Get all your Company Data at One Place in Real-Time

Centralize data from all your sources in minutes without writing any code

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One Platform, Many Use Cases

Whether you want to build a 360° Customer Data Hub, construct a Data Lake, or simply load aggregated data to the Data Warehouse, do it all with Hevo.

Capture all Interactions across the Entire Customer Journey

Unify Customer data from various touch points: Mobile App, Website, Database, CRM, Support Tickets, Marketing Applications, and more.

Get a 360° holistic view of your customer. Completely understand their preferences to offer them a personalised, immersive experience.

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Build a Robust Data Lake

Effortlessly ingest both structured and unstructured data from Web Logs, Databases, Social Media, Cloud Applications, and more to build your Data Lake in minutes. Utilize a cost effective data storage service such as S3 to store massive amounts of data.

Empower your data teams to dig into raw data and uncover meaningful insights.

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Build a Single Source of Truth for your Business

Bring any data from a variety of sources in real-time to build a Single Source of Truth - Data Warehouse in minutes. Additionally, model the data to create complex joins and aggregates for faster query computations.

Stream data in real-time to power internal Business Intelligence systems that provide valuable insights on your business.

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Create Complex Joins and Aggregates

Boost your query performance by modelling data in your analytics database. Combine data from multiple sources, build complex joins and aggregates to create materialized views of your data.

In turn, empower the citizen users to drill down, roll up and take data-driven decisions fast.

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Capture Data Points from all Customer Touchpoints

Ingest Clickstream data from mobile, web, servers, and more to study individual visits in real-time. Understand customer psyche and uncover patterns by deeply analyzing user interactions and product engagement.

Empower your users to analyze customer behaviour at scale.

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Ingest Data from any Source into Messaging Queues

Ingest data in realtime into Messaging Queues like Kafka or SQS.

Send data to multiple systems and extend the capabilities of your applications. Boost your Machine Learning Models, Recommendation Engine, Fraud Detection Modules, and more.

Power personalised customer experiences.

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Connect to 100s of Sources and Destinations

Analyze data across various formats and silos. Leverage all your data to make smarter decisions.

MS SQL Server
Amazon S3
Google Drive
Google Sheets
Google Ads
Facebook Ads

Why use Hevo?

Leave behind ETL Scripts, Cron Jobs and missing data. Hevo offers you a completely self-serve platform that takes care of all operational hassles making data accessible to everyone in your enterprise.

No ETL Scripts and
Cron Jobs
Real-time Alerts on Changes and Errors
Data Consistency Guarantee
Complete Visibility and Control over Data

Built for Modern Data Teams

Hevo is designed grounds-up for Data Teams. Focus on increasing the data impact on your business, while we take care of all the grunt work.

Extensive Documentation

Get help right in the moment of need with Hevo’s extensive documentation

APIs for Automation

Programmatically manage your data pipelines with Hevo APIs

Real-time Support Over Slack

Talk to our developers directly to resolve any queries

Built-in Version Control

Get complete visibility into changes with a robust version control mechanism

What Customers Say

Data Driven Companies across the world use Hevo Data Platform to power Real-time Analytics.

"With Hevo, the process of bringing data, no matter what source or format, has become simpler and error-free. Our analysts are now busy building models and deriving insights instead of worrying about data availability"
- Vivek Garg
Lead, Data Engineering
"Hevo solved one of my core needs - getting complex data transformations done on the fly with ease. Quick integrations with complete flexibility and control makes Hevo a perfect complement to our data engineering team."
- Swati Singhi
Lead Data Engineer
"Hevo has helped us build data pipelines from various sources and transform data on the fly, without having to worry about API changes at the source. It even has the ability to schedule ETL jobs that support DAGs! All that coupled with amazing support makes Hevo a powerful tool that we depend on here at Fave and it has allowed us to move away from our in-house ETL tool."
- Aiyas Aboobakar
Data Engineer
"Hevo is very flexible compared to other tools. It allows us to handle all exceptions and custom use cases effortlessly. This ensures our data moves seamlessly from all sources to Redshift, enabling us to do so much more with it."
- Chushul Suri
Head of Data Analytics
"Hevo is super quick to get going. Within minutes the data was flowing from a couple of sources to Redshift. Extensive documentation and a prompt support makes going live a breeze."
- Gaurav Gupta
VP Technology
"We had data in a variety of places like MySQL, Drive, MongoDB. Hevo helped us swiftly migrate this data into Redshift at lightening speed. Moreover, Hevo's Models feature allowed us to quickly create materialized views and data models over our data."
- Ajith Reddy
Head of Technology