More and more businesses are looking at different ways by which they can seamlessly integrate data through their social media accounts. If your business has a presence on social media, like Instagram, you need to figure out what works and what doesn’t. 

However, seamless access to real-time data and insights is often difficult, especially if you are not using any tool to measure your success. So, you can do that by creating an Instagram Github integration. In this article, you will learn about Instagram Business and Github. You will also learn to set up Instagram Github integration. So, read along to gain insights and successfully set up Instagram GitHub Integration.

Understanding Instagram Business

Instagram for business
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Instagram Business, in the context of this article, is a version of Instagram used by businesses. It makes selling and advertising much easier on the platform and gives businesses a series of tools that allow them to reach new customers. Instagram has more than 1 billion users as of January 2020, which sets it in second place behind Facebook, but ahead of Pinterest and Twitter.

90% of these users follow a business on the platform, so creating shoppable Instagram posts is a great way to maximize your conversions and improve your business. Instagram for Business gives you access to an array of different tools that include viewing insights about posts, promoting them within the app, and creating customizable stores for the platform.

Instagram launched in 2010 and quickly ballooned to become the most popular photo-sharing app. In a couple of years, Facebook acquired Instagram in a deal worth $1 billion, which made it one of the most expensive acquisitions of all time. Since then, Facebook has closely integrated Instagram into its suite of apps and services.

Understanding the Features of Instagram Business

While they may not generally be self-evident, there are huge loads of great Instagram features for small scale businesses that can help you increase your online reach.

Whether you need to build your community, brand awareness, or even make e-commerce sales, there are some Instagram features to help you achieve your objectives:

  • Instagram shopping feature for e-commerce business lets you streamline your sales and increase your brand value. It also lets you tie up with influencers to amp up your product reach.
  • Instagram’s live feature lets you connect with your community and promote your business. You can also enable live shopping while live broadcasting.
  • Instagram’s IGTV feature allows you to share pre-recorded product videos, tutorials, interviews, etc.
  • Instagram lets you create polls, emoji sliders, question widgets, and quiz widgets to help you engage your community.

Understanding Github

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Github, on the other hand, is an internet hosting provider for version control and software development. Used by software developers around the globe, Github allows users to make changes to source codes in different repositories by making pull requests and developing their profile.

If you are a Software Developer and not using Github, you are missing out. Recruiters around the world scour through profiles of Software Developers on Github and evaluate how they contribute to the platform. The social networking elements built into Github allow developers and users to remain in touch with each other and collaborate on different projects.

 Github started off relatively small. It was an independent platform that was launched in 2007, and in 2008, the founders launched the website. Initially, it was a bootstrapped company. But, within four years, it received funding from several venture capitalists and is widely considered by many as one of the major platforms for saving and sharing code.

Many of the world’s leading software companies rely on Github for storing their company’s source code and tweaking it accordingly. Whenever a new application is released, the source code is uploaded on Github. The programmers continue to make changes to the code, updating it as they see fit.

If the code is available in a public repository, anyone can make changes to it and then show their work to the owners of the repository. If accepted, they will be credited for contributing to the code as well.

Github was acquired by Microsoft for a whopping $7.5 billion in 2018, primarily because Microsoft was one of the most frequent users. Many of the company’s open-source projects are based on Github, and the decision is in line with the company’s increased focus on providing cloud computing services.

Understanding the Features of Github

Github is the place where programmers and designers collaborate, contribute, and fix bugs. It likewise has plenty of open source projects and codes of different programming languages. In addition, Github additionally released a desktop application for the two Windows and macOS that permits anyone to integrate Github inside their work process seamlessly.

But, there is more to Github than meets the eye. A number of features are somewhat hidden beneath the neat user interface and hence are overlooked by many. Let’s look at some of its features:

  • The drag and drop code feature allows you to search through libraries of various programing languages.
  • It allows you to showcase your technical skills and run your code.
  • It allows you to convert CSV flies to tabular data.
  • Github allows you to share some lines of your code with your team.

Steps to Set Up Instagram Github Integration

You can also automate workflows by setting up Instagram Github Integration using a third-party tool like Appy Pie Connect.

You can create Instagram Github business workflows in the tool without any coding knowledge. Once you download the application, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: You need to register an account on the Appy Pie Connect app.

Setting up Instagram Github integration using Appy Pie.
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Step 2: Choose the Instagram Github integration. Authenticate your account first. You will be asked to pair it with another app as shown below:

Integrate with Github
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Step 3: Define the triggers and actions. For instance, a trigger could be whenever you post a photo, and action could be a pull request being generated on Github as a result. Select the desired actions for each trigger.

Step 4: That’s it! Your Instagram Github integration is created. Your Instagram Github accounts are now linked to one another, automating workflows on both platforms. 


There are a few downsides to using Appy Pie Connect to create your Instagram Github integration, however, for starters, the interface and UX are quite outdated. When you play around with their app editor, you will find yourself constantly checking their app editor.

More importantly, you should know that support for the Instagram Github integration is limited unless you choose their Business or Enterprise package, which starts from $79 a month. That’s not something that most people are willing to shell out right off the bat.


Now you know how to create Instagram Github integration using Appy Pie Connect. You also learned about the limitations of that method. Pulling all your data by creating the Instagram Github integration is incredibly easy thanks to Hevo. All it takes to create your Instagram Github integration with Hevo is a few clicks, and you don’t need any technical or coding knowledge. This allows you to centralize all of your project data and get deeper insights into what works and what needs to change!


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Tell us about your experience of setting up Instagram GitHub Integration! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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