Hevo Integrates with Firebolt to Provide No-code Data Integration and Transformation Capability to Firebolt Users


Hevo Integrates with Firebolt

Hevo Data, a No-code Data Pipeline platform, announces the launch of its natively built connector with Firebolt, a new-age Cloud Data Warehouse platform. This ready-to-use connector will add a lot of value to Firebolt users as they will be able to integrate data from multiple sources without writing any code, break down data silos with ease and analyze unified data at a great speed, scale, and accuracy.

Hevo has launched this connector for customers across all three regions – US, APAC, and EU. Using Hevo’s No-code platform, Firebolt users will be able to effortlessly build their Data Pipelines to connect their sources with the Firebolt Warehouse in just a few minutes. Hevo provides 100+ pre-built integrations with a variety of sources such as Databases, SaaS applications, Cloud Storage Systems, SDKs, Streaming Services, and more, providing more possibilities to simplify the integration, transformations, and processing of disparate data.

“As a Cloud Data Warehouse, Firebolt increases its reach and relevance by being able to connect to all the data sources our customers use and need to integrate. We are excited to partner with Hevo Data to provide an easy No-code environment to bring data from dozens of SaaS sources into Firebolt easily and cost-efficiently,” said Nouras Haddad, VP, Alliances and Channels at Firebolt.

While the adoption of SaaS applications is increasing, integrating SaaS data remains a difficult endeavor. Manually connecting the SaaS application to Firebolt is a tedious and time-consuming process. The developers have to manually develop the connector, write custom data transformation scripts and spend a lot of time in maintenance. With Hevo, developers can now connect any data source to Firebolt with a blink of an eye and eliminate the need for coding and maintenance.

“We’re extremely happy to launch the Firebolt connector and simplify ETL needs of our global customers. As Firebolt is gaining a lot of popularity and increasing its customer base, we think that this connector will help customers integrate their data silos and build a Single Source of Truth on Firebolt faster than ever before,” said Sourabh Agarwal, CTO, and Co-Founder of Hevo Data.

“While building the data products and connectors, we focus on three aspects – Speed, Accuracy, and Security, and with our partnership with Firebolt, we have doubled down on all these three aspects. The need for the Modern Data Stack is increasing and we’re extremely confident that our partnership with Firebolt will add a lot of value to global data-driven businesses who are looking for real-time, unified, and accurate data to power their analytics workflows,” adds Sourabh.

On top of Data Pipelines, Hevo provides a bunch of features and benefits to cater to multiple data needs including UI-based transformation capability for non-technical users, real-time replication, complete automation with granular visibility into Data Pipeline, fault-tolerant, and horizontally scalable architecture, enterprise-level security, and more. Hevo provides a Freemium plan with a 14-day free trial! So try building your Data Pipelines on Hevo and ignite your data journey with Firebolt ETL today. You can learn more about the Firebolt connector using the following links.

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To know more about Hevo’s Firebolt connector, please write to us at info@hevodata.com.

About Hevo Data: Hevo is a no-code data pipeline platform that helps new-age businesses integrate their data from multiple sources to any data warehouse in almost real-time. The platform provides 100+ ready-to-use integrations across Databases, Data Warehouses, SaaS Applications, Cloud Storage, SDKs, Streaming Services, and more. It’s trusted by hundreds of data-driven companies spread across 25 different countries and over 15 industries. Get started with Hevo today to experience the real power of unified data. Learn more at www.hevodata.com.

About Firebolt: Firebolt is the world’s fastest cloud data warehouse for data engineers, purpose-built for high-performance analytics. It provides sub-second query performance at terabyte to petabyte scale, and at a fraction of the cost compared to alternatives. Companies that adopted Firebolt have been able to deploy high performance data analytics applications in weeks across internal BI as well as customer-facing use cases. Learn more at www.firebolt.io.

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