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Building a Winning Marketing Strategy with Attribution Modeling

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Every successful sale is a result of several marketing touchpoints in your customer’s journey. In today’s complex web of different types of marketing channels, a customer likely interacted with more than one of these channels before deciding on buying your product. According to the Online Marketing Institute, it takes 7 to 13+ touchpoints to deliver a qualified sales lead. Here is where things get complicated, how do you tell which one or combination of these touchpoints swayed a potential customer towards your product?

The answer to this seemingly simple question enables you to optimize your marketing spends, deliver higher quality campaigns and ultimately drive growth. Effective Attribution Analysis can help you cast the spotlight on the most critical metrics by determining the value of each marketing touchpoint that led to a conversion. In this session, Andy Caron, a Marketing Expert, will cover the A to Z of Attribution Modeling and how to leverage it to build a Winning Marketing Strategy.

In this session you will learn:

  • Commonly used Attribution Models and their pros & cons
  • How to build your business-specific Attribution Model
  • How to optimize marketing resource allocation based on attribution analysis and boost ROI


Andy Caron

Andy Caron

Head of Martech Consulting
Revenue Pulse

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