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Thought Leadership relationship-between-finops-data-engineering

Relationship between FinOps & Data Engineering- PART 1

Learn from Matt Weingarten, a Lead Data Engineer, on using the principles of FinOps in data engineering and saving cloud costs in AWS and Databricks.
Thought Leadership aws-cost-savings-tips-part-2

AWS Cost Savings Tips- PART 2

In Part 2 of the series on cloud cost saving, learn the best practices to save cost in AWS. This includes S3 lifecycle rules, various aspects related to compute services, and other miscellaneous tips.
Thought Leadership databricks-cost-saving-tips-part-3

Databricks Cost Saving Tips- PART 3

In Part 3, Matt provides practical tips to save money spent on your Databricks. This covers various aspects, including job clusters and compute policies.
Thought Leadership snowflake-cost-saving-tips-part-4

Snowflake Cost Saving Tips- PART 4

In the final part, Matt takes you through the different ways to save cost while using Snowflake warehouse. This includes cluster keys, having multiple warehousing, and other miscellaneous tips.