How to Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap? | 2 Easy Methods

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Snowflake to CleverTap

CleverTap is the first platform that leverages real-time behavioral and pattern data. Based on the unique needs of each user, these accurate prediction algorithms produce timely, relevant engagement possibilities.

You want to move your data from a Data Warehouse like Snowflake to CleverTap for analysis, right? You will discover how to connect Snowflake to CleverTap in this article.

So let’s deep dive into the methods for syncing Data from Snowflake to CleverTap.

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What is Snowflake?

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Snowflake is a data warehousing solution based on cloud computing. It offers data analytics in addition to a data warehousing solution. 

Snowflake’s Architecture and Data-Sharing features allow it to stand apart. The Snowflake Data Platform is built on a new SQL query engine with cloud-native architecture. Customers may expand storage and computation separately with the Snowflake Architecture, allowing customers to consume and pay for storage and analysis. Organizations can also use the sharing tool to communicate and manage data in real-time.

To learn more about Snowflake, click here.

Key Features of Snowflake

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, Snowflake offers the following features:

  • Snowflake helps you improve your analytics pipeline and increase the accuracy and speed of your analysis by offering real-time data streaming.
  • Users of Snowflake have access to auto-scaling capabilities, which allow Snowflake to start and stop clusters automatically during resource-intensive processing.
  • Snowflake includes several security features: two-factor authentication, access control, safe data sharing, encryption, etc.
  • By eliminating silos and ensuring that everyone in the company has access to valuable insights, Snowflake helps you make better data-driven decisions. This is an essential initial step in improving partner relationships, pricing optimization, reducing operational costs, raising sales effectiveness, and other goals.
  • You may examine customer behavior and product usage more thoroughly with Snowflake.

What is CleverTap?

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CleverTap is a platform that quickly gathers different events and data about the users who access your website or application. The platform offers a variety of plugins that may be integrated to obtain unified information on user trends and usage patterns on the website or application to increase user retention. CleverTap offers application analytics and marketing integration feature. CleverTap is primarily known for its customer engagement and use retention practices. The platform aids users in three ways to boost user engagement:

  • Analyses how people use the product and keep track of user actions.
  • Create user segments based on their behavior, and then send these groupings customized advertising.
  • To evaluate the impact of each campaign on user engagement and business indicators, analyze it. 

Key Features of CleverTap

The critical features that stand out in the CleverTap platform:

  • The dashboard for CleverTap offers the ability to divide users into groups according to their behaviors and profile characteristics, send customized advertisements to these groups, and evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Within mobile apps and websites, SDKs monitor user activity. CleverTap’s SDKs also enable customers to customize apps by granting users access to user profile information.
  • APIs transmit user profiles or event data to CleverTap from any source. Additionally, APIs augment customer data in CRMs and export user data from CleverTap for usage in BI applications.
  • Integrations with remarketing platforms like Facebook Audience Network, attributions providers like Branch, and communication platforms like SendGrid and Twilio.
  • As soon as qualifying events take place, webhooks cause workflows in backend systems to start.

Explore Methods to Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap

Method 1: Using CSV Files to Manually Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap

This method involves manually converting your Snowflake data into CSV Files using a BI Tool/certain SQL commands. The data present in the CSV Files then has to be modified according to the format specified by CleverTap. Afterward, the data can be imported and mapped directly into CleverTap. It is a lengthy process that will also require troubleshooting certain errors manually.

Method 2: Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap using Hevo Activate

Hevo Activate provides a hassle-free, one-stop solution to sync data from Snowflake to CleverTap in an effortless manner. Hevo Activate syncs customer /product data in the warehouse to your Business Applications, bringing data to the fingertips of your business teams where they need it the most. Teams can now make faster, smarter decisions. Sync customer & product usage data, analyze customer journeys and create personalized experiences with Hevo Activate.

Team Hevo is working hard on introducing CleverTap on our platform. For info regarding new releases, refer to our Release Notes, and to check out what all Hevo Activate supports, refer to our Integration Page.


Why Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap?

Using the digital insights gathered from numerous sources is necessary for modern businesses. These days, data-driven decision-making is more and more widespread. Executives and business teams may effectively own and support decision-making by creating a central store of data within a data warehouse solution like Snowflake, Google BigQuery, or Amazon Redshift.

CleverTap is the platform that uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for real-time behavioral and pattern data to customize client experiences. Based on the unique needs of each user, these accurate prediction algorithms produce time-relevant engagement options. Additionally, the platform groups users according to several conditions, negating the need for manual intervention. 

Your warehouse’s consolidated data needs to be integrated with the right technologies so that the required teams may receive it automatically at the right time and place. Reverse ETL enters the scene in this situation. To know more about Reverse ETL, click here.

How to Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap?

Method 1: Manual Method to Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap

Data from Snowflake must first be exported as CSV files before being imported to CleverTap. 

Step 1: Snowflake Data Export as CSV

By Employing BI Tools: You can begin your Snowflake to CleverTap journey using a BI tool. The quickest and most straightforward way to export CSV files from Snowflake is by connecting it to a BI tool that enables you to query your Snowflake instance directly and get the query results. Because most people find Metabase quite simple to use for SQL analytics, it is one of the finest BI Tools for exporting CSV files. With just one click, you may export a CSV from either choice to your PC as follows:

  • Download Metabase
  • Connect your Snowflake Account
  • Write a relevant Query
  • Click on the download button to get your CSV file.

Step 2: CleverTap CSV Export

By uploading a CSV file, you can bulk create new user profiles in CleverTap using the CSV upload tool. This functionality allows you to add or modify data for existing user profiles. For more information, click here.

To add a CSV file to your dashboard on CleverTap:

  • Click Settings > Engage > CSV uploads after logging into your CleverTap account.
  • Select New Profiles from CSV import.
  • Click Upload after choosing the CSV file from your PC and viewing it.
  • Click Upload after entering the CSV import name.
  • The CSV upload is handled almost instantly. The status of the CSV uploads changes to Completed once it has finished processing.

Method 2: Sync Data from Snowflake to CleverTap using Hevo Activate

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Hevo Activate helps you directly sync data from Snowflake to the Business Application of your choice in a completely hassle-free & automated manner. Hevo Activate is fully managed and it completely automates the process of loading data from your desired source. Hevo Activate has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures data is handled in a secure and consistent fashion with zero data loss while syncing data from Snowflake to CleverTap (Integration Coming Soon!).

Hevo Activate takes care of all your data preprocessing needs, helping you to focus on key business activities, draw powerful insights to generate more leads, retain customers, and increase profits. It provides a consistent & reliable solution to manage data in near real-time to always have analysis-ready data in your desired Business Application.

Advantages of Syncing Data from Snowflake to CleverTap using Hevo

  • Simplicity: Using Hevo Activate is easy and intuitive, ensuring that your data is exported in just a few clicks.
  • Near Real-time Data Transfer: Hevo Activate, with its strong integration with various sources, allows you to transfer data quickly & efficiently in near real-time.
  • Secure: Hevo Activate has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures that your employees can handle the data securely and consistently with zero data loss.
  • Intelligent Data Type Conversion: During the mapping action, Hevo Activate automatically transforms the synced data field types. 
  • On-Demand Sync: Hevo Activate allows users to resume the sync or run sync now to execute data sync as per their demand.
  • Tremendous Connector Availability: Hevo Activate houses a large variety of connectors and lets you bring in data from various Data Warehouses such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, etc., in an integrated and analysis-ready form.
  • Smart Error Handling: Hevo Activate alerts you when there are sync errors. You can stop sync if there are persistent errors, resolve them, and resume again.
  • Live Support: Got Stuck? The Hevo Activate team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support through chat, email, and support calls.
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This article provides you with a quick overview of Snowflake & CleverTap, followed by a detailed guide on syncing data from Snowflake to CleverTap in 2 easy steps. That said, developing an in-house data integration solution would be a challenging task that would take serious engineering bandwidth.

However, Hevo Activate helps you directly sync data from a database of your choice (like, Snowflake) to a Business Application in a fully automated and reliable fashion. Hevo Activate — a low/no-code platform — helps today’s Business & Operations teams become Data-Driven.

To also learn about how to connect CleverTap to Snowflake (An ETL Use Case), click here.

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