We work with leading Technology and Consulting partners to help joint customers derive data-driven insights and unearth value from their Modern Data Stack.

Technology Partners

Hevo Data proudly partners with leading technology companies to offer a seamless data integration and management solution. Our industry partnerships provide our customers access to the latest technologies and best practices in data integration and management.

Consulting Partners

Decision Inc
Spaulding Ridge

We partner with leading consulting firms globally to offer expert guidance and support for data integration and management. Our consulting partners have the expertise to help businesses with their data integration and management strategy, implementation and support.

Modern data teams deliver impact with Hevo

A very approachable team of people who continuously strive to achieve the cost-benefit goals of their clients

Viv Lugo
Director of Growth

Hevo's simple setup and expansive configuration have revolutionized the way Agillitics approaches real-time data ingestion, making it faster, easier, and more efficient for our Agisight software offering. With Hevo, we can quickly and easily connect to multiple data sources, collect and transform data in real-time, and deliver insights to our clients significantly reducing our time to value .

Reed Stepleman
VP Solutions

We at X-Equipment help our customers to disrupt the status quo, out-innovating their competition through powerful new and surprising insights. Operating in highly competitive and data-rich market segments, the ability to analyse vast amounts of data is the difference between victory and defeat. This requires the most advanced technology available today for mass data gathering and real-time analysis. Here is where we partnered up with Hevo. Using their hassle-free and easy to use end-to-end data

Remco Verheijen