GetSales delivers a higher hiring conversion rate for its partners using Hevo Data

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Onboards partners 10x faster

GetSales integrates partners' data in minutes and onboards them quickly.

Converts 10% more candidates

GetSales leverages data and applies a sales-driven approach to convert more candidates.

GetSales helps its partners attract, recruit, and onboard longtail customers + candidates at high volume. A major focus is on companies hiring for supply-limited jobs like food delivery drivers, substitute teachers, in-home caretakers, and more. With GetSales' world-class recruiting-as-a-service team, companies can quickly hire for these jobs and scale their business.

Data is integral to business success for GetSales. Their sales + recruitment teams depend on data to work effectively by connecting them with the right lead at the right time.

GetSales offers two products - Funnel Conversion and Full Service. In Funnel Conversion, partners share the list of candidates (the ones who applied on their respective portals) for each role, and GetSales does the instrumental task of converting these candidates.

In Full Service, on top of converting candidates, the GetSales team brings in the applicants by promoting each job opportunity - through paid ads, job boards, or other channels.

Meet the Data Team at GetSales

Josh Kennedy
Josh Kennedy

Head of Data & Business Systems

Josh Kennedy
Josh Kennedy

Head of Data and Business Systems

Data Challenges

The GetSales business model requires deep integration with partners' data. Josh, Head of Data & Business Systems, and his team had to do tedious back-end work to sync partners' data to their warehouse so that their sales + recruitment teams can have the most up-to-date view of a lead’s progress.

The speed of integrating with partners' data is critical to allow GetSales to immediately connect with leads, convert them quickly, and deliver a better customer experience.

However, every partner uses a different source, and integrating data from each partner was challenging. He tried to build data pipelines internally, but as we know, it's highly time-consuming and hard to maintain. In this case, it became a no-exit maze, creating long delays to access data and connect with leads + candidates.

Additionally, the data format at the source kept changing for the partner as per changes in requirements, which had the potential to hurt GetSales' performance as the internal pipeline used to face errors and disrupt the data flow to the sales + recruitment teams.

Josh had to find a better solution to sync candidates' data quickly from partners without disrupting the data flow.

The Solution

While looking for a highly reliable and maintenance-free ELT solution, Josh found Hevo Data. With our library of 150+ plug-and-play connectors, GetSales now has the flexibility to integrate data from any partner quickly and onboard them smoothly.

Josh’s team uses Hevo Data to sync partners' candidate data to BigQuery and dbt to build the candidate funnel quickly. Further, they use Hevo Activate to load the funnel data from the warehouse to Salesforce for the team to easily access critical insights, like where each candidate is in the funnel, the next call to make, the next message, and others. It enables the sales + recruitment teams to take quick action on each candidate and achieve higher conversion rates.

Hevo GetSales Data Stack

Instead of building a lot of these custom connections, ourselves, Hevo Data has been really flexible in helping us meet them where they are.

- Josh Kennedy, Head of Data and Business Systems

Moreover, Josh builds the status reports for each job on Tableau, Mode, and Google Sheets to keep all stakeholders informed and provide exceptional customer service.

Regardless of the format in which partners share their data, GetSales now counts on Hevo Data to automatically map the schema and handle the upcoming schema changes, saving Josh from all the schema change nightmares.

Key Results

With the ability to integrate partners' data quickly using Hevo Data, GetSales has astonishingly improved the speed of onboarding a partner by 10 times.

Faster access to candidates' funnel and insights catalyzes their sales + recruitment team's highly efficient sales-driven approach and helps them convert 10% more candidates for their partners (compared to customers' in-house solutions).

If we had to learn how to do this ourselves, we would have only achieved maybe 20% of the output we could have done; it probably made us 5 to 10 times faster in launching a new customer.

- Josh Kennedy, Head of Data and Business Systems

In addition, GetSales can run a pilot with more partners and give them a trial without worrying about the development time and resources to integrate their data.

Josh is extremely happy with the self-service nature of Hevo Data; he can quickly move data without getting into a call. With the help of Hevo Data, they are onboarding partners faster and solving their hiring problems quickly and effectively.

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