Fynd Powers Omnichannel Experience with Hevo

Amit Jadhav, Data Specialist at Fynd uses Hevo to integrate data from multiple sources to BigQuery and improve data availability across business teams.

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8 Hours/Day Saved

Migrating from BIME to Hevo helped Fynd save 8 hours per day in loading their data to the destination

100% Data Accuracy

Business teams get real-time and fully accurate data for analyzing the performance of key metrics

Meet Amit who works as a data specialist and is a part of the operations team at Fynd. He is responsible for managing the entire data integration process and creating dashboards, reporting, and alerts on the order status and shipment process for various team members including the management team.

Amit Jadhav
Amit Jadhav

Data Specialist

Data Challenges

At Fynd, Amit and his team use MySQL database for storing their orders data and MongoDB database for storing inventory and catalog data. They have created a single source of truth on Google BigQuery, and all the business users directly query BigQuery data to create their reports and alerts, instead of connecting to the production databases.

We were using BIME by Zendesk (Formerly BIME Analytics) for reporting and loading our data from databases to destination warehouse. The issue with BIME is that it doesn’t support the incremental load. We always had to insert the complete data to our destination and because of this it used to take us almost 8 hours to run the query and load our data to the destination.

- Amit Jadhav, Data Specialist, Fynd

Fynd business team is heavily dependent on alerts and these alerts are generated for all the important or urgent orders that need special attention. Based on these alerts, the operations team follows up with their partners for fulfilling the orders in the quickest possible time. Because of the higher query processing time, Fynd’s business teams were always getting the reports and alerts based on outdated data.

As we started expanding our business and onboarded new brands, our product catalog, orders, and data started growing exponentially. This growth in data volume resulted in higher query execution and data load time. The biggest concern of our operations team was not having access to real-time data for quicker decision making and order processing. It was directly impacting our business performance and customer satisfaction.

- Amit Jadhav, Data Specialist, Fynd

The Solution

After dealing with these data issues for almost 8 months, the operations team at Fynd realized the need for a dedicated data integration tool that can:

  1. Integrate with multiple data sources
  2. Provide incremental load
  3. Sync data in real-time

We finalized Hevo after detailed research, multiple rounds of demos, and full-feature trial. It was pretty easy to get started using Hevo. We connected our databases and created data pipelines and started loading our data into BigQuery data warehouse in just 2 days.

- Amit Jadhav, Data Specialist, Fynd

We transform our data on the fly before loading it into our warehouse and use Hevo’s auto-mapping feature to replicate our source schema as is to the destination. Because of Hevo’s change data capture feature we now just update new data to our warehouse and no need to update the entire data again and again.

- Amit Jadhav, Data Specialist, Fynd

Hevo streamlined the data replication process at Fynd, directly impacting the data visibility across all business users. Using Google Data Studio and BIME, all teams track their core metrics, get alerts, and create custom dashboards & reports in real-time by querying their BigQuery data.

Hevo Fynd's Data Stack

Key Results

After migrating to Hevo, we truly experienced the change. All our data systems are running smoothly and business teams are getting real-time and fully accurate data for analyzing the performance of key metrics. Thanks to Hevo for simplifying our data integration process and reducing our data load and query time by 8 hours. It helped our business team make faster decisions with more precision.

- Amit Jadhav, Data Specialist, Fynd

Top 3 reasons why I would recommend Hevo are - value for money, easy to use, no engineering support required.

- Amit Jadhav, Data Specialist, Fynd

Fynd has revamped its operations and the team to extensively work on new projects that further bridge the gap between the physical and digital retail channels. Hevo is extremely proud to be a part of their growth journey and looking forward to strengthening this data-driven engagement in the future.

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