands. The data present in the CSV Files then has to be modified according to the format specified by Klaviyo. Afterward, the data can be imported and mapped directly into Klaviyo. It is a lengthy process that will also require troubleshooting specific errors manually.

Method 2: Sync Data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo using Hevo Activate

Hevo Activate provides a hassle-free, one-stop solution to sync data from Amazon Redshift to any business application in an effortless manner. Hevo Activate syncs customer /product data in the warehouse to your Business Software.

Hevo Activate brings the data to the fingertips of your business teams, where they need it the most – Business Applications. Teams can now make faster, smarter actions. Sync customer & product usage data, analyze the customer journeys, and create personalized experiences with Hevo Activate.

Team Hevo is working hard on introducing Klaviyo to our platform. For info regarding new releases, refer to our Release Notes, and to check out what all Hevo Activate supports, refer to our Integration Page.


Why Sync Data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo?

Making decisions based on data is becoming more and more common these days. For modern firms, utilizing the digital insights obtained from many sources is essential. A central data repository within a data warehouse solution like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake may be efficiently owned and supported by executives and business teams.

Segmentation is simple with Klaviyo, a powerful marketing platform. With Klaviyo, you can launch mass SMS campaigns and use customizable automation to tailor each message. You can build multi-channel customer experiences with Klaviyo and manage them from a single platform. This program may precisely target your marketing efforts using transactional and behavioral data.

Consolidated data from your warehouse must be integrated with the appropriate technology so that the required teams may automatically receive it at the proper time and location. In this case, Reverse ETL enters the picture. Click here to learn more about Reverse ETL.

By syncing data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo, you can benefit in the following manner:

  • The business teams can design and transmit event triggers by tailoring them to your target audience.
  • Employees may communicate more accurately and effectively by using updated information in various communication channels like emails, SMS, mobile calls, and more.
  • Customer segments with distinct personalization and approach methods can be created using historical and real-time data.
  • Maximize the investments and set priorities for marketing teams’ goals.

How to Sync Data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo?

Method 1: Manual Method to Sync Data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo

Data from Amazon Redshift must first be exported as CSV files before being imported to Klaviyo. 

Step 1: Redshift Data Export as CSV

You can connect to Redshift on your local PC using a SQL client. You can choose this route if you want to query Redshift more frequently because it may take some time to set up your tool and connection. Many programs can handle the job, such as MySQL Workbench. The precise buttons to press and directions to type will change depending on the tool, but the steps are always the same as follows:

  • Connect to a database.
  • Query a table.
  • Export the result as CSV

Congrats! You are now aware of the method for exporting data from Amazon Redshift to a CSV file. I hope the approach we described worked for you. For more information, you can click here.

Step 2: Klaviyo CSV Import

After successfully exporting a CSV file from Amazon Redshift, you’re ready to import the CSV on Klaviyo. Let’s see how to do that!

Note: Klaviyo requires formatting your profile properties before uploading the CSV.

  • Using any spreadsheet program, open the CSV file.
  • Include the Email-labeled first column.
  • In the first cell, enter the names of each profile property, as seen in the accompanying illustration.
  • The values in the rows below should be added.
  • Save the CSV document.
Redshift to Klaviyo: Klaviyo CSV Formatting
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Follow these instructions to upload your file after the CSV has been formatted.

  • Head over to the Lists & Segments tab.
  • Select Lists by clicking Create List / Segment.
  • Click Contacts to Upload.
  • Choose the CSV that you generated in the previous action.
  • Select Klaviyo from the Klaviyo Field on the Import review screen that appears.
  • After checking the fields, click Start Import.
  • Depending on the size of your CSV file, the import could begin immediately or take hours.
  • Analyze Your Import
  • Open the list after the import is finished, then choose any profile.
  • Click the “Info” button.

You will be able to see every property you have submitted here. Check to see if your uploaded data is accurate and matches the data you fetched from your Amazon Redshift Warehouse.

Method 2: Syncing Data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo using Hevo Activate

Redshift to Klaviyo: Hevo Activate

Hevo Activate helps you directly sync data from Snowflake to the Business Application of your choice in a completely hassle-free & automated manner. Hevo Activate is fully managed and it completely automates the process of loading data from your desired source. Hevo Activate has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures data is handled in a secure and consistent fashion with zero data loss while syncing data from Snowflake to Klaviyo (Integration Coming Soon!).

Hevo Activate takes care of all your data preprocessing needs, helping you to focus on key business activities, draw powerful insights to generate more leads, retain customers, and increase profits. It provides a consistent & reliable solution to manage data in near real-time to always have analysis-ready data in your desired Business Application

Advantages of Syncing Data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo using Hevo Activate

Redshift to Klaviyo: Benefits of Hevo Activate
  • Simplicity: Using Hevo Activate is easy and intuitive, ensuring that your data is exported in just a few clicks.
  • Near Real-time Data Transfer: Hevo Activate, with its strong integration with various sources, allows you to transfer data quickly & efficiently in near real-time.
  • Secure: Hevo Activate has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures your employees can handle the data securely and consistently with zero data loss.
  • Intelligent Data Type Conversion: During the mapping action, Hevo Activate automatically transforms the synced data field types. 
  • On-Demand Sync: Hevo Activate allows users to reschedule sync or run sync now to execute data sync as per their demand.
  • Tremendous Connector Availability: Hevo Activate houses a large variety of connectors and lets you bring in data from various Data Warehouses such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, etc., in an integrated and analysis-ready form.
  • Smart Error Handling: Hevo Activate alerts you when there are sync errors. You can stop sync if there are persistent errors, resolve them, and resume again.
  • Live Support: Got Stuck? The Hevo Activate team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support through chat, email, and support calls.
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This article provides you with a quick overview of Amazon Redshift & Klaviyo, followed by a detailed guide on syncing data from Amazon Redshift to Klaviyo in 2 easy steps. That said, developing an in-house data integration solution would be a challenging task that would take serious engineering bandwidth.

However, Hevo Activate helps you sync data directly from a database of your choice (like, Snowflake) to a Business Application in a fully automated and reliable fashion. Hevo Activate — a low/no-code platform — helps today’s Business & Operations teams become Data-Driven.

To learn about how to connect Klaviyo to Amazon Redshift (An ETL Use Case), click here.

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