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How to Build a Modern Data Stack

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The data has become an absolute core of every business. While some of the data-driven companies have already adopted the latest trends in AI, ML, and BI and experienced the benefits of being early-adopters, others don’t want to miss out on the opportunity and be the laggards.

To ensure that you are on the right track in adopting the data-driven strategy for your business, we bring to you this webinar that will help you to understand the strategic and operational aspects of building a successful data-driven business using the modern data stack.

In this session you will learn:

  • How BI & DWH has transformed in the age of cloud
  • Latest data-driven trends and the need for a data-driven strategy
  • Understanding how a modern data stack look like with the help of a real use case
  • Why data preparation is key to the success of your AI, ML, analytics, and reporting projects
  • How modern data stack can help businesses save upon costs, resources and uplift productivity even in the current economic crisis


Ruben Ugarte

Ruben Ugarte

Data Strategist
Practico Analytics

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