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Selecting the Right Data Warehouse

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Organizations today are heavily dependant on data than they were ever before. But most of this data is scattered across multiple systems and finding out the actionable insights is a super complex and tedious job. To solve this problem, companies often invest a lot of time and money in setting up their own data warehouse. According to Gartner, over 50% of these companies fail in their data warehousing project. Do you know why?

Data warehousing is no cakewalk! Selecting the right data warehouse can be tricky because every organization has a unique use case and one solution doesn’t fit all. So in this webinar, we will cover all those important aspects that you must consider while finalizing the best-fit data warehousing solution for your use case.

In this session you will learn:

  • Overview of different data storage systems
  • Why and when you should switch to a data warehouse
  • Most common data warehousing use cases
  • Factors to consider while choosing the right data warehouse
  • Cloud Vs On-prem


Gaurav Bahrani

Gaurav Bahrani

VP Engineering
Hevo Data

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