Snowflake Partner Connect is a marketplace where Snowflake users can discover and integrate a diverse range of third-party solutions and services to enhance their data analytics, warehousing, and management capabilities.

We are thrilled to announce that Hevo Data is now available on Snowflake Partner Connect. This exciting partnership allows Snowflake customers to seamlessly connect to Hevo and leverage its powerful data integration capabilities directly from their Snowflake environment.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the simple steps of launching Hevo directly from Snowflake Partner Connect. No more juggling separate sign-ups or complex configurations. We’ll also delve into the benefits of this seamless integration, highlighting how it can save you time, boost efficiency, and empower your data-driven decision-making.

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your data warehouse with Hevo’s automated data pipelines and Snowflake’s unparalleled performance. Let’s dive in and explore how to leverage this exciting new partnership!

What is Snowflake Partner Connect?

Snowflake Partner Connect is a platform that makes it simple for Snowflake users to try out tools and services from their chosen business partners. You can set up trial accounts for these partners directly through Snowflake and integrate them easily. This lets you explore different third-party tools and services without hassle and pick the ones that work best for your business.

You can browse through the Snowflake partner ecosystem to find tools or services that meets your requirements and take advantage of all their features.  

Benefits of Snowflake Partner Connect

Snowflake Partner Connect benefits the Snowflake customers in the following ways:

  • Effortless Trial Set-up: If you’re on a Snowflake trial, Partner Connect allows you to easily create trial accounts for compatible partner applications directly within the Snowflake interface. This eliminates the need for separate sign-ups and approvals, saving you time and effort.
  • Seamless Integration: Partner Connect facilitates the integration between your chosen partner tool (like Hevo) and your Snowflake environment. This means no tricky and tedious work of setting up data warehouses and pipelines. 
  • Validated Integrations: The partner solutions listed on Partner Connect have been validated by Snowflake to ensure they meet certain standards for security, performance, and compatibility with the Snowflake ecosystem.
  • Explore and Evaluate: Partner Connect provides a convenient way to explore and test-drive solutions offered by Snowflake’s partners. This helps you determine if a particular tool, like Hevo for data integration, aligns with your specific business needs.

How to Connect Hevo using Snowflake Partner Connect?


  • A functional Snowflake account to access Partner Connect and integrate Hevo.
  • To create a new role for Hevo within Snowflake your Snowflake user needs either the ACCOUNTADMIN or SECURITYADMIN role.
  • If you plan to create a new warehouse specifically for Hevo data processing, your Snowflake user must hold either the ACCOUNTADMIN or SYSADMIN role.\

Steps to launch Hevo through Snowflake Partner Connect

  1. Log in to your Snowflake account.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Data Products and then click Partner Connect.
Snowflake Partner Connect
Snowflake Partner Connect
  1. In the search field, enter Hevo and then click the Hevo tile.
Snowflake Partner Connect: Hevo
  1. In the pop window that appears, do one of the following:

Existing Hevo User (Registered Domain):

  • Click Launch
Snowflake Partner Connect: Launch Hevo
Snowflake Partner Connect: Launch Hevo
  • Enter your email and click Continue.
  • Log in with your existing password.
  • Create a new workspace (optional) or skip to source configuration.
Snowflake Partner Connect: Hevo Workspace
Snowflake Partner Connect: Hevo Workspace

New Hevo User (Unregistered Domain):

  • Click Connect.
Snowflake Partner Connect: Connect to Hevo
Snowflake Partner Connect: Connect to Hevo
  • Click Activate in the new window.
Snowflake Partner Connect: Activate Hevo
Snowflake Partner Connect: Activate Hevo
  • Set a password for your new Hevo account and click Continue.
Snowflake Partner Connect: Set up your Password
Snowflake Partner Connect: Set up your Password

After successfully creating and activating your password, you’ll be logged into your newly created Hevo account. Sample data from your Snowflake account will automatically be connected.

Learn more about Hevo

To continue connecting your source to Snowflake, read through the Hevo documentation on Snowflake

What Hevo provides to Snowflake users

  • Streamlined Integration: Partner Connect allows Snowflake users to integrate to Hevo’s 150+ Data Sources (40+ free sources) directly from within the Snowflake environment, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup process.
  • Easy Access to Hevo’s Capabilities: By leveraging Partner Connect, Snowflake users can quickly access and experience the full range of Hevo’s powerful data ingestion, transformation, and loading capabilities, without the need for complex configurations or setups.
  • Automated Data Pipelines: With Hevo on Partner Connect, Snowflake users can effortlessly automate their data pipelines with our no-code ELT platform, ensuring their Snowflake data warehouse is continuously updated with fresh, high-quality data from a wide range of sources that is transformed & made analysis-ready.
  • Scalable Data Integration: Hevo’s inclusion on Partner Connect enables Snowflake users to scale their data integration efforts seamlessly, accommodating growing data volumes and sources without compromising performance or reliability. 
  • Centralized Management: Partner Connect provides a centralized platform for Snowflake users to manage and monitor their Hevo data pipelines, ensuring complete visibility and control over their data flows.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, Hevo’s presence on Snowflake Partner Connect provides an easy-to-use automated data pipeline platform for Snowflake users. With this partnership you get a 14 day free trial which gives you ample time to explore the Hevo’s features and build and connect your Snowflake Data Warehouse. 

Visit Snowflake Partner Connect today and launch your Hevo trial in minutes!

Solve your data replication problems with Hevo’s reliable, no-code, automated pipelines with 150+ connectors.
Get your free trial right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the limitations of a Hevo Free trial account created via Snowflake Partner Connect?

Hevo Data trial accounts created through Snowflake Partner Connect are similar to the regular 14-day Hevo trial account.  

  1. Why am I unable to create a Hevo Trial account from Snowflake Partner Connect?
  • Hevo doesn’t currently allow creating new trial accounts using personal email addresses like or If your Snowflake account uses a personal email, you’ll need to contact Hevo support to set up a trial with a business email address.
  • If you’ve already initiated a Hevo free trial using the same Snowflake account, you might not be able to create another trial through Partner Connect. Contact Hevo support to explore alternative options.
  • If the email address associated with your Snowflake account already exists as a Hevo user, you won’t need to create a new account. Partner Connect will prompt you to connect to your existing Hevo account using your Snowflake login credentials.
  1. Why am I getting a “Account already exists” message in Snowflake Partner Connect?

When launching Hevo from Snowflake Partner Connect, if you see an “Account already exists” message, it indicates that a Hevo user account already exists associated with the email address you used to sign up for Snowflake. This could be due to a previous registration on Hevo itself.

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Content Specialist

Radhika is a Content Specialist at Hevo Data with over 5 years of experience. She excels at creating high-quality content related to data engineering, especially data integration, and data analytics. Her expertise lies in translating complex technical concepts into accessible and engaging content for diverse audiences.

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