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Streamlining eCommerce Data Analytics

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eCommerce analytics involves tracking a wide range of metrics relating to the complete journey of the customer, right from discovery to acquisition, conversion, retention and advocacy. Analytics lays a foundation framework for any eCommerce business and it helps them understand which marketing and sales initiatives are working, those that aren't, and the areas that have a great potential for growth.

In this webinar, Ashish Singru, Senior Director & Head, Global Business Analytics Center at eBay will share his insights on how the power of analytics can drive growth and tackle various challenges.

In this session you will learn:

  • The Role of Data Analytics in Ecommerce
  • How Analytics can be used to Drive Growth
  • How to Prioritized and Solve Some of the Most Common Challenges
  • The Future of eCommerce Analytics - How to Solve the Harder Challenges


Ashish Singru

Ashish Singru

Senior Director & Head, Global Business Analytics Center eBay

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