Transferring leads to sales is often a long process with several procedures intertwined. One of these is the Contract Lifecycle, and it may not be the most fun part of the sales process. In fact, some managers prefer avoiding this process. Why? So long as the product is of value to the client and the price acceptable, contract details will fall into place. Salesforce Contract Management is one such tool that adds value to your products.

This is too simple a reason to forego the contract management process. It is more likely to lead to more harm than good with extra costs for the company.  With this in mind, it is evident that contract management is a vital aspect of any company. But, what does it entail? 

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Contract Management: The Basics

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This process is complex and complicated in its own right. It all boils down to the details that are responsible for making the procedure complete. For starters, you have the contract creation process itself. It may be a simple one-page file or a lengthy and complex document that demands attention to detail. You must ensure all the specifications and amendments are met before moving on to the approval and negotiation process. That’s not all. Once this is done, you must manage the post-approval phase, which generally comprises processes related to administering the contract, enforcing the agreements, and data collection. 

From the information laid out above, the contract management process is tough and complex. Doing it manually is even more complex and may prove to be too lengthy for a company. Therefore, companies must make use of effective Contract Management Software. 

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Introduction to Contract Management Software 

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In simple terms, contract management software is a set of digital tools designed to streamline legal documents’ creation, storage, and retrieval. The result? Happier clients, of course. This is due to faster turnaround times for all kinds of contracts. Contract Management Software is a CRM tool since they use the same principles to manage contracts effectively. 

With effective contract management software in place, you get complete control over the contract management process. Regardless of the number of contracts you have, you can do this from one convenient location. What’s more, you can get the most out of your contracts in every phase of the management process. 

Introduction to Salesforce Contract Management

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Salesforce Contract Management software is a leading solution that is trusted by thousands of companies around the world. The platform is designed to help customers connect with potential and existing clients. The contract management process is simplified and made more efficient for both the customer and the company with the software. So, how do you manage your contracts with Salesforce?

The platform has tonnes of features you can use for this purpose. For instance, the sales team can generate contracts in salesforce, which saves a great deal of time. This allows them to focus on other equally important aspects of the business, such as managing leads. Now that you have a basic idea of Salesforce contract management, what are the benefits of working with the platform? 

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Benefits of Salesforce Contract Management

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Salesforce Contract Management is designed to make the process as painless as possible, both for you and your leads. Below are some of the top benefits you stand to gain by using salesforce contract management software: 

1) Accuracy 

Trust is an essential aspect of any business. In fact, one might argue that it is a core driving force for customer loyalty. However, gaining your clients’ trust is challenging and requires a great deal of patience. In the same accord, losing your client’s trust is easy. It can all come tumbling down due to one simple error. Therefore, you need to be authentic in all your dealings with potential clients.

These individuals trust you to be authentic and precise in all your contracts. Errors, whether minor or significant, are most likely to harm your company’s image and credibility. This is the key reason you should employ Salesforce Contract Management which is a credible contract management system when dealing with company-level contracts. 

2) Automate Key Processes  

Throughout this post, it has become apparent that the contract management process is complex in its own right. However, with Salesforce Contract Management software, this procedure does not have to be complicated. Why? You get the option of automating key roles such as contract creation, renewal quotes, reminders, alerts, and more. This way, you can free up your team to focus on other essential tasks, boosting productivity.

3) Shorter Turnaround Times

The average time it takes to create and approve a standard contract is about 3 to 4 weeks. Now, this is a rather long time, especially when it comes to customers. The modern client values the speed of service above everything else and asking them to wait for an entire month while you finalize a contract might be too much. This is precisely why you need Salesforce contract management software which is efficient for your contracts. Using the software, contracts can be created and approved in several minutes compared to the weeks it takes using the manual process. 

4) Contract Data Storage

Gone are the days when you had to organize your contacts in file cabinets. This often had more disadvantages than advantages, especially when the files got misplaced. With Salesforce Contract Management software, you can organize these files in digital format for easier access. What’s more, contracts are stored in a central repository which improves access even further. 

5) Digital Signatures

Signatures make contracts valid. However, waiting for your clients to print, sign, and fax their contracts with signatures does not sound like a feasible strategy for any company, does it? With digital signatures available in Salesforce Contract Management software, clients can sign contracts with the click of a mouse, saving time and effort. 


For a long time, contract management seemed to be a long and tedious process for companies. However, this was before Salesforce came into the picture. With Salesforce Contract Management, companies no longer have to go through the hassles of having to make their customers wait for weeks for contract approval, as the process can be done in a matter of minutes. Simplify your work with Salesforce contract management software.

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