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Build Vs Buy - Data Pipeline Approach

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Whether it's a startup or large conglomerate, business leaders need real-time data insights to make key business decisions. For accurate and timely analytics, it requires clean and real-time data which is why data teams emphasize on building data pipelines in the first place.

One of the greatest dilemmas in creating data pipelines is finalizing the approach, whether to go with custom scripts or build an in-house solution or buy a ready-made solution available in the market. So in this webinar, we will focus on understanding which one of these three data pipeline approaches will work best for your use case and how you can streamline the entire data pipeline process to ensure success.

In this session you will learn:

  • What changes when you move to Big Data
  • The real-world challenges for data-driven business
  • The transition from ETL to Data Pipeline
  • Build Vs Buy: which approach is better and why
  • Factors to consider while finalizing the data pipeline tool


Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma

VP of Engineering

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