Switching from All-in-one Tool to a Modern Data Stack Helped Scale Media Do Magic with its Data

David Goodman, Data & Analytics Manager at Scale Media uses a combination of Hevo, Redshift & Sisense to fulfill their analytics needs and helps the operations team meet their SLAs by providing accurate and timely data.

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60 Hrs Saved/Month

Hevo helped Scale Media’s development team save 30 hours on API development and 30 hours on maintenance

500M Events/Month

Scale Media uses Hevo to seamlessly ingest over 500M events/month with zero data loss

100% Data Accuracy

Hevo provides the most accurate data as compared to its in-house built API connectors

Scale Media is a tech-driven direct-to-consumer company that creates brands that offer effective, high-quality products along with trustworthy, cutting-edge health, wellness, and fitness-related content and tools that support and empower people to make the right health decisions while also helping to raise the standards of public health.

Data plays a critical role across all business verticals at Scale Media. Ranging from departments such as acquisition, lifecycle marketing, retention, growth, CRO, inventory, up to the company founders.

The Data & Analytics team at Scale Media is 7 members strong comprising Data Analysts and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) experts. Meet David Goodman, a Manager on the Data & Analytics team. David is in charge of their BI solution, Sisense, as well as designing and implementing the data architecture necessary to support their reporting needs.

David Goodman
David Goodman

Manager, Data & Analytics

Data Challenges

Prior to upgrading their data & analytics stack with Hevo and Redshift, Scale Media’s data & analytics team was using Sisense’s native integrations & were manually building API connectors for some data sources. They faced 2 major bottlenecks with this process:

  1. Sisense was unable to process complex SQL models which resulted in slower query times, build failures & data redundancies.
  2. The development team had to spend close to 60 hours/month to build and maintain their API connectors.

The acquisition team at Scale Media needs access to real-time data to adjust their bids and campaign placement. Additionally, their business team needs fresh and accurate data for reporting used throughout the organization. Hence, timely availability of data is their crucial requirement but Sisense was unable to scale up to meet this need.

Prior to Hevo, we were importing data directly from MySQL to Sisense, and attempting to deploy some heavy SQL modeling which proved to be too burdensome for Sisense.This resulted in build failures as well as logic having to be duplicated across various dashboards and ElastiCubes. The data processing on Sisense was very slow and it was impacting our acquisition team, as they need up-to-the-minute data so they could scale up their campaigns. Sisense is undoubtedly a great reporting tool but it works far better sitting on top of a data warehouse.

- David Goodman, Manager, Data & Analytics, Scale

A culmination of both these reasons resulted in the need to scale their Data & Analytics stack and incorporate more specialized tools which would help them improve their data integration, modeling, and reporting process.

The Solution

David was looking for a way to centralize their data, logic behind modeling, and also to ETL the data from their database. His expectations for a data pipeline tool was to get data from A to B with some transformational abilities layered on top.

We sought out to find an ETL tool that offered just as much modeling and transformation capabilities as it did pipelines and integrations. We liked Hevo a lot because it was a good mix of all the features we were looking for and that the transformations were weighed just as importantly or as heavily as simply transferring the data. A lot of the other solutions we looked at, the data transformation was almost an afterthought, but with Hevo it seemed like it was baked in from the start, which we really appreciated.

- David Goodman, Manager, Data & Analytics, Scale

Scale Media uses MySQL to store its business-critical data and they have set up their data warehouse on Amazon Redshift. David uses Hevo to build automated data pipelines to ingest data from MySQL and other marketing sources such as Google Analytics, Criteo, Outbrain, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. to Redshift. They leverage Hevo to create complex data models, automate schema mapping, and seamlessly integrate transformed data into their Warehouse. This data is then used by Scale Media’s business teams for real-time reporting on Sisense.

Hevo Scale's Data Stack

Key Results

Choosing specialized tools over the all-in-one tool has helped Scale Media do magic with its data. With Hevo, they were able to get more control over the data flow, improved the query performance with advanced SQL, and completely eliminated build failures & data redundancies. They saved 60 hours/month of their development team which otherwise was spent on building and maintaining API connections. Hevo’s no-code platform and easy-to-use UI have empowered their analytics team to integrate any third-party API within an hour and completely eliminated a need to rely on their development team.

Switching to this modern data stack was easy, quick, and very impactful. We are all benefiting from these specialized tools with Hevo doing all the heavy lifting, it’s taking care of the heavy SQL and reducing the build times means quicker load times for everyone and less downtime for the dashboards. Hevo is a power-packed ETL tool that provides a wide range of integrations, a powerful transformation layer and their support team is fantastic.

- David Goodman, Manager, Data & Analytics, Scale

David is planning to connect more data sources with Hevo in the future and he’s working closely with Hevo’s development team to build some custom data sources to support their use case. They’re also looking to incorporate Machine Learning into their Data & Analytics vertical to take another step closer to being truly data-driven. Hevo is excited to work together with Scale Media on some of their futuristic projects and looking forward to strengthening this data-driven partnership in the future.

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