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Brandee Sanders
Course 1

Brandee Sanders

Vice President of Marketing

Integrating Marketing Data Silos

  • Topic 1: What are Marketing Data Silos
  • Topic 2: Why there is a Need to Integrate Data
  • Topic 3: Impact of Marketing Data Silos
  • Topic 4: How to Breakdown Data Silos
Erica Baity
Course 2

Erica Baity

Founder and Chief Data Evangelist

Building a Single Source of Truth for Marketing Data

  • Topic 1: What is a Single Source of Truth
  • Topic 2: Why Marketing Needs Single Source of Truth
  • Topic 3: Challenges in Unifying Marketing Data
  • Topic 4: How to Create a Single Source of Truth
Gabi Steele
Course 3

Gabi Steele

Co-founder and CEO

Introduction to Modern Marketing Analytics Stack

  • Topic 1: Overview of Marketing Tools
  • Topic 2: Challenges with the Old Marketing Stack
  • Topic 3: Shift from Spreadsheets to a Modern Stack
  • Topic 4: What does the Ideal Marketing Stack look like
Phil Irvine
Course 4

Phil Irvine

Vice President, Audience Intelligence

Mapping Customer Journey Through Attribution

  • Topic 1: The Complexity in Mapping Customer Journeys
  • Topic 2: Fundamentals of Marketing Attribution
  • Topic 3: Creating the Attribution Model and High-level Tracking Plan
  • Topic 4: Building a Customer Map with Unified Data
Casey Stanton
Course 5

Casey Stanton

Founder and CEO

Maximizing ROI on Paid Marketing Channels

  • Topic 1: Why to Optimize Channel Mix for Revenue and ROI
  • Topic 2: Paradigm Shift in Measuring the Marketing KPIs
  • Topic 3: Challenges in Analyzing Performance Data
  • Topic 4: The Marketing Performance Blueprint: A Success Formula
Britney Young
Course 6

Britney Young

Marketing Operations Specialist

Vandhana Sridhar
Course 6

Vandhana Sridhar

Digital Marketing Analytics Specialist

Automating Marketing Reporting with Unified Data

  • Topic 1: Current Reporting and Analytics Challenges
  • Topic 2: Overview of Analytics & Reporting Stack
  • Topic 3: How to Create Insightful Marketing Reports with Unified, Accurate, and Real-time Data
Jeff Levy
Course 7

Jeff Levy

Founder and VP Marketing

Real-life Marketing Analytics
Case Studies

  • Topic 1: Practical Data Challenges
  • Topic 2: How to Transform Raw Data Into Actionable Insights
  • Topic 3: How to Productize and Commercialize your Data

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