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Data Virtualization Trends, Best Practices & Future Outlook

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Siloed data is an obstacle that inhibits data consumers from getting the maximum value from their data assets and leverage advanced analytics use-cases. Most data teams spend a significant portion of their time manually formatting & aggregating data. What can we do to simplify querying data across various source systems, and how can you make your life a little easier as a data professional?

Data Virtualization is one of the methods to retrieve and unify desired data spread across multiple source systems. The end-user does not even have to know where the data is stored or what type of database technology contains it. To learn more about Data Virtualization and how you can get started, join us for our webinar with David Haertzen - Big Data & Analytics Leader at InfoGoal on “Data Virtualization Trends, Best Practices & Future Outlook”.

In this session you will learn:

  • Introduction to Data Virtualization
  • Data Virtualization Architecture
  • Data Virtualization Applications and use cases
  • How to get started - strategies, technologies & case-studies


David Haertzen

David Haertzen

Big Data & Analytics Leader InfoGoal

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