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Surveys have shown that the best way to retain customers in today’s competitive market is by providing them with an excellent buying experience. As a result, companies are investing hugely in software tools that can aid them in building long-lasting customer relations. Salesforce is one such popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It allows businesses to manage their Sales aspects optimally and at the same time provide efficient Customer Service to their users.

LinkedIn is the social network of businesses that have users in the order of millions. Thus companies can use this platform as a common ground to generate Leads can establish contact with their target customers. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to enhance the work of Sales Teams of such companies. This tool offers a seamless way of gathering data from the LinkedIn platform and also provides real-time updates regarding the online activities of these Leads. To further enhance their productivity, businesses are drawn towards LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration. This combination allows the Sales Teams to gather and manage the Lead related data from LinkedIn into Salesforce in a hassle-free manner.

This article will introduce you to Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator tools. It will also discuss the unique features of these 2 tools and will provide you with a step-by-step guide to set up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration. Furthermore, it will elaborate on the benefits of this integration. Read along to understand more about how these 2 tools can enhance your productivity!

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  • A Salesforce account (Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer edition).
  • Sales Navigator Administrator + Team Member access.
  • A LinkedIn account.

Introduction to Salesforce

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce: Salesforce Logo
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Salesforce is a widely used platform that specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It uses Cloud technology to provide Data Automation and Customer Management solutions for businesses. Moreover, Salesforce offers a single platform to monitor and manage data related to your Marketing Campaigns and Leads. It also deploys a Data Analysis module that can generate in-depth insights from your customers’ data. This module assembles all your teams and keeps them on the same page when you collaborate with other tools. 

These attributes make Salesforce a versatile solution for managing Marketing, Sales, and Service Teams collaboratively. Salesforce allows you to customize its built-in features like various data structures and user interfaces. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Salesforce is that it provides a holistic view of your company’s daily interactions with customers.

Key Features of Salesforce

The following features make Salesforce a necessity for businesses today:

  • Simple Setup: Salesforce requires just a few weeks to be configured completely, unlike many peer CRMs on the market, which can even consume a year to set up and start working. 
  • Convenient: Salesforce provides an intuitive user interface and workflow. Therefore your employees require no training to start using this tool. 
  • Personalization: Salesforce allows businesses to customize some of its features. Thus, companies can modify this tool according to their requirements. 
  • Invoice Planning: Salesforce supplies enough data related to your customers for your Sales Team to develop business strategies for these prospects, targeting them individually. It can help you to retain customers and increase your success rate. 
  • Availability: Since Salesforce uses Cloud technology, its users can access their Salesforce accounts from all remote locations. Additionally, Salesforce has a powerful mobile application that is hugely popular among its users.

To understand more about Salesforce, click here.

Introduction to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Logo
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides support to businesses for generating Leads on LinkedIn. It is a unique collection of search capabilities and enhanced visibility that help you in connecting with the right target audience. It makes it easy for you to find Leads and connect with your target audience in just a few clicks. Moreover, you don’t have to spend long hours manually tracking your Leads. 

This tool is available in 3 variations (Professional, Team, and Enterprise) and LinkedIn also offers a 30-day free trial to allow you to assess its functionality. LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports various tools that allow you to refine your search to find your ideal target customer profile. It will also assist you in building the perfect customer list, and will enhance your conversion rate. Furthermore, this tool enables you to filter out the most relevant business prospects from millions of Leads generated. 

Key Features of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It is considered the most preferred version of LinkedIn for businesses, thanks to its following specially designed features:

  • Provides New Suggestions: LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps suggest new businesses similar to the companies you already work with and it also sends a notification when there’s news about a Lead. 
  • Unlimited Logins: LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to send 100 login requests per day. However, once the 100 count is complete you have to take a Captcha test after which you can continue with your connection requests again.
  • Various Plans: LinkedIn offers free accounts but has certain restrictions for commercial use. If you want to use LinkedIn for Lead generation you must purchase the premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator plan. With this, you have no restrictions on the commercial use of your LinkedIn account.
  • Active Customer Support: LinkedIn provides great Customer Support, especially if you are using a premium Sales Navigator account. Your account-related issues will be resolved rapidly within hours. However, it may take up to a few days for Basic account holders.

To understand more about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, click here.

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Steps to Set Up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration

Combining the LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your Salesforce Account enables you to explore LinkedIn Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, etc. Moreover, you have access to other LinkedIn features directly through your Salesforce account. The following steps can be used to set up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration:

Step 1: Locate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool in Salesforce

Sign in to your Salesforce account. On the homepage, locate the Quick Find search box and type LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The Quick Find search box is shown in the below image.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce: Quick find in Salesforce

If you have the AppExchange installed, you will get the following search result.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce: Search results for Sales Navigator AppExchange
 Image Source 

Step 2: Initiate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration

Now to initiate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration, go to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator AppExchange Package tab and click on the Install button. A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Click on the Get it Now option in that pop-up window. 

Note: You may need to log into the AppExchange (if asked) using your account credentials. This is required to verify your account for the LinkedIn Navigator Salesforce Integration.

You will be given 2 installation options. Out of those 2, go to the Install in This org, option and click on Install Here. This is shown in the below image.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce: Installing LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Image Source

Review and agree to the terms and conditions for this installation and click on Confirm and Install.

Step 3: Set Up the User Access Limit

Now to determine the limit of users that can use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration, you have to choose from the following 3 options as shown in the below image.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce: Choosing the Access Constraint
 Image Source
  • If you want to provide access to users with admin account only, select the Install for Admin Only option.
  • If you want to grant access to all users, select the Install for All Users option. 
  • If you want to constraint the access to limited users only ( for whom you have provisioned Salesforce Navigator Team licenses), choose the Install for Specific Profiles options.

After selecting your desired choice out of the above 3 options, click on Install.

Step 4: Complete and Configure the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Installation

Now, if your screen reads Installation Complete, that marks the end of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration process. However, if the screen says Processing that means you have to wait for an email notification that will declare that the installation is complete. Once the installation is over, configure the tool according to your preferences. To learn more about configuring your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration, visit here.

That’s it! You have successfully set up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration

Your Sales Team can experience the following benefits by setting up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration:

  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration allows you to record your LinkedIn Sales Navigator activities directly in Salesforce thus syncing LinkedIn’s professional network with your Salesforce account. Thus it speeds up the contact creation process by generating lists directly from the main Sales Navigator page.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration allows you to use Salesforce Widget and fully leverage the information provided by your Leads in their LinkedIn profiles. This will allow you to check for shared connections that you might have with these Leads. Using the mutual connection will simplify your task of building a connection with the prospects. 
  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration lets you access the LinkedIn page of a prospect company. This acts as a vital resource for getting insights about that company before involving your senior management. This information includes recent company news, the number of employees it has, and any existing logins you have, all of which can be saved to a list of accounts for your Sales Team.
  • With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration in place, you will get a notification if one of your contacts leaves their company. This timely information can help you in taking an adequate course of action. Moreover, you can store the Sales Navigator search parameters in your Salesforce CRM contact tool and find the most suitable visitors for your further interactions.


The article introduced Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator applications and described their key features. It also provided a step-by-step guide using which you can set up your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration. Furthermore, the article listed the various benefits of integrating your LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce accounts. 

Now, updating all of your data and collecting new information on your most promising prospects will no longer be a time-consuming task. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration automates most of these tasks and provides a single source of truth for your Sales Team.

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