Marketing Automation: Benchmarking Best Practices & Top 3 Technology Trends

• June 23rd, 2021

Marketing Automation Top Trends

The first revolution in marketing was ushered in by the great industrial revolution of 1760-1820, this era was known as the production-oriented era. The industrial revolution opened up the splendor of the heavens for the door-to-door marketers to sell unique products to a vast array of customers. Fast-forward into the 21st century; we are in the relationship-oriented era, where computable and reproducible efforts are employed to increase quarterly revenue. 

In today’s relationship-oriented era, new product, customer, and brand positioning approaches are opening new frontiers to compete, thanks to today’s marketers hacking growth downstream. In short, today’s markets are centered around raising brand recognition, maximizing user retention rate, and reducing user churn rate.

So, this article is supposed to be a concoction, a combination of market studies and strategies for you to compete out in the wild. This article will talk about best practices and top technology trends, which growth marketers can employ to increase ROIs.

Table of Contents

  1. Empowered Autonomous Marketing: The Silver Lining 
  2. Marketing Automation: Benchmarking Best Practices
    1. Chatbots
    2. Lead Nurturing
    3. CRM + Cloud Data Warehouse Integration
  3. Marketing Automation: Technology Trends 2021
    1. Digital Scalability
    2. Hyperautomation
    3. Decision Intelligence + Cloud Data Warehouse
  4. Conclusion

Empowered Autonomous Marketing: The Silver Lining 

Marketing Automation has empowered growth marketers to target niche audiences aggressively and dedicatedly. Although not a new topic of concern, the need for an easy marketing automation solution has prompted incumbents to acknowledge this: Marketing and sales are correlated. A huge trust deficit in labor-intensive solutions has been observed in the midst of a pandemic with suffering global economies.

On the other hand, CMOs’ readiness to embrace marketing automation solutions is at an all-time high; over 90% anticipate new-to-have marketing automation tools at their disposal by the end of 2021. Pandemic-fueled digitization has contributed to this spectacular growth, with the latest study suggesting the marketing automation sector to increase by 32% by the end of 2025.

Global Marketing Automation Market Growth CAGR

Marketing Automation: Benchmarking Best Practices

While constructing a conceivable description of today’s marketing and sales scenario, we learned how to make our users happy. We can not undermine the power of automation — isn’t it annoying to get those mistargeted automated bot messages? We figured out that, aggressively thinking about ROIs at the cost of customer satisfaction is a big big mistake.

Marketing Automation: Benchmarking Best Practices

Let’s list out some best practices for your business to get facilitating on immediately.

1. Chatbots

Conversational AI or chatbots have a proven business value in the B2B market space. Chatbots free critical human resources, collect user data efficiently. Research shows, users are feeling comfortable with early interactions managed by the bots, almost 48%. Hence, the majority of CX leaders are using conversational bots to handle a large number of customer queries, says the MIT Technology Review report. 

2. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing sets a growth trajectory. Good customer relationship services help increase trust in the offered product, and in return sustain good quality lead funnels, and brand awareness. A well-thought-out nurture strategy takes user sentiment into account. It helps buyers resolve issues throughout the purchase cycle, aligning tightly with today’s product-led growth objectives.

3. CRM + Cloud Data Warehouse Integration:

Automated customer data tracking with CRM helps sales teams interact with users based on their last activities. In addition, these integrated systems help you get data where it’s most needed. Now, sales and marketing operations work in tandem, building better relationships and benchmarking new success models.

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Marketing Automation: Technology Trends 2021

The future of B2B sales is highly dependent on a combination of three elements: People, process, and technology. A perfect combination of the three can work wonders. With the introduction of newer, better, and faster technologies, we can now witness a shift in how B2B marketing is done.

Marketing Automation: Technology Trends 2021

1. Digital Scalability

The digital is key to business scalability. Pandemic-fueled digitization has embedded an element of competitiveness in our economies. Now, 80% of customer interactions are digital in nature. By automating marketing efforts, we can now generate potential leads, those experimenting with new products and trying to solve one problem at a time — quicker than before. This approach generates high leads and customer query volumes, thus making incumbents to pay special attention on business scalability.

2. Hyperautomation

2020’s most buzzed word and a favorite to become the trendsetter of 2021. Hyperautomation has become the most common technology trend to follow.

The use of advanced tech is on an increase. With new emerging technologies making space in the data automation industry today, the need for human interferences in the decision-making process is diminishing rapidly, transforming business as usual.

The disruptive wave of automation will transform companies inside out. So as a precautionary measure, companies are trimming reliance on IT, and increasing spend on AI & ML. Indeed, the race to cut costs, streamline decision-making processes, and standardize autonomous processes, in tandem with the critical business processes, is the dynamic nature of the marketing automation industry today.

3. Decision Intelligence + Cloud Data Warehouse

Why should we integrate advanced decision-making techniques with the unique capabilities of the cloud data warehouses? The answer is simple; improved decision support with improved trend forecasting. Companies are mobilizing to adapt to business models that offer maximum flexibility. As a result, one every three high-recognition global brands now use decision intelligence for better business planning.


So, today’s relationship-oriented era calls for measures that are continuous and omnipresent in nature. Changes in user expectations have held teams hostage to create engaging, targeted, and personalized experiences. And it is exactly that marketing automation is all about.

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Empowered Marketing Automation With Hevo Activate