Hevo Enables Lovebox to Gain Deeper Customer Insights

Victor Jager, Head of Business Performance at Lovebox onboards Hevo to create a 360° view of customer data from disparate data sources and gain deeper customer insights by enabling advanced analytics use cases.

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Beyond L0

Using Hevo, Lovebox is now able to obtain beyond L0 insights about its customers and business.

100% Accuracy

Thanks to Hevo, Victor is assured that all reports are based on 100% accurate data.

10x Faster Reporting

Automated data pipelines has helped Victor achieve 10 times faster reporting.

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Meet Victor Jager, Head of Business Performance at Lovebox. Victor and his team are responsible for the growth and all things analytics at Lovebox.

Victor Jager
Victor Jager

Head of Business Performance

Data Challenges

Lovebox’s team is composed of 5 verticals - Customer Care, Marketing, Product, Operations, and Business Performance. These teams, along with the Lovebox mobile application users and customers are the main producers of data.

Data is becoming more and more important at Lovebox as we want to put it at the heart of our business. This means that moving forward, we only want to make data-driven decisions and better understand the behavior of our users and customers. But, all of our data was spread across multiple tools and software, making it impossible to obtain a complete view of our business.

- Victor Jager, Head of Business Performance, Lovebox

Prior to Hevo, most of Lovebox’s data rested in disparate data sources, there was no way to perform transversal analysis, that is, joining data from multiple sources to get a better understanding of the customers’ journey and based on that, make decisions. For instance, it was difficult to join support data from Zendesk to eCommerce sales data from Shopify.

To solve this problem, Victor decided to look for a data pipeline solution to ETL Shopify Data for complete eCommerce Analytics and create a Single Source of Truth.

The Solution

Victor’s primary, if not only, expectation from a data pipeline tool was that it should be extremely easy to set up, use and maintain. Along with Hevo, Victor evaluated two other available popular solutions.

Hevo was not only easy to use, but also very cost-effective. It allowed us to do everything we were looking for coupled with reactive and skilled customer support. Also, Hevo had the largest choice of integrations from all the solutions we looked into.

- Victor Jager, Head of Business Performance, Lovebox

Hevo is now Lovebox’s go-to Shopify ETL solution to create automated Data Pipelines. Additionally, Victor uses Hevo to unify eCommerce, website, product, and support data from Google Analytics, Amplitude, Zendesk, and Google Sheets to a BigQuery Data Warehouse. Business users directly write their queries in BigQuery and visualize data on Google Data Studio.

Hevo Lovebox Data Stack

Key Results

Hevo has allowed Victor and Lovebox to achieve seamless Shopify data integration, extract more value from its data, and build complex reports at a much faster rate while saving time that was earlier wasted on data processing. Victor claims that Hevo is a powerful, effective, and completely autonomous tool that has enabled Lovebox to do so much more with its data.

Hevo has helped us achieve our goal in the way that it allowed us to centralize our data, something that had been on the roadmap of the company for ages. We can now see the full journey of a customer and user, from the moment they purchase our product, to the moment they start using it. Performing transversal analysis and obtaining deeper insights is much easier.

- Victor Jager, Head of Business Performance, Lovebox

As the next step in their data journey, Victor aims to connect more sources to Hevo and fulfill Lovebox’s aim to become completely data-driven by 2022. Hevo is excited to grow its partnership with Lovebox and is excited to support its data and analytics journey with unified data.

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