How Accurate Analytics and Unified Data Fuels FlexClub's Drive

Adrien Long, Head of Analytics & Automation at FlexClub upgrades to Hevo from erroneous and time-consuming ad-hoc data integration processes to save engineering bandwidth and boost analytics efficiency.

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160X Faster Reporting

FlexClub now gets answers to all its analytics questions in a few minutes compared to days or even weeks in the past

100% Accuracy

Hevo provides FlexClub with 100% accurate and analytics-ready data in real-time

FlexClub is a car subscription marketplace with the aim to fundamentally change how people think about car ownership. Its unique business model allows its users to subscribe to the latest car, all costs inclusive (maintenance, insurance, etc) under a single monthly payment via its platform. FlexClub has partnered with various automobile companies to power this service for private or business needs. They have also partnered with Uber to make it easy for drivers and delivery partners to subscribe to a vehicle without an upfront investment.

FlexClub’s unique subscription model has a lot of moving parts and all business users, especially management, are reliant on production data from the platform and various SaaS Marketing & CRM tools to make decisions. Therefore, the availability of unified, analytics-ready data is a top priority for the organization.

Meet Adrien Long, Head of Analytics & Automation at FlexClub. Adrien and his team members are responsible for FlexClub’s data and analytics framework and automating the transactional systems to run the customer billing process reports.

Adrien Long
Adrien Long

Head of Analytics & Automation

Data Challenges

Data Centricity is very important to FlexClub’s leadership as it keeps everyone on the same page, aligned with a single source of truth. But, it was difficult to aggregate data to a single source of truth without using up precious engineering bandwidth.

The main issue we had was aggregating data from all sources to a central repository without taking up engineering bandwidth, which was already scarce. Analyzing data was a lengthy, error-prone process and largely ad-hoc. In some cases, it took the analytics team days or even weeks to answer some questions!

- Adrien Long, Head of Analytics & Automation

The engineering team at FlexClub was spending too much time on data engineering, time which should ideally be spent on improving FlexClub’s online marketplace. Also, the analytics was unable to build sustainable solutions as most analytics processes were ad-hoc and required a lot of maintenance.

The Solution

Adrien started looking for a robust, fully automated data integration solution to resolve FlexClub’s data challenges and empower the analytics team to create data pipelines without needing engineering support.

After spending some time searching for a data integration tool that fits our use-case, we narrowed it down to Fivetran and Hevo. Though both these tools have similar capabilities and features, we found that Hevo’s price-performance ratio was better for our use case as compared to Fivetran.

- Adrien Long, Head of Analytics & Automation

After a thorough comparison, FlexClub finally went ahead with Hevo because it offers a feature-rich platform at a competitive price. Adrien particularly likes the Google Sheets to Database integration as a lot of their data is housed on Google Sheets. Hevo also allows Adrien to easily build custom integrations using its REST API.

Adrien and his team use Hevo to load production data from their replica database to a PostgreSQL destination. In addition to that, they have also connected their Hubspot, Google Sheets, Google Analytics data to the PostgreSQL destination. Adrien also uses Hevo’s REST API to connect to their Paystack source. Business teams then use Looker to analyze this data and create dashboards.

Flexclub's Data Stack

Key Results

Hevo is perfect for our growing team. It’s user-friendly, not too technical and our analytics team can use it with ease. Decision-making is now much easier, faster, and reliable!

- Adrien Long, Head of Analytics & Automation

Hevo has enabled FlexClub to save engineering bandwidth and significantly improve the efficiency of its analytics team by automating the data pipeline process.

We haven’t needed our engineering team’s support in months! They can now focus on improving the product and spend less time on data engineering. The analytics team now builds scalable and sustainable solutions instead of running ad-hoc analyses. We now get answers to all our questions in a few minutes compared to days or even weeks in the past.

- Adrien Long, Head of Analytics & Automation

FlexClub raised $5 million earlier this year to scale its car subscription marketplace. They have recently partnered with Bajaj Auto to offer motorcycle subscriptions to drivers and businesses. Hevo is excited to power FlexClub’s growth with unified data as they revolutionize how people look at financing their vehicles.

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