Lionstep optimizes recruitment processes for its customers using Hevo Data

Lionstep uses Hevo Data, PostgreSQL, and Tableau to help their sales team (recruitment) reduce hiring costs and time for their customers through data.

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Saves 4 weeks per connector

Lionstep integrates a new source in a day instead of 3-4 weeks.

Faster reporting

Lionstep gets a near real-time view of every candidate and job status.

Lionstep is a recruitment company that leverages technology to match qualified talents with the best suitable companies. Data is the key administrator of their daily operations and helps them optimize the recruitment process to decrease time to hire and costs for their customers.

Meet Patrik, Head of Data and Chief of Staff at Lionstep, sailing two big ships at once - he manages the data architecture as well as key projects across departments.

The sales team (recruitment) and customer success teams highly depend on data. They track their actions, progress, and success - from understanding the status of each job task to monitoring customer satisfaction and sales forecasting. Data acts as the glue between two teams, allowing them to jointly manage candidates, customer communication, and each job funnel.

Patrik Breitenmoser
Patrik Breitenmoser

Chief of Staff / Head of Data

The Problem

Lionstep’s most important set of data points is the candidate funnel, which provides insights to the recruitment team on top sources of applications, customer success, call schedules, and more, providing an easy view of the next action step for each job. The Lionstep platform data is the major contributor to the funnel, and the data from third-party tools — sales tools, invoicing tools, and others— close the gaps.

Lionstep has an in-house system to move the platform data to their database, PostgreSQL. However, the data story often remains incomplete due to challenges Patrik faces while adding data from third party tools. He has to reach out to the DevOps team to create API integration for these tools, which take weeks to build, thus delaying key sales operations insights like calling reports and forecasting.

The Solution

Patrik started looking for a solution that would help them move data from third-party tools to their PostgreSQL account quickly and effortlessly to reduce the time to access critical sales insights.

After evaluating multiple solutions, Patrik decided to go ahead with Hevo Data because of its highly intuitive interface and competitive pricing. One of the biggest reasons was that even a complicated API integration is easy to set up on Hevo Data.

I liked how to use the platform; I liked it quite a lot. For me, starting and connecting sources was easy, especially connecting a more complicated thing like API integrations which is not straightforward.

- Patrik Breitenmoser, Chief of Staff / Head of Data, Lionstep
Hevo Lionstep Data Stack

Patrik uses Hevo Data's Rest API integration to pull data from their sales tools - Acuity, Scheduling, and Salesloft to enrich their candidate funnel with data on the interaction with candidates - calls, emails, and more.

He also has set up integrations with invoicing tools like Bexio and Quickbook to move that data to the warehouse and use Hevo Activate (Reverse ETL) to deliver insights on invoice updates to respective customer success owners in Salesforce.

To add to it, he can even load additional miscellaneous data in Google Sheets to PostgreSQL easily using Hevo Data.

The Impact

Lionstep saved 3-4 weeks of engineering efforts on every connector, eventually saving several weeks of engineering hours over a year with Hevo Data's fully automated and managed data pipelines.

Patrik no longer has to depend on and wait for the engineering team to access the data from third-party tools and the time to connect these sources has reduced from weeks to one day.

If you consider the time required to build and maintain an API integration, I think it's fair to say we save weeks of time over a year.

- Patrik Breitenmoser, Chief of Staff / Head of Data, Lionstep

The recruitment team now has timely access to all the insights they need to track the status and activities on each job task and close them quickly, especially near real-time view on calling, which was a challenge earlier because scheduling and cancellations happen frequently.

On the other hand, the customer success team has visibility on the status of invoices and payments - whether an invoice is sent or paid readily available within their Salesforce account. They plan to expand the use of Hevo Activate (Reverse ETL) to deliver data from the warehouse to Google Sheets for their business teams.

For the infrequent times they needed extra help, Patrik and his team were delighted with Hevo Data’s customer support team; they were able to get all blockers resolved with ease.

People were super quick to help me solve a problem really quickly. And that's why I'm super happy.

- Patrik Breitenmoser, Chief of Staff / Head of Data, Lionstep

Patrik’s smooth experience with Hevo Data, and the immense time and effort on data integration that he has been able to save and capitalize on, is a perfect example of our mission to help our customers leverage data effortlessly.

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