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A quick look at today’s corporate and commercial sector, and you are bound to come across the term Data Science or Data Analytics more than once. This is simply because data is becoming a vital component of any successful 21st-century company. You are also likely to encounter the term Big Data, which refers to the large volume of information handled by corporations. Take, for instance, a business mogul like Coca-Cola. The corporation openly admitted through its Data Strategy director that Big Data analytics played a big part in its successful customer retention program.

This makes it clear that data is considered to be one of the most valuable assets of any business and most businesses are spending a large number of resources on managing this data in a better way. This article will provide you with a list of the Best Online Data Science Programs available on the Internet. 

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Let’s look at Some Salient Features of Hevo:

  • Secure: Hevo has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures that the data is handled in a secure, consistent manner with zero data loss.
  • Schema Management: Hevo takes away the tedious task of schema management & automatically detects the schema of incoming data and maps it to the destination schema.
  • Minimal Learning: Hevo, with its simple and interactive UI, is extremely simple for new customers to work on and perform operations.
  • Hevo Is Built To Scale: As the number of sources and the volume of your data grows, Hevo scales horizontally, handling millions of records per minute with very little latency.
  • Incremental Data Load: Hevo allows the transfer of data that has been modified in real-time. This ensures efficient utilization of bandwidth on both ends.
  • Live Support: The Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through chat, email, and support calls.
  • Live Monitoring: Hevo allows you to monitor the data flow and check where your data is at a particular point in time.

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5 Best Online Data Science Programs

Below are some of the most in-demand and Best Online Data Science Programs you can choose to learn from: 

1) Best Online Data Science Programs: SQL Basics for Data Science

This is one of the essential courses indispensable to any Data Scientist since SQL is the most widely used language in data handling by most companies. A Data Scientist needs SQL skills to handle data stored in Relational Databases. Basic roles include querying databases and extracting data. 

SQL as a language is popular among Data Scientists for a variety of reasons. First, the language helps access vast amounts of data from directly where it is stored. Also, Data Analysis in SQL is easy to replicate and audit. This, and many more, are some of the reasons why SQL Basics for Data Science is the top Data Science course. 

You can sign up for this course here.

2) Best Online Data Science Programs: Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

In addition to SQL, Python understanding is a fundamental skill set required for a successful Data Science career. Python has continually proven itself to be the language of choice for Data Scientists. In 2016, it overtook R on Kaggle, a platform for Data Science competitions. That’s not the best part; it also overtook R on KDNuggets’s annual poll of Data Scientist’s most popular tools. Finally, in 2018, 66% of data scientists admitted to using it for daily tasks, propelling it to the number one programming language in the Data Science field. It is becoming a favorite among Data Scientists of today. Therefore, gaining essential skills in the language is bound to make you go a long way. 

You can sign up for this course here.

3) Best Online Data Science Programs: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate 

Google launched the Data Analytics Professional Certificate in March of 2021. One might argue that this was perfect timing since there was a massive disparity between the supply of Data Analytics professionals and the demand, which left companies with losses due to the failure of utilizing data effectively. As a Data Analyst or Data Scientist by extension, your role is to collect data and transform it into conclusions and predictions that can be used for effective decision-making. The entry-level salary for a data analyst in the US is $67,000, with the region hosting approximately 337,400 jobs. 

You can sign up for this course here.

4) Best Online Data Science Programs: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science Certificate is designed for people with little or no knowledge of Data Science. It equips students with the required skills to start a successful career in Data Science, making them a perfect candidate for this list. This Python-based course from the historical computing giant IBM does not require much to get started, just some basic computer literacy, high school level mathematical knowledge, and willingness to adapt and learn new things.

You can sign up for this course here.

5) Best Online Data Science Programs: Harvard Edu Data Science and Machine Learning

The most popular Data Science techniques derive their principle working methodologies from Machine Learning. These are a group of processes that allow computers to learn from data and predict trends over time. Applications include Spam Detectors, Speech Recognition Systems, Movie Recommendation Systems, etc.

You can sign up for this course here.


The list above contains some of the best online Data Science programs. The demand for professionals in the mentioned fields is only increased as data becomes a core decision-making influencer in today’s business world. By taking these courses, you are one step closer to becoming a fully certified Data Scientist and diving into the interesting world of data.

The first step in implementing any Data Science algorithm is integrating the data from all sources. However, most businesses today have an extremely high volume of data with a dynamic structure that is stored across numerous applications. Creating a Data Pipeline from scratch for such data is a complex process since businesses will have to utilize a high amount of resources to develop it and then ensure that it can keep up with the increased data volume and Schema variations. Businesses can instead use automated platforms like Hevo.

Hevo helps you directly transfer data from a source of your choice to a Data Warehouse or desired destination in a fully automated and secure manner without having to write the code or export data repeatedly. It will make your life easier and make data migration hassle-free. It is User-Friendly, Reliable, and Secure.

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