WooCommerce is a well-known and widely used E-commerce platform. It also allows store owners to ship their products using a variety of shipping plugins. As a WooCommerce store owner, you want to provide your customers with the best possible experience at all times. Choosing FedEx as your shipping partner will go a long way towards improving the customer experience with your WooCommerce store. FedEx is one of the world’s largest shipping companies. If you’re selling tangible goods, their extensive reputation and high-quality services can help your WooCommerce business thrive.

Upon a complete walkthrough of this article, you will gain a decent understanding of WooCommerce and FedEx. This article will also provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to build the FedEx WooCommerce Integration. We’ll also share a list of the best plugins that you can use to set up FedEx WooCommerce Integration. Read along!

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  • An active WordPress account with WooCommerce Installed.

What is FedEx?

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FedEx, previously known as Federal Express, is a major player in the Package Delivery market. It offers a diverse range of Transportation, E-commerce, and Business Services to customers and businesses worldwide. FedEx Services combines the technology and services that customers require. It includes solutions for Global Supply Chains, E-commerce, and any other today’s business challenge. In the later section of this article, you will learn about how you can build the FedeX WooCommerce Integration and take your E-commerce business to new heights.

Types of Services Offered by FedEx

Some of the key services offered by FedEx include:

  • FedEx Express: This service is primarily for individuals or businesses who sell products to consumers both locally and internationally. FedEx Express typically transports the items from the sender to the recipient in a short period of time (3-5 days), by charging a premium cost.
  • FedEx Ground: FedEx Ground provides day-specific service delivery with transit times supported within Canada and the United States at a lower cost than time-specific FedEx Express and is backed by a money-back guarantee. It employs trucks owned by independent owners and drivers who have control over individual delivery routes and territories. 
  • FedEx Custom Critical: FedEx Custom Critical is a premium service that includes air services, as well as temperature control and enhanced security. It offers critical freight delivery on the same day and overnight
  • FedEx Trade Networks: FedEx Trade Networks helps customers of all sizes simplify international shipping by offering flexible end-to-end services such as Customs Brokerage, Global Cargo Distribution, and Trade Facilitation Solutions. Customers can either use FedEx Trade Networks services as a whole or as individual services according to the requirements. It is typically used by customers in the B2B industry to transport a large number of items in a box or cargo.

What is WooCommerce?

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WooCommerce is one of the most popular and arguably the best WordPress E-Commerce Plugin that allows users to create an online store by adding E-commerce functionalities to their WordPress website. It simplifies the process of creating and managing an online store by providing adequate levels of flexibility and a number of critical features such as Inventory and Tax Management, Order Tracking, Secure Payments, Delivery Status, and Shipping Integration. WooCommerce powers 99 percent of all WordPress stores, with over 27 million downloads to date.

Key Features of WooCommerce

Some of the key features of WooCommerce are as follows:

  • Easy to Install: With a simple Installation and Setup Wizard to get your E-commerce store up and running with your WordPress theme, WooCommerce is designed to make it as simple as possible to get started.
  • Data Control: Data associated with Customer History and Purchases, as well as store performance, is critical to the operation of a successful E-commerce website. Hence, WooCommerce provides you the complete control over data at all times.
  • SEO Benefits: Since WooCommerce is built on WordPress, WooCommerce storefronts benefit significantly from the granular controls for key SEO options.
  • Wide Range of Extensions: The sky is truly the limit when it comes to WooCommerce extensions. With over 450+ extensions, you can configure your shop in virtually infinite ways. Extensions, as opposed to adding to the Core Plugin, are Add-ons that work only if WooCommerce is first installed, and they add additional functionality to your E-commerce website.

For further information on WooCommerce, click here to check out their official website.

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How to Build the FedEx WooCommerce Integration?

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin is a free plugin that enables you to offer FedEx shipping options to your customers and set up FedEx WooCommerce Integration. It is extremely simple to set up, and the shipping cost is calculated automatically using the FedEx API connection. Follow the steps given below to set up FedEx WooCommerce Integration:

Step 1: Install the Plugin

The first step involved in setting up FedEx WooCommerce Integration requires you to install an appropriate FedEx WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Login to your WordPress account using the appropriate credentials.
  • Navigate to the Dashboard section and click on the Plugins tab.
  • Now, click on the Add New option and enter “WooCommerce FedEx Shipping”.
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  • Click on the Install Now button to begin the installation process and when the Install Now button changes to the Activate button, click on it again to finish the installation.

There is also an alternative way to upload the plugin’s existing .zip file from your computer:

  • Navigate to the plugin’s homepage and download the given .zip file.
  • Now, head back to the Dashboard section and open the Plugins tab.
  • Click on the Add New option and then click on the Upload Plugin button.
  • Browse the .zip file that you just downloaded and upload it to WordPress. Once you have selected the correct .zip file, click on the Install Now button to begin the installation.
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Step 2: Add the Shipping Methods

  • Select the Shipping option present under the WooCommerce Settings.
  • Hover over the option Shipping Zone and select the Zone Name & Region for which you wish to add the method.
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  • Now, click on the Add Shipping Method button and select FedEx from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Configure the Settings

To configure the options, click on the title of the new FedEx shipping method that appears in your selected zone. You will get a list of the following options to configure the general settings for the FedEx WooCommerce Integration:

  • Origin Postcode: It represents the postal code of the region from which you ship the product.
  • Method Availability: To make it available to all consumers, leave it at All Countries, or select only the countries for which you want quotations.
  • Parcel Packing Methods: Depending on the weight and size of the items, this option allows you to decide whether to pack them individually or in boxes.
  • Rates and Services: This option allows you to have complete control over the services and prices that you offer to your customers.
  • Residential: When you select this option, the Residential flag gets enabled. Address Validation will be turned off/on automatically if your account has it enabled.
  • Offer Rates: This option allows you to choose whether to return all rates (allowing your customer to choose) or only one rate anonymously.

Once you follow all the steps given below, you will be able to set up FedEx WooCommerce Integration in no time!

Top 3 FedEx WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

Some of the most effective plugins that you can leverage to set up FedEx WooCommerce Integration are listed below:

1) WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx with Print Label

WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx with Print Label
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WooCommerce FedEx Shipping with Print Label by PluginHive is one of the most effective plugins to set up FedEx WooCommerce Integration. It supports a plethora of advanced features. Live Shipping Prices, the ability to Print Shipping Labels automatically, and the ability to choose Delivery methods for each purchase are just a few of the salient features that this plugin offers. It also allows you to provide tracking information of the order to your customers via email. An annual subscription of this plugin for a single site license will cost you around $69.

2) WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Pro by Ignitewoo

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Pro by Ignitewoo
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Ignitewoo is a company that has been in operation for quite some time. Their FedEx WooCommerce Shipping plugin performs admirably making the process of setting up FedEx WooCommerce Integration seamless. One of its key advantages is that it does not require any specific PHP Modules. This eliminates the need to install SOAP or XML extensions on your site’s hosting servers. This plugin is available in four different license schemes which make it cost-effective for store owners having multiple sites. An annual subscription of this plugin for a single site license will cost you around $69.

3) FedEx Shipping Method By WooCommerce

FedEx Shipping Method By WooCommerce
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FedEx Shipping Method is the official plugin offered by WooCommerce to build the FedEx WooCommerce Integration. The plugin is fully compatible with every WooCommerce store which means you can directly customize your Shipping Zones without any hassle. An annual subscription to this plugin costs around $79.


This article provided a brief introduction to WooCommerce and also explained its salient features. It discussed the steps using which you can easily build the FedEx WooCommerce Integration. It also provided you with a list of top plugins that you can leverage to set up the FedEx WooCommerce Integration. Integrating and analyzing your data from a diverse set of data sources such as WooCommerce can be challenging and this is where Hevo Data comes into the picture.

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Share your experience of setting up FedEx WooCommerce Integration. Also tell us about your favourite FedEx Woocommerce Shipping Plugin in the comments!

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