Hevo Data vs Airbyte

Hevo Data - A better alternative to Airbyte

Use an ELT solution trusted by 1000+ companies across 40+
countries rated #1 by Data Engineers around the world.

  • 150+ connectors
  • Zero-maintenance
  • No credit card required

While evaluating the data integration tools we were comparing the tools based on the speed at which they move data and we found Hevo to be the fastest. Additionally, its transformation capabilities far surpassed all other solutions that we considered.

Samvit Majumdar Principal Engineer

Hevo is very flexible compared to other tools we evaluated. It allows us to handle all exceptions and custom use cases effortlessly. This ensures our data moves seamlessly from all sources to Redshift, enabling us to do much more with it

Chushul Suri Head Of Data Analytics

Earlier educating new joiners to understand our scripts and data pipelines was a time consuming task. After switching to Hevo, now even a rookie engineer can easily learn and build a pipeline in just a few hours.

Pradeep Sharma Sr. Director of Engineering

After trying Hevo for about 2 weeks, we were highly impressed with some of the features like easy setup, intuitive UI, end-to-end data encryption, multiple pre-built integrations, and advanced transformation logic and we knew we had a winner.

Samarth Kishnani Product Manager
Don’t just take our word for it

Hevo Data’s Rating in G2

Ease of Use
Data Replication
Quality of Support
Data Replication
Ease of Setup
Data Replication

Hevo Data - The obvious choice over Airbyte

Pay only for the data you use

Surprises should be reserved for your birthdays, not your data. With Hevo Data you will be able to transparently see your usage cost every-time compared to Airbyte where you need complex calculations to know costs and still be surprised with the bill.

Control how your data lands

Perform lightweight data transformations with ease - clean, format, standardize, or filter your data on the fly without impacting the load performance. As opposed to Airbyte which lacks the Pre-load transformation capabilities.

Reliable support for your data

Strong support is like having a safety net below at all times. Hevo Data has an excellent customer support team available 24/7 through emails, calls, or via our live chat. Airbyte offers in-app chat support but lacks live chat features.

What Makes Hevodata Different

Platform Focus
ELT, ETL, Reverse ETL
Pre Load Transformation
Yes (Python and Drag-&-Drop)
Post Load Transformation
Yes (In-built models and workflows)
Yes (Using DBT)
150+ data connectors (40+ free sources)
200+ connectors (Many still in alpha)
Transparent event-based pricing
Credit-based pricing
Custom Sources Support
Yes (Rest API)
Create a Connector functionality
Custom changes while mapping
Load Scheduling
CDC Support for Databases
24*7 Live Chat support

Connect all the dots

Choose from a growing library of 150+ plug-and-play integrations and 15+ destinations - SaaS apps, databases, data warehouses, and more.

Modern data teams
deliver impact through Hevo

Creating and maintaining data pipelines on Hevo is super easy. After setting up our data stack, we were able to aggregate our data in the data warehouse from day 1 and the data accuracy was well above 99%.

Animesh Bhasin
Data Scientist

Hevo’s integration with Python is very exciting for us for the credit risk team as this allows us to queue up custom scripts and retrain our predictive risk models on the fly.

Chris Lockhart
Data Science Manager

Hevo is a great product. It’s easy to use, provides a range of integration with multiple types of data sources, does seamless data integration and we’ve had a great experience using it. And the best part is that it requires almost zero maintenance.

Jebu Ittiachen
Chief Artitect

When we tried Hevo, we were highly impressed with this tool due to its reliability, wide range of built-in data integrations, and the quality of customer support. Hevo exceeded in all my expectations.

Matthew Larner
Managing Director

Hevo is a power-packed ETL tool that provides a wide range of integrations, a powerful transformation layer and their support team is fantastic.

David Goodman
Manager, Data & Analytics

Our experience of using Hevo as a Data Pipeline has been truly enjoyable. We migrated our previous serverless data pipeline of 7 SaaS integrations within a month. The pipeline configuration, historical load, data type mapping, and ongoing replication has performed beyond our expectations. Hevo is a quality product with an incredible support team whom we would highly recommend.

Miles Davis
Data & Analytics Manager

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