Augment Cloud Data Warehousing Summit

How to Migrate, Setup and Scale a Cloud Data Warehouse

Join us for this exclusive virtual event designed for global data engineers, data architects, and other data professionals to get hands-on experience on all the latest Cloud Data Warehousing platforms and technologies

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This power-packed virtual event will host interesting sessions conducted by technology leaders. Gain insights on upcoming trends, best practices, and real-life use cases.
James Serra

James Serra

Data Platform Architecture Lead
Bernie Pruss

Bernie Pruss

Chief Data Solutions Architect
Cloud Data Consulting
Prashant Shindgikar

Prashant Shindgikar

Cloud Solutions Architect- Analytics,ML & AI
Stephen Brobst

Stephen Brobst

Chief Technology Officer
Michael Hart

Michael Hart

Chief Technology Officer


Why Modern Enterprises Need a Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloud data warehouses enable businesses to store and leverage data efficiently without the costs of physical infrastructure and maintenance. Learn more about why your organization needs a cloud warehouse and gain a deeper insight on the differences between on-prem, cloud and hybrid.

James Serra
James Serra
Data Platform Architecture Lead, EY
Cheatsheet for a Seamless Cloud Data Warehouse Setup and Migration

Adopting a cloud migration strategy and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition to a cloud data warehouse calls for a well-planned approach that mitigates risks and enables businesses to drive successful analytics initiatives. Join us to learn more about practices that can help ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud.

Bernie Pruss
Bernie Pruss
Chief Data Solutions Architect, Cloud Data Consulting
Demystifying Multi-cloud Data Warehousing

Almost every company is on the journey to the cloud. There are a number of confusions around the concept of multi cloud warehousing. Learn from practical experiences and advice on how you can have a more effective and successful cloud data warehousing experience.

Stephen Brobst
Stephen Brobst
Chief Technology Officer, Teradata
Cloud Data Warehouse Optimization and Tuning

Enterprises around the world are taking advantage of cloud data warehouses as a base for data-driven initiatives. But is your cloud data warehouse being optimized to its best? A large number of organizations struggle with managing their costs after adopting the cloud. Budgeting, predicting, and controlling cloud waste are also of prime importance. Learn more about setting up and optimizing your cloud data warehouse.

Prashant Shindgikar
Prashant Shindgikar
Cloud Solutions Architect- Analytics,ML & AI, Microsoft
How Sleek Set up its Fully Managed Data Warehouse in 10 Mins

A data warehouse is considered to be a core component of business intelligence and will exponentially improve your organization’s reporting and data analysis capability. But is it easy to build a data warehouse? What are the important points that need to be addressed? This session provides a step-by-step, hands on experience on how Sleek set up its data warehouse. Learn how Hevo Data made it quick and easy to create a fully managed, secure data warehouse in just 10 minutes.

Michael Hart
Michael Hart
Chief Technology Officer, Sleek

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An exclusive virtual summit for data engineers and experts to learn more about the importance and optimization of cloud data warehouses.

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Get free access to bite-size video content and easily consumable case studies specially curated by industry experts to help you optimize your cloud data warehouse

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A great opportunity to connect, network, and interact with industry experts and peers. Get early access to the exclusive community of leaders for future collaborations

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Attendees get exclusive access to our specially curated blogs, whitepapers, and newsletters on data warehouse related content

Real Life Examples

Get inspired to take action in the right direction by paying attention to the strategies that have led to success. Listen to interesting examples and techniques that are working for others

Let's shape up your data stack with the latest cloud data warehousing platforms and technologies. Get ready to step up your data game!

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