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Leveraging Customer Data to Drive Personalized Experience

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Personalization has emerged to be an indispensable value addition to customer experience. According to the Boston Consulting Group, brands that create personalized customer experiences leveraging technology and data get a revenue boost of 6-10%, 2-3 times faster than those who don’t! Leveraging customer data to drive highly personalized customer experiences can boost engagement, improve customer service, and build brand loyalty.

The list of the merits of personalization is long, but how do you exactly start implementing personalization across different functions is the real question. Join us with Gregory Lim, CEO & Co-Founder of Persosa for our webinar on “Leveraging Customer Data to Drive Personalized Experience” to learn about the various tools, tips & tactics you can use to strategize and execute personalization initiatives throughout the customer life cycle.

In this session you will learn:

  • Challenges in collecting and using customer data
  • Strategies to implement personalization
  • The elements of a successful personalization initiative
  • Real-life Use Cases - How companies are implementing personalization across functions


Gregory Lim

Gregory Lim

CEO & Co-Founder Persosa

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