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How is Data Analytics Shaping the Subscription Economy

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The global businesses are adopting the subscription model be it large enterprises like Amazon or startups like Supr Daily. Today, subscription-based businesses are generating an enormous amount of data as compared to traditional businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses do not truly understand how to leverage the power of data they capture. However, leveraging analytics goes beyond simply capturing and storing this information.

Whether your business is doing the basic data analysis or is delving into predictive analytics, having access to accurate, unified, and real-time data is the key to powerful analytics and business growth. In this session, you will hear from the industry’s top leaders about their stories, experiences, and learn how you can solve your analytics puzzle with a solid data foundation.

In this session you will learn:

  • Different types of subscription data you should capture
  • How to leverage the data you capture to generate results
  • How to use your subscriber’s data to effectively drive business growth
  • What tools and techniques you should use to get actionable insights
  • The future of subscription data & analytics


Chandramani Tiwary

Chandramani Tiwary

GTM Buddy
Arpit Agarwal

Arpit Agarwal

Vice President - Analytics & Data Science

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