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All About Google Analytics 4.0: Decoding Latest Updates

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Google Analytics 4 is considerably different from Universal Analytics (GA3), with a completely revamped measurement model based on events instead of sessions. If you have worked with Google Analytics 4, it may seem like an entirely different platform. Adapting to the changes in reporting and metrics might be overwhelming for transitioning users.

Though there’s a learning curve, Google Analytics 4 comes packed with great new features and a more evolved tracking system. It is better equipped to track not just your website, but all your mobile devices under one account. This makes cross-device tracking possible with unified data. To conclude, with the enhanced focus on agility and a more “do-it-yourself” approach, GA4 offers a whole new and different perspective on how marketers view and analyze data.

Are you hesitating to switch to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics or just looking for more information? Join us for this session with Nikhil Parachure, co-founder of MyGrowth.Club and a Google Analytics expert to learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics 4: new features, comparisons, use cases, and more.

In this session you will learn:

  • Google Analytics 4.0: Introduction and comparison with Universal Analytics
  • What’s new and what’s missing: Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting
  • How and when to switch to Google Analytics 4.0


Nikhil Parachure

Nikhil Parachure

Founder of Measur-ed and Co-founder of MyGrowth.Club

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