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How Deliverr Managed 2X Data Volume with Near Real-time Replication Using Hevo

Deliverr, the California-based eCommerce technology startup switched from FlyData to Hevo and could replicate 2X more data in almost real-time, saved 2 man-weeks a month, and managed to increase 10% productivity by fully automating their data replication from MySQL to Snowflake.

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The combination of Hevo and Snowflake has worked best for us. One of the biggest reasons why I would recommend Hevo is because of its lowest price-performance ratio as compared to the competition.
Emmet Murphy
Staff Software Engineer
How Meesho Amplifies Org-wide Data Visibility with Hevo

Meesho, a Y Combinator-backed startup and India’s #1 social commerce platform adopts the data-driven culture and improves data visibility across the organization using Hevo. They extract data from siloed sources, transform it on the fly, move it into Redshift, and create reports using Metabase.

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Hevo is very flexible compared to other tools. It allows us to handle all exceptions and custom use cases effortlessly. This ensures our data moves seamlessly from all sources to Redshift, enabling us to do so much more with it.
Chushul Suri
Head Of Data Analytics
Customer Success Stories
Know how global data-driven businesses transformed their data & analytics stack using Hevo

Know how ClickSend a global communication solution provider moved from spreadsheets to a modern data stack in just 2 weeks.

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Know how Cure.fit turns their data fit and keeps their 500+ business users always stay on top of their core metrics using the data made available by Hevo.

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DocOn, an Indian health-tech startup uses Hevo to automate their data engineering efforts and ensures analytics-ready data is available for business teams in almost real-time.

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Groww, a new-age investment platform uses Hevo to improve accessibility and availability of data for their Product, Engineering, and Data teams.

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Know how data team at Lendingkart uses Hevo to aggregate data which is required for automating their underwriting and loan approvals process.

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Read how Scratchpay switched from a custom in-house data pipeline that heavily involved ad-hoc and manual processes to an effortless data pipeline using Hevo.

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Hevo is very flexible compared to other tools. It allows us to handle all exceptions and custom use cases effortlessly.

Chushul Suri
Head Of Data Analytics

We love Hevo! We tried many tools for migrating our data from MongoDB into Snowflake, but none were as reliable, flexible, and cost-effective as Hevo. Plus, their customer service is excellent.

Matt Thomas

We reviewed tens of ETL tools and Hevo had everything we were looking for. Their support is top-notch and the way all their tools work together is seamless. We are so happy to have found them.

David Goodman
Manager, Data & Analytics

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“Hevo is an impressive feature-packed product with great UX”
Hevo is a self serve product with super UX - we were able to start our pipelines by ourselves within a day. We get full visibility and control over the entire pipeline. I was impressed by the overall speed, detailed documentation and features like Python-based Transformation, Auto Schema Mapping and Data Models.
“Automating Data Pipelines has never been easier”
Hevo is absolutely great in terms of service itself, reliability, customer support. Hevo has beat up all competitors in all the assessed parameters. - Advanced features support (Oplog for MongoDB, WAL for Postgres) - Applying transformations on the fly - Great support team - Nice web interface, API, documentation.
“Hevo is exceptional”
Hevo has been exceptional for us to scale our data warehouse from 0-1. We have barely faced issues with Hevo and whenever we have, Hevo support has always quickly helped us solve issues. Onboarding new pipelines is very easy to do and negligible dev effort is required.
“Seamless ETL”
Pros: Hevo is extremely user friendly and very seamless. Data pipelines can be set in a matter of a few clicks. Our business users are extremely happy with all the data at their disposal for any analysis that they need to do. Hevo's support is very prompt and always available to answer your queries.