Greenly.Earth takes Data-driven Decisions with Hevo to Redefine Corporate Climate Initiatives 

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Focused on high-impact projects

Allowed the Product team to have a razor-sharp focus on the customer's needs 

Personalized communications

Account managers gain a 360-degree customer view to tailor interactions 

Greenly.Earth is a platform that allows companies to measure, monitor, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint in line with international carbon accounting standards. Through the platform, companies can have a comprehensive strategy to reduce their carbon footprint. Greenly’s technology automates data collection & carbon analytics through integrations with over 100 enterprise software, including accounting, travel, cloud data, electricity vendors, etc.

The first and main deliverable from Greenly to their customers is their greenhouse gas emissions assessment. This report is created after taking multiple data points from the client into consideration, like the business trips taken, the amount of electricity consumed, etc. After data collection, the company is presented with action plans based on the outcome of their assessment to reduce their emissions and be more environmentally conscious. 

Matteo Faelli, as the Head of Internal Operations at Greenly, supports the team on their highly impactful goal by providing a very accessible foundation of data. Through this, the team can provide the best recommendations to their customers to move far along the road of corporate environmental sustainability. 

Mattéo Faelli
Mattéo Faelli

Head of Internal Operations

Efficiency and automation as a core tenet

Around two years ago, Matteo’s team needed to ingest project management data from Notion into BigQuery to understand the internal statistics of the company. They were clear from the beginning that they did not want to create this data pipeline from scratch. There were many tools in the market that could do the same task easily, and they wanted to save their efforts for higher level projects.

The main factor was the ease of setting up an ingestion pipeline. When you are focusing heavily on scaling up, you don’t have a lot of time to waste. So whenever you can use tools that will greatly reduce your time spent, you don’t hesitate.

- Mattéo Faelli, Head of Internal Operations, Greenly

With a focus on automation and ease of use, the team began the search for a tool that would fulfill their needs. While Airbyte was also considered the tool of choice, at the end of the day, Hevo Data made the cut.

Increasing data use cases with Hevo

Today, there is a long list of sources from which data is ingested into BigQuery using Hevo Data, used by various teams across the organization.

• The marketing team at Greenly accesses their ad platform data like LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook ads to optimize their campaigns and improve performance.

• The product team analyzes the behavior of their users on the website using tools like Mixpanel as well as application data that is stored on Heroku PostgreSQL.

• The account managers use data from Hubspot and other customer interaction data to personalize their communications with prospects and customers, improving the quality of their conversations.

Greenly's Data Stack 

The team at Greenly is slowly morphing into a data-driven one, mainly thanks to efforts by Matteo and his team. Through their attempt to increase data literacy across the board, the quality and quantity of data requests are both increasing. And, thanks to tools like Hevo Data, Matteo can keenly focus on higher-level data projects rather than on building and maintaining pipelines.

A blossoming data culture

The product team has used data-driven insights to make their decisions, thereby focusing their attention on the most impactful projects. One such case was when the product team had the idea to develop some freemium features on their platform. However, the team did a deep dive into the traction generated by this project and the customer behavior about the offering. Weighing these against the time that was being spent on it, the numbers showed that their time would be better spent working on other projects that were discovered by looking into the product data.

The account managers’ conversations have also become much more data-driven and personalized, allowing them to close deals much more easily.

Setting up a pipeline on Hevo is very easy, especially if you use one of the many available connectors. The support is very efficient and always helpful, and honestly, Hevo just works. That’s the main thing- you can just set it up, forget about it, and have your data automatically available in the warehouse.

- Mattéo Faelli, Head of Internal Operations, Greenly 

We’re very proud to be Greenly’s partners in creating a data-driven culture within their organization!

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