Left Brain Marketing

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Collaborate. Analyze. Optimize.

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Find out the advantages of joining our thriving community.

Meet fellow industry professionals and experts

Our community is built on the knowledge of professionals from all areas of marketing. Focus your knowledge acquisition in one place and be assured of inputs from the industry's best.

Get your questions about marketing analytics answered

Let your marketing efforts be optimized through careful analysis of data. Focus on skills and channels which maximise your ROI.

Attend interactive events and broaden your knowledge

Growth is always fastest with the aid of others. Attend AMAs, discussion groups, webinars and other events with your fellow marketers for an exponential learning curve.

Learn and discover new skills and tools

There are always new tools and skills which can be added to your repertoire. Discover the upcoming ones that are best suited for your business here.

What is Left Brain Marketing?

It is a Slack Community that caters to all those interested in marketing analytics, the tools, techniques and how to use them. This is a space dedicated to marketing analytics where you can learn as well as contribute.

Discuss your ongoing projects, have conversations with experts, join different channels based on your area of interest, try to win challenges, and participate in interactive events for your growth & development.

Participate in Discussions on...
We like to immerse ourselves in all facets of marketing analytics.

SEO Analytics

Learn how to use data to get the best results out of your SEO efforts.

Social Media Analytics

Find out the best methods and tools to gather and analyze data to enhance your social media presence.

Email Marketing

Streamline your email marketing efforts using tips and inputs from our community of professionals.

Content Marketing

Learn how to make your content best work for you through real-time discussions and inputs from fellow marketers.

Performance Marketing

Use data to approach performance marketing in the most cost-effective and constructive way.

Marketing Tools

Get answers to your questions on various marketing tools, and discover new ones to help maximize your outputs.

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