Salesforce’s Cloud technology is used by organizations to engage with existing and new consumers. Salesforce also assists businesses in Tracking Client Behavior, Connecting with them on a variety of Levels, better Understanding their Customers, and expanding their Customer Base. Salesforce is used by businesses to Track Sales, Spend, Market, and Analyze performance thanks to its extensive set of apps. Salesforce’s various Cloud applications enable users to manage customer communication forums, analyze data, and implement Sales tactics.

Salesforce Demandware Commerce Cloud is a Cloud-based commerce platform that comes pre-loaded with a variety of features, tools, and commerce portals to help you expand your online business. It helps you to simplify the Buying Process, Personalize the Shopping Experience, and Create a Mobile-friendly Shopping Experience.

In this in-depth article, you will get to know about Salesforce Demandware Commerce Cloud, along with its working and key benefits.

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What is Salesforce Demandware

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Salesforce Demandware is a Cloud platform that helps organizations follow and implement the B2C Marketing Model by delivering a consolidated platform and a unified experience for their customers. This platform can be installed within your organization if you have a huge customer base and sales.

You may personalize your online stores (also known as Storefronts) and deliver a uniform experience to your customers across numerous platforms with the help of the B2C Commerce platform. Demandware assists you at every step of the journey, from creating your website and displaying your products to making Transactions and Tracking your success.

This platform, which is an integral part of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Demandware, offers users all of the tools and processing power needed to build strong E-Commerce websites.

Key Features of Demandware

  • Customization: Demandware helps you to customize your customers’ experiences by showing only relevant products to the right consumers based on their previous purchasing behaviors and CRM data. Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, Promoting, Guided Selling, and Recommending Products to your consumers are all made easier with the platform.
  • Discounts and Promotions: The platform has the ability for administrators to create personalized discounts and promotions for certain pages on your E-Commerce website. You can also include a provision for inserting a coupon code as a promotional tool, as well as time-based discounts.
  • Content Management: You can Add or Delete products from the display and edit content about them, such as pricing, description, and so on, using the platform. It also enables you to include a feature on your website that allows customers to customize product qualities like color, size, and other aspects.
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  • Product Types: In addition to selling tangible things, such as Subscriptions, Downloads, Free Trials, Perpetual Licenses, and so on, you can also offer immaterial products through your stores.
  • Design Tools: This B2C Commerce Cloud platform provides advanced and simple-to-use tools, as well as basic templates (with modifying possibilities) to help you design the overall look of your storefront and improve your consumers’ user experience.
  • Product Visualization: This feature allows you to control how your products are presented on your website for your customers. To present your items in the best possible light, you can use 3D Photos, Animations, and Movies.

For further information on Salesforce Commerce Cloud Demandware, check out the official website here.

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Working of Salesforce Demandware

The Salesforce Cloud Demandware usually gives you a space where you can design and install your B2C E-Commerce websites. A Realm is nothing more than a component that contains the tools and instances required for the creation of a website.

A realm is made up of six instances, three of which are Sandboxes and the other three of which serve one of the following purposes:

  • Planning: Developers utilize this instance to set up your website, enrich the data required to build the website, and import necessary data into the relevant platform.
  • Development:  This instance is intended to test and evaluate your website’s functionalities before it is released.
  • Production: This is the instance that is used to host the live website on one or more platforms so that your consumers may view it and make transactions.

A merchant is responsible for all aspects of Merchandising, Site Configuration, and Customizing. An instance administrator, on the other hand, is concerned with having control over Password Management, User Rights, and the Launch of Instances within the realm.

Tools Accessed by Demandware Commerce Cloud

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Once you’ve decided to use Demandware services, you will have to set up all necessary permissions to leverage all of the major tools to install Demandware on your system, which is stated below:

  • Control Centre: This solution allows your IT operations team to manage your E-Commerce website. It enables them to launch instances and manage users as and when needed.
  • Business Management: This application allows you to configure your online stores (storefronts) in real-time. It also assists you in organizing, pricing, and displaying your products, as well as navigating your customers and advertising your merchandise.
  • UX Studio: This program will be installed on your local PC and will allow you to make modifications to the presentation and business logic of your website (shopping carts, payment processors, etc).
  • Account Manager: With this application, your IT department can create several user accounts on the Commerce Cloud Salesforce platform. They also have the ability to grant and revoke particular users, access to your B2C Commerce instances.
  • Tools Support: With this tool, you may use Demandware Xchange to submit support tickets, visit user forums, and participate in the Commerce Cloud Community.

3 Key Benefits of Demandware

1) Centralised Commerce Platform

From Marketing to successful purchase and retention efforts, you may benefit from integrating the customer’s whole shopping experience and journey via Digital platforms. You may personalize each customer’s journey and make appropriate product recommendations if you have information about their interactions with your brand and shopping habits (48 percent of consumers spend more when their experience is personalized). Demandware Commerce Cloud comes with all of the tools you’ll need to build a customer-centric business strategy and exceed your customers’ expectations.

2) Scalability

You can successfully deal with today’s business challenges, such as Heavy Traffic, Deep Data Storage, Large Quantities of Commodities, and Huge Transaction Volumes, with Commerce Cloud. You can smoothly incorporate new technologies and automatic scalability, as well as handle traffic surges and other unforeseen events, with Commerce Cloud.

3) Responsive Optimization

Mobile Devices are used to place 55% of all orders. To attract customers and make their purchasing experience pleasant and frictionless, a Mobile-optimized E-Commerce store or a branded Mobile app with a user-friendly interface is a must-have. Furthermore, when it comes to indexing and ranking your website in Organic Search Results, Google prioritizes the Mobile version of the material. Demandware Commerce Cloud is a Mobile-first platform that focuses on cutting-edge technologies. You can construct a smart app to streamline your staff’s work and a robust app for customers to make their experience outstanding using Demandware Commerce Cloud’s convenient tools.


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