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Marketing Analytics in the Data-driven World

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Traditional marketing methods are no more effective in this dynamic digital world. The new marketing technology, trends, and strategies are centered around buyers and are entirely driven by data. Instead of relying on a small number of massive monolithic applications, today’s marketers almost entirely rely on cloud-based applications(SaaS).

While SaaS applications are taking the lead, marketers are finding it difficult to manage their data across different tools, analyze the campaign performance across different channels, and derive insights from consolidated marketing data that can help them make better business decisions. So in this webinar, we will cover how modern marketers are smartly using their data to achieve exponential growth.

In this session you will learn:

  • How SaaS is changing the marketing world
  • The role of marketing analytics in business growth
  • Current data-led marketing challenges
  • How you can achieve 10X growth with modern marketing analytics stack


Lee Hurst

Lee Hurst

Marketing Analytics Expert

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