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Hevo offers the same reliable data integration, but better. Better support, better flexibility to configure data pipelines, better latency— all in all, a superior experience.

  • 150+ connectors
  • Zero-maintenance
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Power-packed ETL tool with a fantastic support team.

- David, Asso. Dir - Analytics, Scale Media

Recommended for its lowest price-performance ratio.

- Emmet, Staff SWE, Deliverr

Always get 100% accurate data with no latency.

- Maurin, Director of Engg, Lore IO

With Hevo, our data is more reliable as it was compared to Fivetran at a way better pricing.

- Juan, Analytics Engineer, Ebury

2500+ data-driven organizations from 40+ countries chose Hevo

Why do data teams choose Hevo?

Find out what makes Hevo a cut above the rest.

Real-time data loading

Hevo is designed to deliver data at lower latency and in real-time through its Kafka-based architecture. Most other ELT tools operate on on batch processing, causing delays in data load.

Analytics-ready data at your fingertips

Hevo allows data teams to perform lightweight transformations on the fly - ensuring your data is always ready to be queried. Filter unnecessary events, format data types, or mask data. Hevo lets you massage your data using pre-built functions on the UI or on the robust Python interface.

Hybrid schema mapping

Hevo automatically detects source schema and replicates the same on your destination. It also provides the flexibility to edit and override destination schema from UI if need be. You can change destination table and column names or push data from multiple schemas into one schema. Hevo handles all edge cases, ensuring all downstream processes are smooth.

24*7 support from real engineers

With Hevo, you receive 24x7 assistance whenever needed through live chat support. Hevo promises speedy resolution times by deploying expert engineers at your beck and call.

Pick a tool that gives you over 3 times the ROI.

Let the numbers do the talking. Compare your costs on Hevo’s starter plan with Fivetran’s standard plan.

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Real time


Data structuring


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Real time


Data structuring


Ease of use




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Instead of building a lot of these custom connections, ourselves, Hevo Data has been really flexible in helping us meet them where they are. If we had to learn how to do this ourselves, we would have only achieved maybe 20% of the output we could have done; it probably made us 5 to 10 times faster in launching a new customer.

Josh Kennedy
Head of Data & Business Systems

The biggest advantage of Hevo is that Loading and Transformation are seamless. We rarely have to spend time on maintenance. Hevo does a lot of heavy lifting for us: Time Stamping, JSON flattening, and Table Splitting among other transformations. Developing an in-house solution comparable to Hevo would’ve definitely required significant expenditure both in terms of time & money. Hence we’re extremely happy to have Hevo on our side.

Samvit Majumdar
Principal Engineer

I worked at a fintech startup Slice from 2016 to 2020, and I was one of the early members in using Hevo there. Given how fast we were able to implement Hevo there, thus enabling multiple analytics teams, it was obvious to me to implement the same solution here as well. Hevo helped us deliver things at a great pace and in a very scalable manner.

Sandeep Varma
Associate Director - Engineering

Hevo unlocked unmatched reliability and zero downtime for Thoughtspot, cutting infrastructure costs by 85% and ELT tool expenses by 50%. Hevo also empowered users and boosted data usage by 30-35% with its user-friendly interface.

Ramkumar Natarajan
Senior Manager - Data Operations

A lot of good personal attention and consideration has been given to our specific data needs, which is really great. The ability to manage schemas more granularly and the breadth of connectors available are also great reasons for us to recommend Hevo!

Sean Froese
Director of Data & Analytics

We did a proper evaluation between Hevo and its competitors. We realized that Hevo provided the best value out of all of them; it had all the features that we wanted at a price that we were comfortable with. It was the best option for us.

Prudhvi Vasa
Head of Data