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Hornblower invests more in growth by optimizing the data pipelines using Hevo

Success Story postman
Learn how Postman, world’s leading API platform, uses Hevo Data’s extensive connector coverage, fresh integrations, and reliable data integration platform to save 30-40 hours of its developer bandwidth that would otherwise be spent maintaining and fixing pipelines.
Success Story zippi
Unlocking financial inclusion with data! Explore how Hevo Data empowered Zippi's machine learning model for better creditworthiness assessment.
Success Story humi
Discover how Humi leveraged the flexibility and reliability of Hevo Data to focus on high-impact data projects and achieve 658% revenue growth.
Success Story greenlyearth
Learn how Hevo Data enabled Greenly, a climate technology platform, to bring their team together through data and improve efficiency and performance across functions.
Success Story infinity-brands
Discover how Infinity Brands enabled growth for all the 40+ brands managed by them through a replicable, data-driven process for success.
Success Story salesrabbit
Discover how SalesRabbit was able to drastically reduce costs and increase data proliferation across their organization, unlocking data-driven decision-making across teams.
Success Story textexpander
Discover how TextExpander uses Hevo Data to automate their data pipelines, allowing data champions across the organization to be enabled to manage the data for their own functions.
Success Story amber
Learn how AmberStudent was able to save time and costs, streamline analytics and work on high-impact data projects using Hevo Data.
Success Story physicswallah
Learn how PhysicsWallah saved 90% of their engineering bandwidth using Hevo Data, operationalizing their data for analysis and hence boosting customer satisfaction.
Success Story edapp
Learn how EdApp used Hevo Data as a crucial part of their data stack to mature their customer dashboards and improve the customer experience.
Success Story pelago
Learn how Pelago, a travel experiences platform, reduced the time to build data pipelines from 2+ weeks to one day, enabling them to manage data volumes for remarkable business growth and build a system of self-serve analytics for business users across the organization.
Success Story wohlig
Discover how Hevo helped Wohlig, an IT services company, save costs by eliminating the need to hire 15 engineers while reducing data operations costs for their client by 20%
Success Story the-sharing-group
Learn how The Sharing Group, a group of brands, used Hevo to move over 450 million events per month and scale their data integration process to handle a 400% increase in customer volume.
Success Story redcliffe-labs
Redcliffe Labs leveraged data with a modern data stack consisting of Hevo Data and Snowflake to adopt a digital-first approach for diagnostic services, delivering a seamless customer experience with one-click booking and single-day reports.
Success Story getsales
Hevo Data boosted the speed of converting candidates for GetSales customers by quickly providing candidate data to the recruitment team, allowing them to take quick action
Success Story hornblower
Hornblower Group, a global leader in providing a premium experience, used Hevo Data to optimise the data pipeline and save money on engineering resources, enabling them to invest more in growth.
Success Story lionstep
Learn how Lionstep, a technology-driven recruitment company, harnesses data to optimize its recruitment process and reduce hiring costs and time for its customers with the help of Hevo Data, PostgreSQL, and Tableau.
Success Story coinlist
CoinList, one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms uses Hevo Data to meet its growing data needs, eliminate manual data pipeline processes and achieve fully automated ETL
Success Story ebury
Ebury, a global FinTech platform uses Hevo Data to create complex and reliable data pipelines with ease, enabling them to make business-critical decisions based on accurate and real-time data.
Success Story lovebox
Read how Lovebox, an innovative messaging platform combines Support, Marketing, Product, and Operational data to create a 360° view of its customer journey and enable data-driven decision making.
Success Story wellbefore
Read how WellBefore, an online medical and health supplies platform seamlessly integrates its Shopify, Inventory, and Sales data to deliver a great eCommerce experience to customers.
Success Story stockgro
StockGro, a social investment platform switches to Hevo for a faster, scalable, and zero-maintenance data pipeline experience allowing it to deliver a superior experience for its 4M+ users.
Success Story space-next-door
Space Next Door, a community marketplace onboards Hevo to simplify data integration, enable faster reporting turnaround time, and leverage big data analytics.
Success Story flexclub
Read how FlexClub, a car subscription marketplace boosts analytics efficiency and saves engineering bandwidth by replacing erroneous and time-consuming ad-hoc data integration processes with Hevo.
Success Story omnicore
Learn how Omnicore, a Ukraine-based digital commerce company scrapped its ad-hoc analytics processes and switched to a modern data stack with Hevo, BigQuery, and Power BI.
Success Story eagle-point
Eagle Point Software Corporation, an award-winning e-learning software solutions provider uses Hevo to increase operational efficiency and power data-driven decision making.
Success Story voiceflow
Read how Voiceflow, a modern conversation design platform uses Hevo Data to unify its data and find actionable insights about its product and operations.
Success Story freight-tiger
Learn how Freight Tiger, India's largest software-enabled digital freight network delivers seamless customer experience & empowers business intelligence with the help of unified, accurate, and real-time data.
Success Story whatfix
Whatfix upgrades to Hevo’s fully Automated Pipelines to seamlessly integrate data and answer complex business queries with the availability of a 360° view of unified data from all the business verticals
Success Story playtomic
Playtomic, the biggest network of sports reservations in Europe uses Hevo to democratize data, streamline & automate data-driven processes for faster and informed decision-making.
Success Story scale
Read how Scale Media, a California-based next-gen consumer goods company has started saving 60 engineering hours per month after upgrading to Hevo from a high-maintenance & erroneous manual data integration set up.
Success Story loreio
Learn how Lore IO, a Silicon Valley-based Collaborative Data Transformation platform leverages Hevo’s prebuilt connectors to build automated data pipelines & delivers business-critical insights to its clients.
Success Story harmoney
Harmoney, Australia's largest online personal lending platform, uses Hevo Data to seamlessly integrate its business-critical data from different SaaS applications to Snowflake.
Success Story supr-daily
Switching to a modern data stack with Hevo and Snowflake helped Supr Daily strengthen its analytics infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.
Success Story fanfight
Know how FanFight, India's leading Fantasy sports platform builds efficient & cost-effective Data Stack with Hevo and ensures that every team gets access to real-time data for finding actionable insights.
Success Story slice
Slice, India's leading payment and credit start-up trusts Hevo to integrate its data to Amazon Redshift with zero loss and saves data pipeline creation, testing & maintenance time by whooping 97%.
Success Story jumbotail
Jumbotail, an Indian B2B food and grocery platform uses Hevo to seamlessly integrate its customer, orders, inventory, and last-mile data from their business applications to Amazon Redshift.
Success Story fynd
Know how Fynd simplified their data integration process, improved data availability and reduced data load & query time by 8 hours/ day using Hevo.
Success Story deliverr
Know why Deliverr switched from FlyData to Hevo and how they managed to increase their productivity by 10% with fully-automated data pipelines.
Success Story docon
DocOn, an Indian health-tech startup uses Hevo to automate their data engineering efforts and ensures analytics-ready data is available for business teams in almost real-time.
Success Story scratchpay
Read how Scratchpay switched from a custom in-house data pipeline that heavily involved ad-hoc and manual processes to an effortless data pipeline using Hevo.
Success Story lendingkart
Know how data team at Lendingkart uses Hevo to aggregate data which is required for automating their underwriting and loan approvals process.
Success Story clicksend
Know how ClickSend a global communication solution provider moved from spreadsheets to a modern data stack in just 2 weeks.
Success Story meesho
Know how Hevo helped India’s #1 social commerce platform adopt the data-driven culture and improve data visibility across the organization.
Success Story curefit
Know how Cure.fit turns their data fit and keeps their 500+ business users always stay on top of their core metrics using the data made available by Hevo.
Success Story groww
Groww, a new-age investment platform uses Hevo to improve accessibility and availability of data for their Product, Engineering, and Data teams.