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The Culture

You'll be working alongside exceptional people who insist to giving their best, people with exceptionally high standards and the patience to see through the long game.
Pavan Yekbote
I joined as an Intern and within 2 months i was working on things that had impact on the product. It gave me confidence and a sense of responsibility.
Pavan Yekbote
Trilok Jain
People here come from different backgrounds and have variety of interests. No matter who it is, you can have an open discussion, people are open to ideas and opinions.
Trilok Jain

Our Values

Build products that users love
User's love is the number one metric. We want our users to love our product as much as we love building it.
Have audacious goals
Thinking big and having audacious goals is the first step to achieving them. We are not afraid of putting the goal post beyond our line of sight.
Be the best at what you do
We never settle for less. Excellence is hygiene and sky is the limit. We expect each one of us to be the best at what they do.
Be Honest
There are no judgment calls when it comes to honesty and ethics, a thing is either black or white. We follow the highest standards of ethics.
Have Empathy
Building a great company is a team sport. We care for each other and understand each other's point of view. We are in it together.

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