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Marketing is something where you might spend a significant amount. Businesses and marketers widely use Facebook Ads to communicate with their customers. According to stats, Facebook has around 1.56 billion daily active users, and the average time a user spends is 58 minutes. You can see a good amount of potential customers for your business. But the average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook Ads is 0.9%. It shows the effectiveness of your Marketing campaigns is less than 50%. 

If your Marketing efforts are not paying you the results then, it is better to replan your Marketing strategy. Most businesses spend too much from their pocket without realizing their right target audience, demographics, and budget to reach customers. But, how can you efficiently manage all your Facebook Ads Marketing and business simultaneously?

There are many Facebook Ads Tools available in the market to reduce your workload and strategically manage your Marketing campaigns for you. These are well-crafted tools to save your money, time and deliver good Marketing results. If you are not getting satisfactory results from your Facebook Marketing Campaigns, you should try Facebook Ads Tools. In this article, you will learn about the best Facebook Ads Tools available in the market and their importance to derive more customers to your business.

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Introduction to Facebook Ads Tools

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Facebook Ads Tools are tools that help marketers advertise on Facebook. These tools significantly reduce the amount of money and time you put into advertising. Facebook Ads Tools allow you to strategically follow the budget and analyze Facebook Marketing rather than randomly spending money on Facebook Ads.

There are different types of Facebook Ads Tools that help you in one or another process for successful Marketing. These tools deliver a wide range of functionalities from creating an Ad post to analyzing the traffic. Facebook Ads Tools help you analyzing the Demographics and audience behavior to plan and optimize your business Marketing.

Key Features of Facebook Ads Tools

Ads tools save time and money for businesses and marketers. These tools automate the process of Facebook Ads Marketing. To choose the right tool, one must know its features and match up with their requirements. Facebook Ads Tools help users to increase their efficiency and give better ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). 

The key features for Facebook Ads Tools are:

  • Scheduling Ads: These tools can schedule your Ads based on many factors such as time, event, or your strategy.
  • Identify your Target Audience: Facebook Ads Tools can analyze and identify the most suitable target audience for your business. Instead of randomly displaying your Ads to anyone, you can choose the right audience based on demographics, age, gender, etc.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Tools can generate reports based on metrics and data. Also, they run analytics on data to get insights.
  • Automating Workflow: Tools can automate the process of running or pausing Ads to save your time. No need to regularly check the performance of Marketing campaigns. Set up rules according to strategy and automate the process.

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Best Facebook Ads Tools

There are many Facebook Ads Tools available in the market, here are some of the best tools listed below:

1) Facebook Ads Manager

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Facebook Ads Manager is a Facebook product that helps businesses and marketers get the maximum out of Facebook Ads. It’s a package of tools that allows you to create Ads, manage the target audience, schedule the Ads, and help you to track the performance of your campaigns.

Facebook Ads Manager App is another product launched by Facebook that helps you manage your Facebook Ads campaign through mobile devices. You can edit Ads, set up a budget, track performance, and receive notifications.

One of the most important aspects of Facebook Ads Tools is that they must be time-efficient. Most business owners and marketers can’t find time from their busy schedules to sit on a desktop for managing Marketing campaigns. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to run Ads on multiple apps of the Facebook family. 

The key features of Facebook Ads Manager are listed below:

  • Create or upload your Ads.
  • Choose the most favorable target audience.
  • Allows you to set up a flexible budget.
  • To run Ads on multiple apps.
  • Perform A/B testing and determine the best target audience, delivery method and optimize your campaigns.
  • Built-in reporting tools allow you to see real-time insights.

To know more about Facebook Ads Manager, click here.

2) AdRoll

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Facebook Ads attract people to visit your websites and helps to make a sale. But many times it happens that someone visits your website, adds products to the cart, and then abandons the cart without checkout. AdRoll helps you get those customers back to you. Retargeting customers on Facebook becomes easy with AdRoll. AdRoll knows that the probability of converting customers who visited your websites once is more than those who viewed your Ads but didn’t engage. Unlike all other Facebook Ads Tools, it sends personal E-Mails to customers for more effective Marketing.

It focuses on displaying Ads to customers who once visited through your Ads. AdRoll displays retargeted Facebook Ads to these potential leads whenever they are online. These people click on Facebook Ads, again visit your website, and complete the checkout. Moreover, you can add more Marketing platforms to AdRoll to get a unified view of your Marketing campaigns.

Adroll has tons of customer data from thousands of Marketing campaigns. It also allows you to run analytics on your various Marketing campaigns data and match with their data. This feature makes your Ad testing and optimization more accurate. 

AdRoll always tries to build a long-term relationship between your business and customers. Because the success rate to sell products or services to an existing customer is around 60-70%, and the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%. So if you are looking to increase your Retention Rate, then AdRoll is the best Facebook Ads Tools to try.

To learn more about AdRoll, click here.

3) AdEspresso

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AdEspresso is one of the simplest Facebook Ads Tools to use. It provides people free access to the AdEspresso Academy to learn more about the tool. AdEspresso features fully-fledged services in one package. You can add different variations of Ads, and AdEspresso will automatically run split tests on them. 

AdEspresso allows you to manage and analyze all your Marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Instead of following some guesswork in Marketing,  it uses analytics to target your Facebook Ads effectively. It delivers customizable dashboards to view real-time insights. You can also export reports of individual campaigns in PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

Effortlessly run analysis on your Facebook Ads data and identify best performing Ads. AdEspresso is best suited for beginners as well as professionals. It is a time saver that allows you to focus more on businesses leaving all your Marketing efforts for it to handle.

To learn more about AdEspresso, here.

4) Qwaya

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Qwaya is one of the Facebook Ads Tools recommended by many professionals. It comes with many features designed to save time and deliver optimal results. Qwaya is not as simple to use as other Facebook Ads Tools but it is worth learning. Let’s see Qwaya Facebook Ads Manager features:

  • Structural Automatic Creation of campaigns: This feature automatically adds audiences and Ads under a campaign after you successfully publish Facebook Ads. It helps to stay organized when it comes to handling campaigns at a large scale.
  • Ads and Audience A/B-testing: This feature helps you to find the target audience for your Ads. Also, with different combinations of text and images, it gives you the ability to make the best Ad to display for a specific place on Facebook such as news feed, stories, search, etc.
  • Scheduling Ads Runtime: Why spend on Ads when your target audience is offline? Qwaya gives you the power to schedule your campaign to run Ads based on days of the week or specific times of the day.
  • Setting Rules for Ads: This feature helps you run or pause Facebook Ads whenever a specific condition meets. For example, Automatically suspend the campaign if CPC (cost per click) exceeds $2. 
  • Reporting: Reporting helps to visualize and have a quick overview of Marketing performance. It also gives the ability to individually analyze each Ad under Marketing campaigns to identify the best combination of Ads and audiences.

Qwaya delivers many features to reduce your workload. Qwaya is best suited for those professionals who want to work more with A/B testing.

To learn more about Qwaya, click here.

5) AdStage

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AdStage is a cross-network online advertising platform. AdStage is best suited for small to medium-sized companies and in-house Marketing teams for lead generation. It does not feature excellent Marketing services for Facebook Ads only, but it also provides services to Ad networks like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, and many more.

If you run Marketing campaigns on multiple social media platforms, then try out AdStage. You can analyze all your Marketing campaigns on one dashboard. It allows you to generate reports through built-in templates and metrics and allows you to define your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) metrics. 

Like other Facebook Ads Tools, AdStage also features A/B testing and automated rules for better ROI (Return on Investment) on Facebook Ads. A/B testing allows you to determine combinations of Ads and audiences that will work best. You can set up optimization rules on Facebook Ads with IF/THEN drag-drop feature. You can select the given criteria in combination with IF/THEN options.

Moreover, AdStage allows seamless integration to many platforms and services for effortless and one-click data transfer. With this feature, you can save tons of time importing/ exporting data to your BI tools, Data Warehouses, and many more.

To know more about AdStage, click here.

6) Hootsuite

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Hootsuite is well renowned among marketers. It is a complete package for handling Facebook Ads and Ads on other platforms. This tool allows you to stay in touch with your customers and team. You can easily view all the reactions, comments, and private messages in one place and reply to those queries or assign them to your team with a single click. 

Users who are busy growing their small business need power to access Facebook Ads Tools from their pocket. Hootsuite allows you to manage all your work via a mobile app. 

Hootsuite keeps your dashboards ready with visualization and reports to have a quick view of campaign performance. It provides you insights that help you know, the best time for you to run Ads and when the Facebook Ads will be most effective. 

Easily create Facebook Ads and auto-schedule all Facebook Ads in a calendar view. Hootsuite provides features to integrate chatbots to save time and human resources. This feature ensures fast replies to your audience. Customer feels good when they get a quick response to their inquiries hence increasing leads. Hootsuite also allows you to seamlessly integrate with third-party CRM tools such as Zendesk and Salesforce as well.

To learn more about Hootsuite, click here.

7) Revealbot

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Revealbot is a Facebook Ads automation tool. Like other Facebook Ads Tools, Revealbot provides some additional automation. It allows users to manage their daily Ad campaigns on autopilot. It’s cheaper than all other Facebook Ads Tools, so it saves both your time and money. This tool is suitable for scaling Marketing via Facebook Ads. 

Some of its key features are listed below:

  • Efficient Automation: Revealbot provides access to a pre-built library for automation specially designed for Ads campaigns. Not only this, but you can also build your automation using a campaign automation builder. You don’t have to code those things. Revealbot gives a visual builder allowing users to drag and drop the items to create automation within minutes. You can choose from 20 actions or create combinations of actions using AND and OR functionalities. For convenience, Revealbot integrates with Slack or E-Mail to send notifications when any action triggers or error occurs.
  • Easily Launch Ads: This feature provides users the flexibility to create bulk Facebook Ads. All you have to do is upload images or videos then Revealbot will create many variations of Ads in minutes. It saves you lots of time and helps you focus on strategies and business. If any of your organic posts, get popular, Revealbot can automatically boost those posts as Facebook Ads. 
  • Up-to-date Analysis: Revealbot makes it possible to keep the Facebook Ads reports up-to-date to share with your team or members. You can generate insights with a few clicks and pull up campaign performance reports. With a single click, you can choose the metrics with which you want to compare your audiences. It allows you to identify the best-performing audiences.

To know more about Revealbot, click here.


This article gave you information about various Facebook Ads Tools and which tool to choose according to your requirements. You got an idea about the number of potential customers Facebook can give to your business. Facebook Ads Tools increase your productivity if used in the right way. These tools make it easy for marketers and business owners to save time and money.

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