In any organization, the successful completion of a project depends equally on the Project Management Skills of the Managers and Team Members. Managing, Organizing, and Assigning responsibilities to everyone in a small-scale project can be handled manually. But, as your customer base broadens with the growing business, the number of Projects increases, and it becomes a challenging task to coordinate with different departments across the organization. 

Trello, a Cloud-Based Project Management Platform makes it easy to keep track of all your projects and ensures that you hit all the deadlines. With the Kanban-based style Trello Boards and Cards, all team members remain aware of what tasks are assigned to whom and when are the due dates.

While working in any industry, another Popular Tool is Google Drive. With Free Storage and Online File Sharing, teams use it for their Notes, Photos, Presentations, and Spreadsheets. Building a Google Drive Trello Integration would help you import documents and slides to your Trello Boards. 

In this article, you will learn how to set up Google Drive Trello Integration in 10 easy steps.

Introduction to Trello

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Regularly dealing with loads of Emails and unproductive Project Meetings at work has made Tracking Project Status a very inefficient job. Trello, a Business Task Management Tool simplifies this process and provides a one-page view for all your projects. It can help your Business Teams design their own workflows and promote collaboration and interaction across individuals and teams. 

Apart from the Business aspect, this software is highly applicable for personal use as well. Whether it is preparing a To-do list for the day or planning an upcoming event, Trello can help you break down the process into simpler tasks, set Due Dates, and lets you share that with your friends and family.

Key Features of Trello

Trello has become one of the most popular tools in the Task Management Market. Over the years, Trello has evolved and come up with a bunch of highly useful features:

  • Trello Boards: This Kanban-based Visual Aid presents an overview of the business performance. You can customize and design your workflows here and add team members for more collaboration. 
  • Trello Cards: Cards have checklists, project descriptions, files, and comments from team members. The Card Aging Feature alerts you about the neglected cards so that no important task is missed out. The more a particular card goes unnoticed, the more it fades away. 
  • Butler: Trello Buttler automates all your repetitive tasks such as marking cards as finished on a specific date, checking items off a card’s checklist, or removing cards. You also revive the archived cards if you want to revisit an older project.
  • Security: With SSL Data Encryption you get a Bank-Level Security Service which allows you to safely use and share sensitive data on this platform. You also get to choose who can access your Boards and grant specific permissions to your colleagues.
  • Remote Access: You can view your project status from any device, anywhere, and anytime. It is also optimized for both Android and iOS.
  • Power-Ups: Trello allows you to integrate with a combination of other tools to sync your data across all platforms so that everyone remains on the same page. For Free users, at a time only one connection like Google Drive Trello Integration is permitted. For the Business Class version, integration with more than 1 Power-Up and for up to 100 teams is possible. For a bigger organization, you can opt for the Enterprise version where you can work with more than 100 Teams.

For more information and tutorials on Trello, you can visit Trello Help.

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Introduction to Google Drive

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It is the most sought-after Cloud Storage Service offered by Google. You can store and access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any platform. You just need to create a Google account and you get 15 GB of Free Storage Online. It also provides access to other free cloud Applications such as Word Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Now, you don’t need to store files in your System and can directly share them online.

Key Features of Google Drive

Google is continuously developing and improving its products. They have included the following salient features in Google Drive:

  • Offline Work Capabilities: If the Internet connection is not available, no worries you can still carry on with your work and the changes will be saved once you come back online.
  • Collaboration: You can team up with your colleagues in real-time on a document and create, edit, share and add comments. 
  • Gmail Attachments: Instead of downloading the Gmail attachments to your device, you can directly add to Google Drive by clicking on the “Save to Drive” option.
  • User-Friendly Interface: From the beginning when you visit Google Drive, you get clear Headings and Options to help you navigate through the platform. Most of the common and general options are available on the left side Menu.
  • Google One: The Storage capacity can be increased to 100 GB when you upgrade to Google One with a paid plan according to your growing business needs.

To know more about the features, visit the official Google Drive Website.

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  • A Trello Account.
  • A Google Account.
  • Working Knowledge of Trello.

Steps to Build Google Drive Trello Integration

Google Drive Trello Integration will make your Trello journey more effective by exploring the Cloud Storage and Online Sharing capabilities of Google Drive. You can use the Google Drive Power-Up available in Trello and effortlessly set up your Google Drive Trello Integration by following the simple steps discussed below:

  • Step 1: Log in to your Trello account.
  • Step 2: Create a new Board or select an existing one. For reference, the Marketing template has been selected here. Click on the Show Menu option in the top right corner as shown in the Black Box.
Trello Show Menu Option
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Step 3: In the Menu, Click on the Add Power-Up option. For the Free version, only one Power-Up is allowed. You can get unlimited Power-Ups if you upgrade to a Paid Business Plan. 

Add Power-Up Option
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  • Step 4: A Power-Up window will appear, representing a number of integrations that are possible with Trello. To set up your Google Drive Trello Integration, Type Google Drive in the Search Box.
  • Step 5: Google Drive Power-Up will show up in the search on the right. Click on Add to link it with Trello.
Google Drive Trello Integration Add Option
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  • Step 6: Again, click on the Show Menu Option and Select Google Drive.
  • Step 7: Now, from the 3 options that appear, click on Edit Power-Up Settings.
Edit Power-Up Settings Option
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  • Step 8: A window will pop up if your Google Drive account is not already connected with Trello. To do it, click on the Link Google Drive Account option.
  • Step 9: You will now be required to sign in through your choice of google Account to complete the Google Drive Trello Integration.
Link Google Drive Account Option
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Step 10: Choose any card from the board and select Google Drive. You get three different options that you can use to take proper advantage of the Google Drive Trello Integration.

Sample Card Google Drive Power-Up Option
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Let’s take a quick look at what these options can help you with:

A) Create and Attach

Create and Attach option
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Here, you can create new Documents, Slides, etc. using free tools in Google Suite and then attach them to the card.

B) Attach a File

On clicking the Attach a File Option, a window will pop up where you can search your Google Drive and attach a file of your choice to the Card.

Attach A File Option
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After attaching the file, you would be able to see the thumbnail icon for the contents of the file, the title, when was the file created, and who modified it last.

Attachments Description
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C) Attach a Folder

This option is similar to the Attach A File option, but here you can attach a collection of files in folders from your Google Drive.

Following the above steps, you can now easily build Google Drive Trello Integration for your Business. For more information and tips on Google Drive Trello Integration, click here.

Limitations of Manually Setting up Google Drive Trello Integration     

The Google Drive Power-Up enables you to link and directly add Word Documents, Spreadsheets, and Slides to a Trello Card. Though you might encounter some difficulties while using the Google Drive Trello Integration:

  • While connecting these two technologies, the transformation of data is not possible in the manual Google Drive Trello Integration process.
  • It is possible to extract Data from Trello as a JSON or CSV File but this is a manual and repetitive task. You have to regularly maintain the data transfer process from Trello to Google Sheets for real-time analysis.
  • It is difficult to handle Large Complex Team Projects in Trello with huge amounts of files coming in from Google Drive. 


From this article, you have learned how to build your own Google Drive Trello Integration. Combining these applications lets you seamlessly add more quality content from your Google Slides, Documents, and Spreadsheets to Trello Cards. You can even attach Photos or Files related to your projects to Trello Cards from the Drive. The Google Drive Trello Integration is a cost-effective solution for small teams looking to manage and simplify their day-to-day planning.

Though, once your business kicks off you would need to pull in extra resources to manage the new projects and the growing client demands. This will bring coordination challenges among various departments as the tasks pile up. Scaling up would be required as now you need to Handle, Clean, Transform and Integrate tremendous volumes of data associated with the growing customer base. You would need to keep a part of your engineering bandwidth to regularly carry out all the integration process manually or build an application and write custom scripts for Google Drive Trello Integration. All of this can be effortlessly automated by Cloud Data Integration/ETL Tools like Hevo Data.  

Hevo Data, a No-code Data Pipeline allows you to easily transfer data from a collection of Data Sources like Trello and Google Drive into a Data Warehouse or a Destination of your Choice to be visualized in a BI tool. It is a completely secure and automated service that requires you to write any code!

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Share with us your experience of setting up the Google Drive Trello Integration. Let us know in the comments section below!

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