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Demystifying DataOps - Riding the Change

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A well planned data-driven strategy has become the need of the hour in today’s competitive world. In order to deliver the best, businesses need relevant, appropriate and sufficient data at the right time. But the characteristics of data are changing rapidly across volume, variety and variability, which puts enormous pressure on current data management approaches. Thus, dealing with real-time insights from increasing data in an automated manner has become the current focus of many experts. This has resulted in the rise of DataOps.

Join us to uncover the true meaning and potential of DataOps.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to turn data into actionable insights
  • The growing need for dataOps
  • Solving data challenges with dataOps
  • Empowering the future of data management


Christopher Bergh

Christopher Bergh

CEO and Head Chef DataKitchen

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